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Innovate like Google with Design Sprints by Kamil Barbarski -


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My talk on Google Design Sprints at Google Cloud Breakfast in Cologne hosted by Rewe Digital and Seibert Media.

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Innovate like Google with Design Sprints by Kamil Barbarski -

  1. 1. Kamil Barbarski // Innovate like Google How to get the most out of new ideas with Design Sprints
  2. 2. Kamil Barbarski // 2 Entrepreneur, Innovation Ecosystem Designer and Product Strategy Expert Co-founder, Lean Startup pioneers in Germany since 2013 Co-founder, 1000+ innovators empowered in the last 2 years Kamil Barbarski // Trainer and mentor for 100+ startups and product teams
  3. 3. Kamil Barbarski // Five-day process for solving problems and testing new ideas Image by GV
  4. 4. Kamil Barbarski // When should you run a sprint Images by parkjisun, ProSymbols & Gan Khoon Lay from the Noun Project (New) Product Development, Processes, Co-Creation, Growth, ... High Stakes Not enough time Just plain stuck
  5. 5. Kamil Barbarski // Image by GV
  6. 6. Kamil Barbarski // It’s for Search Mode
  7. 7. Kamil Barbarski // Why should you do it Images by sandiindra, Creative Stall & Krisada from the Noun Project Speed Validation Collaboration
  8. 8. Kamil Barbarski // The human attention span dropped from 12 sec. in 2000 to 8 sec. today. Goldfish have 9 sec.!
  9. 9. Kamil Barbarski // A typical day in a typical office Image by Sprint book
  10. 10. Kamil Barbarski // The solution: 5x a sprint day Image by Sprint book
  11. 11. Kamil Barbarski // Full-stack team for 5 days Image by APA Medialab
  12. 12. Kamil Barbarski // No device policy Image by Arthur Shlain from the Noun Project
  13. 13. Kamil Barbarski // Work alone together
  14. 14. Kamil Barbarski // Time boxing Image by Enshia from the Noun Project
  15. 15. Kamil Barbarski // Always be capturing Image by Enshia from the Noun Project ABC
  16. 16. Kamil Barbarski // Clear sprint purpose Image by GV
  17. 17. Kamil Barbarski // Focus till the end Image by GV
  18. 18. Kamil Barbarski // Wrap-up: 5 most important things for Design Sprints 1. Focus: block 5 days, time boxing, no device, clear purpose 2. A full-stack team with a decider and prototyping skills 3. A neutral Facilitator that is mindful to resistance 4. Know your customer and problems before the sprint 5. Getting started is better than being right
  19. 19. Kamil Barbarski // Thanks! Questions? Support, tools and more: or Template by SlidesCarnival