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Online job search klc (med hok)

  1. 1. Online Job Search 101 Effective Measures for Online Job Search through Search Engines and Websites Kameshia L. Collins
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  Online Job Search is an excellent tool to utilize when searching for employment.  It allows you the opportunity to register on different sites, creating profiles highlighting your skill sets for potential positions you are interested in obtaining.
  3. 3. BENEFITS OF ONLINE JOB SEARCH  Privacy  No Travel required  Convenience  Can access multiple sites at a time (Monster, CareerBuilder, Jobing, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc.)
  4. 4. COMMON FRUSTRATIONS  Follow-up/responses are not always as guaranteed  Online sites may lack complete details regarding the position (job description, hours, location, salary, availability, etc.)  May be difficult for those with limited to no technological experience
  5. 5. JOB SEARCH 101  In order to conduct an online job search you must first select a website.  Example #1 – 
  6. 6. JOB SEARCH 101  Once on the site you will be able to register/sign- up following basic instructions. Your name, address, phone number, email are required. From there you can provide your education and work experience as well as any additional skills pertinent to your potential opportunity.  The next two slides will demonstrate locating the website and instructions
  7. 7. JOB SEARCH 101  After you register your profile on the website, you can begin searching for jobs based on your background and interests.  All Jobs on the site are clustered by main categories. To search within a particular field, select the appropriate link and view jobs in that category.  The next two slides will demonstrate these options.
  8. 8. JOB SEARCH 101  After selecting the position you are interested in viewing, you will be able to read the job description/details, requirements, location, and any other information related to the job opportunity.  If further interested in the position, you can submit your resume (unless there is a request to apply directly through the company website).  The next three slides will provide an example of this process.
  9. 9. JOB SEARCH 101  After submitting your resume and cover letter (It is important to create a cover letter with your resume as most companies will not read the resume without one) you will receive confirmation of your submission.  Confirmation will also be sent to the email address you registered with as well.  The next two slides demonstrate these steps.
  10. 10. CONCLUSION  With all of these steps combined, you can successfully begin your Online Job Search.  Best wishes on your online job search!  KLC 4-2010
  11. 11. Additional Resources  To view this information as a webpage click the link below:  Internet-for-Education-_-EME6936-_-Online-Job- Search---Kameshia-L.-Collins