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The special care that you need to take of the best brand hairdressing scissors


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Kamisori’s hairdressing scissors and scissor shears are best brands for the users. It is very important for them to adopt a certain technique for its care to prevent its nicking and rusting.

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The special care that you need to take of the best brand hairdressing scissors

  1. 1. Welcome to Kamisori Shears
  2. 2. The Special Care That You Need to Take of the Best Brand Hairdressing Scissors
  3. 3. In today’s time, everything has undergone a great change and every individual carve for the best brand things. Kamisori’s hairdressing scissors are exactly the same thing. They are really doing wonders for the hairstylists, who fail to compromise with the quality of the haircutting tools. If you are one of them then buying them for your personal use is not sufficient for you. If you do not take care of it, they will rust and such a time will come they will become absolutely useless for you.
  4. 4. Taking care of something is not a trivial thing. You need to be very vigilant towards it. Scissor shears are very sensitive tools and a minor fault done on your part may spoil your ruse. Your initial stage starts with the cleaning of the shears by simply wiping a thick cloth over the shears and blades after every trim. By doing so, you will be able to stop debris and chemicals from piling up on the shears. Do not forget to wipe them dry, so they fail to stick and do not rust.
  5. 5. Another better method of taking care of scissors and shears is to adopt the lubrication process. When you have finished cleaning them, you need to open the scissors at an angle of ninety degree and put 1-2 drops of scissor oil into the join. By doing so, you are eliminating debris and dirt that lies below the pivot. In order to get the best results, you must make it a practice on daily basis.
  6. 6. This method is important for you in a different case of hairdressing scissors. That means if your hair scissors feature a diamond-studded dial, then make sure to shun rubbing on the jewels while turning the tension knob. You need to be a bit warned in view of breakage. Remember that if you apply pressure to the jewels, then breakage will certainly happen. So, turn the dial from the craggy area around the side. Moreover, you should not tighten the shears too much as it may result in unnecessary tear and wear.
  7. 7. Simultaneously, the tension which is too loose can let the shears fold the hair. In order to know about tension, hold the scissors with its tips in the upward direction and raise one handle up to the time the blade remains in ninety degree angle before letting the blade getting closed. In case, the blade falls fully shut, then that means the tension caused is very loose.
  8. 8. In a nutshell, taking care of Kamisori hairdressing scissors is not only confined to adopting a certain technique but also storing them in a proper way. You should not be careless with them as are you with roadside garbage bins. When you are not using them, store them in a closed position to mitigate the risk of nicking and damage. Bear in mind that Kamisori’ haircutting tools are one of the greatest possessions in today’s time. They are rendering a healthy service to the men.
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