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Kazumi Terada UX Portfolio 2016


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About Kazumi Terada
- Available for hire
- Born in Tokyo, Lived in Dallas, Lives in New York. US Citizen. Bilingual.
- Parsons School of Design, BFA in Architecture
- Work Experience: Panasonic, Shutterstock, Vibrant Media, Bertelsmann
- Building websites since the 90’s
- UX Design Immersive Certificate from General Assembly, May 2016
- Co-founder of a design firm and a non-profit

Published in: Design
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Kazumi Terada UX Portfolio 2016

  2. 2. 2 KAZUMI TERADA @kamitera PROFILE • Born in Tokyo, Lived in Dallas, Lives in New York. US Citizen. Bilingual. • Parsons School of Design, BFA in Architecture • Work Experience: Panasonic, Shutterstock, Vibrant Media, Bertelsmann • Building websites since the 90’s • UX Design Immersive Certificate from General Assembly, May 2016 • Co-founder of a design firm and a non-profit While I was in at Parsons in the 90’s, I got fascinated with “The Internet” and after graduating, began working as a web designer at Pixelpark (Bertelsmann). Later, I was selected as a project manager to launch, Bertelsmann’s media e-commerce site, which launched in Japan before Amazon. After Sept. 11, 2001, I wanted to give back and co-founded a non- profit organization and became a board member of a yoga school. In 2004, I co-founded a design firm, Fifth Line Group, selected as one of the participating businesses for NY Designs incubator. After 2008 financial crisis wiped out all our clients, I found work at Panasonic Design Center of America (PDCA). For over four years, I was involved in advance development of various B2C and B2B Panasonic products for the North/South American market, collaborating with top design firms across US. Some involved industrial design, while other projects were UI/UX development for a variety of products such as digital cameras, 3D TV’s, washing machines, and retail POS systems. After PDCA closed down, I was hired as a Japanese UX specialist at, improving the usability of their website for J a p a n e s e c u s t o m e r s , a n d retranslating their image search database. When Shutterstock Japan project completed, I decided to go back to school to update my skills in UX, a n d t o o k t h e U X D e s i g n Immersive course at General Assembly. The program confirmed that what I have been doing since the 90’s in the web space applies to the mobile space, and that I was “doing UX” all along. I hope to be able to bring my experience, resilience, leadership, and design skills to make a difference for your company.
  3. 3. “It is my nature to deeply observe human nature and derive actionable insights”
  4. 4. Without context, nothing can occur. Context is the sublime, unspoken backstory that determines the physical outcome and results. Identify and transform context to change outcome. CONTEXT IS 
 EVERYTHING. Answers exist in the depths of Silence, which speaks volumes and will often shed light to blind spots. It is my nature to deeply observe human nature and derive actionable insights. ACTIVELY LISTEN, 
 THEN SHUT UP. There was a Japanese pottery maker who would break 99% of what he made. Pottery or apps, it’s the same. Are you willing to break the 99% to get to the 1% masterpiece, rapidly and cost- effectively? SKETCH, IDEATE, PROTOTYPE AND BREAK…FAST. It’s time to launch that 1% masterpiece. Does it delight the users? Is it seamlessly usable? Suddenly, power users and ‘edge’ users will appear out of nowhere. At the same time, you can’t design everything for everyone. Go back and iterate again. TEST, LAUNCH, AND ITERATE AGAIN. 4 MY UX PHILOSOPHY FROM CONTEXT TO IDEATION
  5. 5. UX PROTOTYPING USER TESTING ITERATING What are the micro & macro contexts?
 (Research, User and Stakeholder Interviews, Workshops, User Surveys, SWOT, Brand Grids)
 TIP: Listen actively with empathy What are design actionable insights? (User Needs, Touchpoints)
 Who are we designing for? (Personas, User Journey, Affinity Mapping) What are we designing? (Design Ideation, Feature Prioritization) DEVELOPMENT for Production or Manufacture QA Test & Finalize Is the scope clear? 
 What are the goals, expectations, and UX literacy of the client? LAUNCH PRODUCT! DELIVERABLES - Research Findings - Initial Design Proposal and Direction DELIVERABLES
 - Specific Solutions - Design Proposal - Documentation 5 MY UX DESIGN CYCLE CONTEXT x RESEARCH x IDEATION x PROTOTYPE x ITERATION x LAUNCH RINSE & REPEAT AGAIN! client approval client approval and handoff (depending on scope) KICKOFF DISCOVERY IDEATION UX could get involved here as well, depending on scope.
  6. 6. 6 MY UX TOOLBOX DIGITAL AND ANALOG ✓ DIGITAL TOOLS INCLUDE: Sketch, Axure, Omnigraffle, InVision, Marvel, POP, Framer,, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Experience Design, Keynote, Powerpoint, HTML, etc. ✓ ANALOG TOOLS INCLUDE: User interview ‘shorthand’ note taking (cultivated from being an interpreter), Stickies, Whiteboards, Sign Pen by Pentel, Copic Markers, LEGO, etc.
  8. 8. Perchwell is a real estate search app for searching properties for sale in NYC. It was launched in iOS in April 2016. Our team of three at General Assembly were given one month to improve the onboarding tutorial process and any additional improvements if time allowed. What makes Perchwell unique is that it lets users create market report data visualizations with a wide variety of metrics. These beautiful charts can be a great tool for real estate agents and an eye candy for real estate due diligence fanatics. It also has a proprietary algorithm called 
