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Revenue streams @ metro


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Glimpse on revenue streams from public transport like train, bus terminal, metro...etc

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Revenue streams @ metro

  1. 1. A Glimpse on revenue opportunity from public transport like Bus terminal, Station, Metro !
  2. 2. Table of content
  3. 3. Revenues @ Metro Music Kiosks Mobile Application Mobile WAP site Leveraging Web site Rentals ( Shops, activities, ATM) Wi-Fi @ Metro Food courts Self ticketing TV @ Metro Gaming Kiosks
  4. 4. Free MobileApplicationsEmbedded Advertisements Promotes tourism On Apps stores Train schedules On line tickets Pay from mobile Integrated bus schedules Train Alerts SOS Services Revenues
  5. 5. Mobile Site for MetroApps download medium for DMRC Distributed or plugged with all Telcos, Handsets manufacturers mobile site Own AppsDistrbution of other mobile content for Metro travellers. News Sports Alerts Music Promotes events Revenues
  6. 6. InternetWi fi @ Stations Charge Wifi servicesBase page by Delhi Metro
  7. 7. MusicKiosks @metro
  8. 8. MobileRecharge@ Metro
  9. 9. ATM @ MetroRental Opportunities
  10. 10. Self ticketing @ Metro Reduce manpower More Recharges Time Saved No Long queues !Promotes other services on machines Revenues by saving cost
  11. 11. Shops @ Metro Rentals
  12. 12. TV @Metro
  13. 13. Revenues @ Metro Walls, Pillars at metro stations Brand Doors at stations Metro EntranceBrand infra & Brand Branding Opportunities Escalators, stairs activations Tablets inside Branding train trains
  14. 14. Wall @ MetroHuge Branding opportunity at Select stations
  15. 15. Entrance branding @ MetroSelect Stations
  16. 16. Brand Escalators Brand Stairs Convenience Shops @ Metro
  17. 17. Branding Opportunities inside train
  18. 18. Branding Inside Trains
  19. 19. Use theinfrastructure for branding
  20. 20. Top Walls
  21. 21. Floor prices for BrandActivations
  22. 22. THANK YOU !! For consultancy on Revenue opportunities please contact Kamna Pandey at Linkedin Profile pro