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Digital summit social media measurement


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This is an updated version of our measurement presentation as presented at the 2013 Digital Summit in Atlanta, Ga.

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Digital summit social media measurement

  1. 1. Measure Social Media ResultsKami Watson Huyse, APR, @kamichat#SMResults @kamichat
  2. 2. Kami @kamichat
  3. 3. Only 22% had a strategy that ties analysis back tobusiness objectives.Econsultancy Online Measurement & Strategy Report for 2012Only 30% are regularly reporting to management.Alterian Annual Survey: How Engaged is One’s Brand?Fifty-seven percent say “poorly defined success metricsand key performance indicators” were three majorobstacles to social media marketing adoption.2012 B2B Social Media Marketing: A Surge in AdoptionUnder-measuring#SMResults @kamichat
  4. 4. • Diagnose: Determine what works and what doesn’t• Prioritize: Build into planning, make decisions• Evaluate: Demonstrate ROI, Business ValueDiagnose Prioritize EvaluatePurpose of Measurement#SMResults @kamichat
  5. 5. Industry Standards• The Barcelona Declaration of MeasurementPrinciples.• Valid Metrics Framework for Public RelationsMeasurement• Coalition for Public Relations ResearchStandards• The #SMM Standards Conclave#SMResults @kamichat
  6. 6. Awareness Knowledge Interest Support ActionPublic RelationsActivity• Content creation (e.g. assets created, videos/podcasts)• Social media engagement (e.g. blog posts, blogger events, blogger briefings, Twitter posts,community site posts & events)• Influencer engagement• Stakeholder engagement• Events/speechesIntermediaryEffect• Impressions/Targetaudienceimpressions• Earned media sitevisitors/day• % share ofconversation• Video views• Prominence• Key messagealignment[traditional & socialmedia]• Accuracy of facts• % share ofconversation• Expressed opinionsof interest• Social networkFollowers• Retweets/Shares/Linkbacks• % share ofconversation• Endorsement byjournalists orinfluencers• Rankings on industrylists• Expressed opinionsof support• Social network Fans• LikesTarget AudienceEffect• Unaided awareness• Aided awareness• Owned media sitevisitors per day• Social networkchannel visitors• Knowledge ofcompany/productattributes andfeatures• Brand associationand differentiation• Relevance of brand(to consumer/customer)• Visitors to website• Click-thru to site• Time spent on site• Downloads from site• Calls• Event/meetingattendance• Attitude uplift• Stated intention tobuy• Brand preference/Loyalty/Trust• Endorsement• Requests for quote• Links to site• TrialSocial/CommunityEngagement12NOTE: Within social media, several of these metrics could straddle two rows as an Intermediary Effect and/or Target Audience Effect, depending on who’s engaged in the conversation. Forsimplicity, we have listed those metrics under Intermediary Effect to reflect the general conversation as you would not know if all participants are in your target audience. If the commenters areknown to be in your Target Audience, you could reflect those metrics under Target Audience Effect.• Active advocates• Brand engagement• Leads/sales• Revenue• Market share• Cost savings#SMResults @kamichat
  7. 7. 1.Set measureable objectives2.Choose your metrics3.Choose tools4. Implement5. Analyze and Present6. Adjust and Repeat6 Steps to Measurement#SMResults @kamichat
  8. 8. Set Measureable Objectivespecificeasurablettainableesults-Orientedime Bound @kamichat
  9. 9. Goal vs. ObjectivesGoal:Increase registration for this year’s conferenceObjective:By prior to the event, overwill have registered using the “friends ofonline and we will beahead of usual .#SMResults @kamichat
