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Dandiya nights


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Dandiya nights

  1. 1. Title Sponsor Presents Dandiya Night Concept Proposal for Date: 19th/20th/21th October 2012 Concept Conceived by Event Engineers 9970232628
  2. 2. Dandiya Nights As Navratri approaches, the city of Hills shines in its colourful image. The festivities bear ample testimony of culture, as being promoted by Event Engineers by way of a DANDIYA RAAS event at the Koregaon Lawns (need to be finalised) from 19th/20th/21th Oct, 2012. It is that time of the year when everyone shall respond to the magical call of enjoyment and joyous celebration at the three day event in a classy form. The event has theme parties varying on daily basis. We invite you to this exuberant and mesmerizing event fuelled by the celebrities of glamour world (Mumbai), where one can enjoy both Dandiya & other traditional dance including Bollywood at the same time. An experience of a lifetime, this event promises plenty of fun and enjoyment with a footfall of more than 1,500 people of all age-group. Event Engineers work with various non-profits, corporations and individuals sets it apart in the event planning landscape. Our strength is our management. When you hire us, you bring on a plethora of experience and knowledge that covers the gamut from venues, travel, audio visual, speakers, entertainment, décor, volunteer management, strategic positioning, marketing and more. Our value added services include the following:  Create and maintain a detailed project plan  Prepare a detailed budget, revenue, expenditure and cash flow  Prepare a production schedule as a framework for executing the event  Research venues, facilities, services and suppliers  Source a list of suitable vendors  Manage all vendors through event completion and invoicing  Follow-through regarding deliverables  Participate in post-event debrief and feedback Event points  Event Details  Event Marketing  Event Sponsorship  Event Financials
  3. 3. Dandiya Nights-Details Event preparation will begin early on the day of the event. The venue will be transformed in a vibrant array of colours. Tents, lanterns, lighting, foliage, spices, incense and appropriate props will accent and enhance the experience. The stage will be setup for entertainment and the dance floor and DJ will be positioned as appropriate. The food stations will add to the décor as will the welcome party with the traditional Indian Aarti tray to welcome your guests. Lawn: One of best lawns in the prominent area of the town will be rented for this purpose. The venue will have adequate connectivity, good parking facility and continues power and other vendor service. Accessible from all part of the city also feature as prominent place for regular events. Décor:  Tents-Rental of gorgeous tents that inspire visions of the bygone era in a riot of colours will be provided to Event Engineers by our exclusive vendor. These tents are customized for our events.  Fabrics-Recreate the magic, the fantasy and the mystery of India using large draperies with colour gauze, floor-length tablecloths & gold chair covers  Props-Including but not limited to gorgeous facades, Accents, lamps, pillows, throws, jewelled arts and crafts  Lighting-Spot lighting for tents, White votive around casting a soft glow on the tables. Extensive mood lighting, Lanterns reminiscent of the bygone era add to the mystery  Floral Arrangements-Centrepieces created to enhance the colours and setting of the evening.  Rangoli Patterns-Gorgeous designs created on the floor/ large trays/ tables using flowers, colour powders or colour lentils
  4. 4. Cuisine:  North, South, East and West Indian cuisines  Cooking demonstrations by our exclusive partner chefs  Hot and cold stations creating ready to eat, Drinks Dance Performances:  Classical with explanations/ descriptions of the items  Bollywood  Folk  Dandia Music Performance:  DJ  Pop music with the latest mixed numbers  Classical band with traditional instrument  Hindustani (North Indian)  Bollywood (Film) Activities:  Henna Artist  Henna tattoos  Glitter decoration  Arabic and Indian designs  Palmist  Tarot Card reader  Astrologer Vendor Management:  Service Staff  Procure all the necessary service staff needed for the event and manage them  Emcee  Photographer  Videographer  Valet Service to assist with parking  Servers to assist in serving of food & clean up staff  Bartenders
  5. 5. Event marketing Themes/Key Messages: The key messages and themes that we are looking to push while marketing our event are as follows. First and foremost we need people to understand that our event is for people who are looking for a festive experience. Having tradition as a theme is something people would like to be part off in the regular party that is too good to missed out off. With this being said we also want people to understand that it is a Saturday Night event and that by attending there is a lot in it for them. It will be a fun filled time including food & beverage. We want to ensure our marketing suggests that what is included will be worth the price spent. Objectives: Our main objective is to make people experience traditional and other popular bollywood genre with a twist, 1) Through marketing and promotion, sell 500 tickets for event. 2) Through marketing and promotion sell 30% of all tickets in pre-sale. 3) Create awareness and interest in our event (75% of attendees should hear about event through our marketing media) 4) To raise 500000 through the investments that put in by sponsors and group members
  6. 6. Target Audience: Our target audience comprises of two main groups, the regular party revellers and Music fans.  Age group 10-70  Target segment-Family, Young Affluent high spending, NRI and Corporate employees  All genders and races Strategies: Our strategy is to use an integrated marketing approach that will enable us to sell a minimum of 500 tickets to our target audience via our different ticket channel. We will be promoting the event by utilizing a variety of communication methods to direct traffic to our online event and social Page. One method of communication will be by word-of-mouth, enabling us to sell printed tickets to family and friends in addition to our normal ticket sales. All pertinent event information will be posted on the event website, Facebook and twitter and all other communication methods, which will offer a preview of the event to attract the attention of our target audience and direct them to the website. The communication methods that we will employ include newspaper advertisements, public Place Hoardings, Mall standees, posters, and a social networking site. Tactics (Action Plan): The marketing materials will be distributed and utilized in the following manner: Hoarding, Posters and Facebook page: Will contain visually appealing and attractive images for our target audience, in order to capture their attention, but will have minimal, but pertinent information, including event name, date, time, location and website URL where they will be directed to find out more information about the event and to purchase tickets. Hoardings will be placed in the geographic regions where there is a strong flow of target audience. The places will identify with mutual consent. Newspaper: Sizing of the advertisements will be ¼ page of the leading newspaper. The advertisement will contain minimal, but pertinent information, including event name, date, time, location, and website URL where they will be directed to find out more information about the event, and to purchase tickets Two advertisements will be placed within Pune city limits and these advertisements will run twice in prime newspaper, 1 day prior to the event, and the on the event date.