 “Perch Price”, that takes into consideration the total cost of ownership over the years including property taxes and maintenance. 
 In user testing, no one understood “Perch Price”. Perchwell iOS App Onboarding Project 8 PERCHWELL Real Estate iOS App Onboarding Project May 2016
  9. 9. Research Included: • Stakeholder interviews including the founder and real estate agents • Contextual & Competitive analysis. Persona creation based on user interviews Design Insights, Sketching and Wireframing 9 PERCHWELL User Interviews, Persona Creation, and Sketching and Design Ideation
  10. 10. A: Sort menu now showing what it’s sorted by B: Moved Icons off the photo C: Moved Bed & Bath to the left D: View icon changed to an Eye A: View icon changed to an Eye B: Compare icon changed to an actual scale 10 PERCHWELL UI Redesign v
  11. 11. 11 PERCHWELL Taxonomy Analysis and Suggested UI Change 12 Categories were reduced to 6 categories by combining redundant subcategories
  12. 12. A: Took out initial category selection page by combining “Current” and “Historical” categories into one, narrowing 12 categories down to 6.
 B & C: Redesigned Median & Premium icons. A: Replaced the overlay three view page, with three icons that shoot out of the “VIew” icon, directly from the filtered result page. Reinforces connection between results and three ways to view them. 12 PERCHWELL UI Redesign
  13. 13. 13 PERCHWELL Prototype Feature Prioritization After meeting with the client, we prioritized which feature should stay in the final prototype. Prototype on InVision
  14. 14. 14 SHUTTERSTOCK Complete Retranslation of Image Search Database and Micro-copywriting for UI 2013 - 2015 • Image database search keywords (50k+ words) were retranslated for accuracy and cultural relevance. • Key microcopy throughout the site was proofread and retranslated. • Validated through extremely successful A/B tests and improvements in conversion.
  15. 15. Washing Machine UI Project managed washing machine touch-screen UI project with a renowned digital agency. Future of Retail UX Collaborated with a design firm to create future retail UX combining security cameras, motion tracking, large screens, LED touchscreen mirrors, smartphone, and POS system. Digital Camera UI With a design firm and Panasonic in-house industrial designer, participated in design ideation project to create new UI style guide for Lumix digital cameras. 3DTV UI/UX Projects With several agencies, project managed the future of TV viewing experience with 3D TV’s. 15 PANASONIC UX/UI Project Management with Various Top Design Firms Across US 2008 - 2013
  16. 16. 16 PANASONIC FUTURE CRAFT Ideation Process, Translation from Japanese and Editing in English 2012 Company-Wide Design Philosophy Participated in a company-wide effort to create “design philosophy” that will be used as the common theme across all Panasonic products. The word “Future Craft” was something my colleague and I came up with, and then translated and edited. We advocated for it, and ultimately, it got selected as the final ‘tagline’ for the philosophy,
  18. 18. Heuristics and Contextual Analysis Persona creation Design Ideation and Feature Prioritization sessions on the whiteboard 18 HOTELTONIGHT GA Student Project - Improve HotelTonight App in Android OS - With a team of 3, in 2 Weeks April 2016
  19. 19. Taxonomy: Confusing Hotel categories were rewritten, and the explanations were edited down to one line. Wireframes for the prototype: Added onboarding process for new users. View Prototype in action: 19 HOTELTONIGHT Created On-boarding for New Users
  20. 20. Fishs Eddy is a retailer that sells both vintage and unique, kitschy original products. After contextual research, card-sorting and taxonomy analysis, I proposed a new system for categorizing vintage vs. non-vintage product, and added a filter that allows for ‘emotional’ search (funny, artsy, nostalgic, optimistic, etc.) Both mobile & desktop prototypes were created.
 20 FISHS EDDY GA Student Project - Redesign into Mobile First Site - Solo Project, 2 weeks March 2016
  21. 21. 21 FISHS EDDY Wall Lo-Fi Wireframes to Understand Competitors’ Product Pages and Checkout Process
  22. 22. Mobile Prototype:
 Desktop Prototype: 22 FISHS EDDY Low Fidelity Wireframe - Mobile Prototype
  23. 23. 23 NASA CLIMATE CHANGE GAME “CLIMATE IDK” Users are presented with climate-change related information nugget, then they get to play an ‘addictive’ casual game (which could be a partnership with pre-existing games). After playing, they have pass a quiz, in order to go back to the ‘addictive’ game. Prototype: GA Student Project - Game to Promote Climate Change Awareness - With a team of 3, in 2 Weeks April 2016
  24. 24. 24 ARCHITECTURE I like to build. Planetarium by the River Flatiron Tourist Information Booth Maritime Museum Rem Koolhaas Villa 3D Rendering
  25. 25. 25 PHOTOGRAPHY I like to document.
  26. 26. 26 PAINTING / ILLUSTRATION / LOGO I like to draw.
  27. 27. Queens Apiary Launched via Kickstarter by Kazumi Terada and Phil Cohen, Queens Apiary is an urban beekeeping social enterprise based in Queens Off-Grid Living Center Planned to be located in plots of land totaling 7 acres in upstate New York near Hunter Mountain, it will be a place for various experiments to take place in off-grid living, meditation, and martial arts. Vision Board on Pinterest NY de Volunteer Co-founded by Noriko Hino and Kazumi Terada, NY de Volunteer is a non-profit organization to mobilize the Japanese community for civic engagement. Mahayogi Yoga Mission MYM NY was established by disciples in 1996 to disseminate the Universal Teachings of Yoga taught by Shri Mahayogi 
 Board member since 2000. 27 NON-PROFIT & SOCIAL ENTERPRISES This is what I do when I’m not working.
  28. 28. 646-209-4565 Portfolio: LinkedIn: