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==== ====The "Forever Body Transformation" Fat Loss Mehod ====Fat ...
we are highly active, physically, we do need a lot of this type of food, in all its different forms:bread, cereals, pasta,...
lot of strain on the heart, which now suddenly has to feed a whole new layer of bodymass (purefat) with blood. Fat sits di...
Mondays - WheatThis includes any type of wheat bread, pastry, pasta, and couscous.Tuesdays - Sorghum/Spelt or any other ex... ====
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Take Control of Your Energy Burn Fat With Healthy Foods Diet Plan


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Tips and Methods to burn fat with healthy foods and a customized diet fitness plan personalized. Special Thyroid Nutrition orientation and the usual Failures.

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Take Control of Your Energy Burn Fat With Healthy Foods Diet Plan

  1. 1. ==== ====The "Forever Body Transformation" Fat Loss Mehod ====Fat Loss - Forever Body Transformation TipsIsnt it amazing how little interest we show into the food we eat? Except that we care how it tasteslike. Having our daily bread is a privilege most of us take for granted. But how much do we knowabout carbohydrates or starches and how they affect our bodies? For those of us who have heardthe Bible story, food was the Devils first weapon to tempt us into self-destruction. And if we dontlearn to understand carbohydrates, this staple food can be deadly for your figure. Handle withcare!I love bread. I always have. Especially the fragrant, home-baked, whole-wheat bread with a goldencrust that my mom would bake. When I lived in Germany, first as an Au Pair and again later as atrainee journalist, the bakers on every main street would tempt me with a huge variety of rolls,each with a different name: Lausbub, Milchbrötle, Vollkorn, Dreikorn, Roggenbrötchen,Salzpretzel. Absolutely delicious. But I soon paid the price: my normally slender body startedpicking up weight at the speed of bite!When I came back home, no one recognized me. And I had nothing to wear! This is when myquest for knowledge about food started. Now I am a fervent proponent of teaching nutrition inKindergarten. Because it looks like modern moms dont really have the knowledge they need toteach good eating habits to their babies and toddlers - especially not the most modern, scientificinformation. This is such a pity: every human child should know what food is good for its body andwhich food isnt - regardless of taste.How much our culture influences our choice of food is something I learnt especially since Ivebecome involved in a charity that operates two boarding schools for teenagers, mainly from deeprural South Africa. The kids that attend these schools - one for boys, one for girls - come fromhomes where they have been taught that a meal without meat is no meal, just a snack. And thatyou have to stuff yourself with maize porridge (known here as phutu) in order to say that you arefull, before you stop eating!If I look at the rest of the parts of the world where I have been travelling to - the cultural paradigmsare different, but the end result is the same: far too much carbohydrates and fat! In the USA, kidsgrow up on cereal with milk and MacDonald Burgers. In Europe, far too many are now alsoresorting to similar eating habits. Just a few weeks ago, in July, when I visited my godchild inGermany, his father was lamenting the fact that mothers in his daughters swimming class wouldcome to him and sternly admonish him that his daughter was too skinny! He remembers from hischildhood that all kids were wiry and athletic. Now the majority of primary school children isalready showing signs of obesity!Yes, we certainly need carbohydrates in our diet. This is the fuel for our muscles. So, especially if
  2. 2. we are highly active, physically, we do need a lot of this type of food, in all its different forms:bread, cereals, pasta, and so on.Children have much more energy than we do, because their bodies are not yet burdened with thebad eating habits that we as adults have adopted, usually from our own parents. Looking at thehistory of food, and just understanding my own ancestors eating habits, over-eating was simplynot on the order of the day. Something happened after World War II, when it comes to our diets.Suddenly, all kinds of new artificial foodstuffs entered the mainstream: colouring, flavouring,preservatives. And television brought all of this wonderful new food and these new tastes into ourhomes. So, of course, our diets changed!Having white bread from the bakery in town became a special treat for us farm kids, who wereused to the whole wheat bread baked by mom at home. If it had stayed a special treat, that wouldhave been OK. But with urbanization and becoming further and further removed from the source ofour food, white bread - wheat - has become the staple food of far too many human beings acrossthe world.There is nothing wrong with wheat - if you eat it in moderation. Like with most other things: if youdont overeat, youre generally fine, health- and weight-wise.But when it comes to wheat, especially white wheat flour, there is a BIG However.White wheat flour - like any other type of refined grain where the healthy fibre, vitamins andminerals has been practically surgically removed - is actually nothing but a slightly different formof sugar. Now imagine eating solid pieces of sugar, like we eat slices of white bread or rolls...I didnt know this, until I started researching the impact of the different food types on our bodies,mind and emotions. And yes, even on our spirit. Drugs affect our spirit. But that is a story foranother day...Today I just want you to become very aware of the fact that refined wheat has the same effect ofrefined sugar, if not treated in moderation. It makes the blood sugar levels