  10. 10. Ask…1. Why?2. Why?3. Why?4. Why?5. Why?What Are YourKey Performance IndicatorsPhoto Credit: @kamichat
  11. 11. Choose Your 5A MetricsActivityAttentionAwarenessAttitudesActions#SMResults @kamichat
  12. 12. You need ActivityTo get AttentionWhich brings AwarenessWhich cultivates AttitudesWhich leads to Actions#SMResults @kamichat
  13. 13. 5 A’s Metric Ideas#SMResults @kamichatActivity Activities to reach community and their networksAttention Traffic, Views, Followers, Fans, ReachAwareness Share of Discussion, Shares, Retweets, Mentions,Messages Shared, Blog PostsAttitudes Sentiment, Satisfaction, Surveying (Net Promoter Score,Relationship Survey, etc.)Actions Financial Sales, Revenue Events, CorrelationsCustomer Value of Fans and Followers, CustomerLifetime ValueProcess Channel Cost Per Lead, Value of LeadsInnovation New Ideas Adopted, Employee Turnover
  14. 14. 5 As Cumulative Effect#SMResults @kamichat
  15. 15. Measurement PlanThis is a sample spreadsheet format you can useto set your measurement objectives and add thetactic, metrics and tools you will use.#SMResults @kamichatSMARTOBJECTIVESTACTICS TYPE METRICS TOOLSBy two months prior tothe event, over 100people will haveregistered using the“friends of onlineinfluencer” code andwe will be 15 percentahead of usualregistration numbers.Offer code to onlineinfluencers via email,Twitter and FacebookActivities Track # of outreach attempts, buildlist of influencers and statsInkybeeExcel SpreadsheetAttention Track # of open and clicks in emailTrack unique URLsMailChimpGoogle AnalyticsAwareness Track questions and comments insocial channelsHootsuiteAttitudes Cross tab satisfaction and likelihoodto attend again against code usersRegistrationSurveyAction Track number of unique influencercodes usedRegistrationSystem
  16. 16. ActivityIs all about what YOU do:• How many posts?• How many comments?• How many tweets?• How many connections?• Avg. response time?#SMResults @kamichat
  17. 17. #SMResults @kamichat
  18. 18. Sample Activity Report#SMResults @kamichat
  19. 19. AttentionIs all about Reach or Opportunities to See• Visits• Potential reach• Demographics• Click throughs#SMResults @kamichat
  20. 20. Social Networks#SMResults @kamichat
  21. 21. Competitive Benchmark#SMResults @kamichat
  22. 22. Click Throughs#SMResults @kamichat
  23. 23. AwarenessIs all about engagement (with you)…• Do they LIKE or comment?• Are they mentioning you?• What is your share of voice?• How often do they visit?• Who is referring?• % of followers engaged?#SMResults @kamichat
  24. 24. Pure Michigan Site Survey#SMResults @kamichat
  25. 25. #SMResults @kamichat
  26. 26. Average PTA (Facebook)#SMResults @kamichat
  27. 27. AttitudesIt’s all about their conversation (about you)…• What is the sentiment?• Are they committed?• Are they satisfied?• Would they recommend?#SMResults @kamichat
  28. 28. Sentiment “Harlem Shake”#SMResults @kamichat
  29. 29. Search + Brand#SMResults @kamichat
  30. 30. Pre and Post Survey#SMResults @kamichat
  31. 31. ActionsIt’s all about what they actually do(rather than say)…• What are the financial results?• What is the value of customers?• How are processes impacted?• What innovations emerge?• What about ROI?#SMResults @kamichat
  32. 32. FinancialSalesRevenue EventsCorrelation and RegressionCustomerCost of SupportAverage Lifetime ValueImpact on ValueProcessLeads and ClosingFulfillmentChannel SuccessInnovationNew Ideas AdoptedEmployee Turnover RateEmployee SatisfactionResults#SMResults @kamichat
  33. 33. #SMResults @kamichatROI measures howeffectively anorganization is using itsresources to generate afinancial profit.
  34. 34. Revenue EventsObjective:Increase registration for this year’s conferenceObjective:By prior to the event, overwill have registered using the “friends ofonline influencer” and we will beahead of usual registration numbers.#SMResults @kamichat
  35. 35. Calculating Revenue EventsTicket price $150x100 sold$15,000-$2,500 costs#SMResults @kamichat
  36. 36. Cost Per Lead• Webinar Activities:– Write a blog post about the webinar– Put a short post on LinkedIn with a link to theblog post– Tweet the link to the blog post• Cost: $150 (Salaried employee)• Return: 100 leads– Avg. cost of a digital lead $40 x 100 = $4,000#SMResults @kamichat
  37. 37. Channel Revenue TrackingChannel Visits YTD Visits Revenue YTDRevenue$/VisitFacebook 3,390 9,236 $ 2,433.00 $ 4,025.00 $ 0.72Blog 357 1,282 $ 56.00 $ 56.00 $ 0.16Twitter 41 250 $ 8.00 $ 8.00 $ 0.20#SMResults @kamichat
  38. 38. Customer Lifetime Value#SMResults @kamichat
  39. 39. Source: Adobe Digital Index#SMResults @kamichat
  40. 40. Track Value by Keyword or Visit#SMResults @kamichat
  41. 41. Anas Younes, MD: LymphomaMD AndersonProblem: Too Few peoplesigning up for clinical trialsObjective: Build reputationAnd clinical trial base tosustainable levels, at least double#SMResults @kamichat
  42. 42. Results• 18 months quadrupled patients in clinicaltrials• “Go-to” resource for info about lymphoma,thought leadershipSmall but motivated followingof patients and other medicalprofessionals - 913 followers,3,000 fans/LIKES#SMResults @kamichat
  43. 43. Compare CostCampaign:•Online Campaign Only•Influencer OutreachResults:•Cost per impression- Television: $1- Social Media: $.22•ROI$2.6 million in revenue- How did you hear?- Why did you visit?- Revenue per visitor @kamichat
  44. 44. Talent Acquisition LinkedIn• Unqualified Resumes• Recruiter Fees• Expatriate CostsLink Humans by Laurent Brouat #SMResults @kamichat
  45. 45. Easy Correlations Calculation!Correlate Share of Discussion to Results (Leads)TimePeriod1Period2Period 3Period4Period5Period6SoD % 10.5 14.5 19.5 19.0 10.0 50.0Leads 4 6 45 50 30 15Correlation -0.05 -0.28 -0.69 -0.68 -1 In an empty cell, enter the cell numbers of the starting andending values in each row like this:=Correl(B2:G2,B3:G3) Hit enter … and it returns a correlation of r = .547.#SMResults @kamichat
  46. 46. Regression Analysis#SMResults @kamichat
  47. 47. Choose Your ToolsListen Engage Measure#SMResults @kamichat
  48. 48. global reference to the hundreds ofcompanies that offer products and servicesfor listening to what people are saying insocial media. Currently at 409 listings.#SMResults @kamichat
  49. 49. Listening Tools#SMResults @kamichat
  50. 50. Engagement Measurement Tools#SMResults @kamichat
  51. 51. ProprietaryFrameworksInfluence ToolsKREDAnd more…1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd GenerationSCORE SEESAY#SMResults @kamichat
  52. 52. Relationship Mining:NextGen Influence @kamichat
  53. 53. Unstructured Data Mining(Big Data)#SMResults @kamichat
  54. 54. Analytics ToolsYour SiteCompetitors#SMResults @kamichat
  55. 55. Analysis ToolsDIY: Multi-ChannelAttribution Spreadsheet#SMResults @kamichat
  56. 56. Tool Links• Listening:• Engagement:• Influence:• Data Mining:• Analytics:• Analysis: @kamichat
  57. 57. RecommendedReading#SMResults @kamichat
  58. 58. #SMResults @kamichat
  59. 59. #SMResults @kamichat
  60. 60. #SMResults @kamichat
  61. 61. #SMResults @kamichat
  62. 62. #SMResults @kamichat
  63. 63. Questions? #SMResults @kamichat
  64. 64. Kami HuyseZoetica, for this @kamichat