  7. 7. Social Networking: Facebook and twitter will be the main social networking tool and will primarily be used to encourage friends and family to attend and/promote the event via ‘word- of-mouth’. Facebook group will be created and all team members will be administrators. All team members will invite their friends and encourage participation in the group. Team Members will add wall posts to update family and friends on the progress of the event including activities planned. A Facebook event will be created by October 14th and will be open to the public by the same date. The Facebook picture will be the event poster. Facebook page will have a link to website for people to purchase tickets S.W.O.T. Analysis of the event S-Strength Our Strength in marketing that we have a festive theme that appeals directly to our target audience because it deals with current scenario and traditional mood of the people. Another advantage we have is the past event that was held last year. They had huge success with marketing in the newspaper. A large number of their guests attended because of that advertisement.
  8. 8. Cost Our cost is very friendly with package deals and very reasonable individual ticket prices. This helps to ensure people will buy tickets in advance. Market By using newspapers, Hoardings, posters, and a website we are reaching our target audience through a variety of mediums. We have a very large market to draw from. Since our event is being held in a great location with parking, we can draw people from across the city. W-Weakness Cost We don’t have enough funds for the marketing. We are relying on sponsorship. We do not get to appear in the newspaper and other marketing process as often as one would like to be. Timeline We have a limited time to get all of our marketing out there for the public’s eye. Various marketing mediums must go out at different times. Having to deal with pressure with newspaper deadline and only being able to get our ads in the paper on certain dates. O-Opportunity This could be a great partnership for sponsors. This being a niche of event could very well appeal to companies with products/services geared toward Music, family and traditional values. T-Threat Some partners might see this as a good relationship but might also take advantage of the situation; might differ from the objective. The current Scenario of the Pune event organising and event promotion, where in party permission for unique theme is limited and restriction is been imposed. Art India is one of the leading outdoor advertising service providers of Pune Art India Deliverable  Hoarding, Kiosk, Mall standee at major point as discussed and finalised  On Air radio promotion as discussed and finalised  Facebook paid ads to reach maximum target audience  Newspaper ads if required as discussed and finalised Sponsorship details
  9. 9. We are sure that corporate organization would come forward to generously contribute in the form of sponsorship of this landmark celebration in view of the fact that your product/organization would be presented to a niche youthful audience. We look forward to your generous participation and co-operation. Advertisement to be given:- Sponsors will be given prominence in accordance to the sponsorship slots and its privileges 1. Seven Hoardings at prime locations (approx. sqft) 2. Mall Marketing-Standee/Announcement and posters 3. Promotion in College and schools as cultural event 4. Quarter page ads in Pune Mirror/TOI 5. Ads In radio FM 6. Leaflet distribution via newspaper, colleges, malls, other prime locations etc. (100000) 7. Corporate Marketing 8. Logo on passes Sponsorship Slots  Gold/Main/Title  Silver/Associate  Powered By  Prize Sponsor  Radio Partner  Venue Partner  Marketing Partner
  10. 10. Event Financial CATEGORY/ DESCRIPTION Details TOTAL COST DIRECT COSTS venue space Koregaon park-lawn 1,00,000 Lighting Festive Lights 40,000 Sound Speakers Sound Boxes and other 40,000 Dj 2 Dj bollywood + traditonal 60,000 Decoration Traditional floral+stage 80,000 Performers Fire/traditional 40,000 Dj System Equipment for Dj 20,000 Bouncer 8 nos 10,000 Marketing Hoarding 54,000 Newspaper+Mall Marketing 70,000 Poster+pass+flyers 10,000 Graphics 4,000 FB paid ads 4,000 Permission license 50,000 Dandiya Sticks Ordered and made - Prizes Star Performance - Best Dress Male/Female 40,000 Video/Photo graphers On Actuals - Total Cost 6,22,000 Sponsorship Slots Gold/Main/Title Gold privileges 5,00,000 Silver/Associate Silver privileges 1,50,000 Powered By Bronze privileges 75,000 Prize As Per actuals and Mkt Radio As per actuals Counters Food 3 nos 60,000 Beverage 2 nos 30,000 Ticket Sales Mini 1500X Rs500 7,50,000 Total Revenue 15,65,000