shoot up high,resulting in more and more Insulin being released from our Pancreas (remember this organ fromBiology class?) and in this way over time affects our bodies ability to regulate its sugar levels, toooften resulting in adult-onset diabetes!If you are a labourer who needs to do heavy manual labour, or if you are an athlete or go to gymevery day, you can eat quite a lot of carbohydrates each day, because your body burns this sugaras fuel to keep your muscles going.However, if you are someone who spends much of your time sitting or just do moderate physicalactivity, you need to be careful with the amount of fuel you put in your body. Because every littlegram of carbohydrates that you do not use on that day is turned by your body into sugar and fromthere into fat. Fat on our bodies is nothing but a storage area - a larder - for those days when wemay need to fall back on this reserve. However, with our current blessed lifestyles, the chancesthat we will not have food tomorrow, has really shrunk to a minimum, so we also dont need tostore huge reserves of fat on our bodies. The problem with fat is that it causes excessive weighton our bone structure, pulling us down even further than gravity normally would, and also placing a
  3. 3. lot of strain on the heart, which now suddenly has to feed a whole new layer of bodymass (purefat) with blood. Fat sits directly below our skin, so if the heart is not able to work properly anylonger, the blood struggles to reach our skin, and this has all kinds of effects on the well-being ofour bodies. Just do some of your own research on this on the Internet and you will be amazed athow important it is to keep the fat layer under our skin at a lower range.The other thing that we should become aware of is that wheat contains a material called gluten.Gluten is a form of protein, that is easily digestible for most people, but over the last couple ofyears - probably because of humans over-eating wheat - an increasing number of people arebecoming intolerant to this food, with a variety of symptoms ranging from chronic diarrhea andongoing tiredness. The biggest problem is that in these instances, the gluten prevents thedigestive system from properly absorbing nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, resulting inmalnutrition.Im not suggesting that you rush off to get a Gluten allergy test. I am, however, encouraging you tolearn more about carbohydrates and how you can ensure that you and the people you preparefood for, can enjoy the benefits of carbohydrates, without suffering from the disaster of over-eatingthem.Also, I am recommending that we all shift away from a wheat-dominated carbohydrate diet toincluding more different types of carbohydrates, because in this way we can have the benefit ofdifferent types of minerals and vitamins.Let carbohydrates form the backbone of your weekly menu for your family, then choose suitablevegetables and proteins to serve together with carbohydrates at lunch and dinner.Here is my suggested Menu Plan. Except for sticking to the Fruit First rule, you can change theorder as you wish. I am just adding a few variations for each type of carbohydrate, so that youcan start thinking about this. The basic menu plan is always the same:Breakfast - Fruit only until 12h00Lunch - Preferably 12h00. Ideally, eat only the daily carbohydrate with vegetables or vegetableprotein. Soups in winter with bread and salad in summer, using bread or grains in the soup. Ifyoure not working from home, make something the night before, pack it for all your familymembers and take it with to work. Lunch packs for kids can always include sandwiches and cutvegetable slices, like tomatoes, celery, carrots, etc.Late afternoon - Around 15h00. Any form of carbohydrate (e.g. cookie or biscuit) with any type ofcaffeine-free hot drink or water.Dinner - Around 18h00. Preferably protein with vegetables or a vegetable protein with acarbohydrate. Eat protein in moderation and a large portion of salad with your dinner, to fill you up.Over time, you will notice that you need less and less food.Late evening snack - Around 20h00, not later than 21h00. Any type of snack - e.g. nuts or cookies,but just a tiny portion to satisfy your tastebuds. Even better is to just drink your favourite herbal teaat this time, before you go to sleep.Now you can make your life a lot easier and healthier by choosing your daily carbohydrate forlunch from among the following:
  4. 4. Mondays - WheatThis includes any type of wheat bread, pastry, pasta, and couscous.Tuesdays - Sorghum/Spelt or any other exotic grainVisit your local health-store section in the supermarket to see whats available and try out newrecipes.Thursdays - PotatoesThis is such a versatile food: mashed, boiled then fried, boiled, baked, chips, potato soup,croquettesWednesdays - OatsPorridge, muffins, crunchy granola biscuits, sautéed oat flakes in salad or as a topping onsoupFridays - RyeRye is known best as bread, but look for recipes for other interesting things to do with rye. Thereare different types of rye bread too!Saturday - Corn/MaizeThis is ideal for family gatherings. Corn-on-the-cob, nachos, maize bread and other traditionalways of using maize. Combine with beans, like the Mexicans do, avoid meat.Sunday - RiceThere are lots of different types of rice, so there is already some variety. But then, of course, youcan use rice as is, rice cakes, rice dishes, rice-and-soy milk soup with cinnamon and steameddried fruit. Let your imagination fly!The main secret that all of us living in the 21st Century need to know is that it is very easy to over-eat on carbohydrates, because they are a form of sugar and sugar is addictive. So learn moreabout how you can rid yourself of this addiction and start on a fresh page. Your body will begrateful! ====The "Forever Body Transformation" Fat Loss Mehod
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