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Session 10 4th edition PMP


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Session 10 4th edition PMP

  1. 1. 1- Half way through the executing processes of your project, a team member alerts you to a potential cost overrun for a specific deliverable. What do you do first? A ) Determine the projected actual cost. B ) Implement a change control process to track the change C ) Inform the customer. D ) Determine the cause of the overage
  2. 2. 2- Which of the following represents the value of work we have actually completed? A ) Earned value B ) Planned value C ) Actual cost D ) Estimate to complete
  3. 3. 3- While completing your project, you realized that you need to decrease the project costs. After researching your options, you came up with the following choices. Which choice would DECREASE project costs? A ) Change to component A from component B. component A costs more to purchase, but has a lower life cycle cost than B. B ) Change activity A to be completed by resource B instead of resource c. resource B is more experienced worker. C ) Move activities B and H to occur concurrently, and accept a 30 percent increase in the risk that five more resources will be needed later. D ) Remove a test from the project management plan.
  4. 4. 4- If earned value (EV) is U.S.$300000, actual cost (AC) is U.S.$350000, and planned value (PV) is U.S. $375000, what does the schedule performance index (SPI) indicate? A ) You are progressing at 86% of the rate originally planned. B ) You are progressing at 125% of the rate originally planned. C ) You are progressing at 116% of the rate originally planned. D ) You are progressing at 80% of the rate originally planned.
  5. 5. 5- The formula, EAC = BAC/CPI, assumes that: A ) All subsequent work will be completed at the planned expenditures. B ) All subsequent work will be completed at the planned expenditures, excluding the work packages currently under way C ) All subsequent work will be completed based upon the cost performance to-date D ) The cost performance cannot change during the project
  6. 6. 6- What tool must project managers rely upon to accurately identify the costs associated with the project? A ) A bill of materials B ) A Gantt chart C ) A precedence diagram network D ) A work breakdown structure
  7. 7. 7- If the Earned Value is equal to Actual Cost, it means: A-Project is on budget and on schedule B-Schedule Variance Index is 1 C-There is no schedule variance D-There is no cost variance
  8. 8. 8-Suppose you have a budgeted cost of a project at $900,000. The project is to be completed in 9 months. After a month, you have completed 10% of the project at a total expense of $100,000. The planned completion should have been 15%. At the current progress rate, how much more money is required to complete the project? A) $ 800,000 B) $ 900,000 C) $ 1,000,000 D) $ 1,100,000