Boston open stack meetup hyper v in openstack


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Work on Hyper-V and OpenStack

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Boston open stack meetup hyper v in openstack

  1. 1. Essex based Nova-Compute
  2. 2. Intro Peter Pouliot, CISSP IRC/Skype:primeminsterp Sr. Engineer in Microsoft’s Open Source Technology Center.
  3. 3. Summit Revisted: What? Microsoft is working to restore and enhance Hyper-V support in OpenStack Microsoft is providing dedicated resources to support ongoing OpenStack on Hyper-V efforts Current development efforts focused on Hyper-V features with Essex and beyond
  4. 4. Summit Revisted: Why Hyper-V? One of the founding principles of OpenStack was Hypervisor Ubiquity Allows enterprises to utilize existing infrastructure, tools, and in-house expertise they already have. Customer and partner demand is there It provides an enterprise OS running a private cloud that is interoperable and expandable into public cloud spaces Allows for potential System Center Integration points
  5. 5. What we’ve been working on? Python32 based service Start/Stop VMs Initial Glance integration Resize/Rescue/Pause/Suspend Resume/Host- Guest Info Reporting coming soon Silent installer Installation instructions Jenkins infrastructure and CI Testing Test integration planning Ongoing feature planning for Folsom and beyond.
  6. 6. Improving for Folsom Additional VM functions  Live Migrations  Volume support  Snapshots Support Nova-network on Hyper-V compute node Non-flat Networking image conversion And more…
  7. 7. Windows Server “2012” is coming…Lots of additional opportunities to add and improve for Folsom!
  8. 8. Let’s Recap This is officially a Microsoft sponsored Project!! Dedicated MS staff to support OpenStack/Hyper-V efforts Dedicated Hardware/Network resources Initial set of features improved over previous Hyper-V functionality CI build out begining Test integration planning finalizing.
  9. 9. Post Summit additions Nova branch being created to ease our integration into Folsom. Phase one planning is finished. Infrastructure deployment to support CI effort beginning. Weekly IRC meetings:  Tuesdays 9:00am EST  Freenode: #openstack-hyper-v First community patch submitted to enable “enlighted” devices for VMs.  39323c846740c49c51292b1d06101d10eb
  10. 10. Join the Movement! Lets make Hyper-V a premiere hypervisor in Folsom Developers willing to work on extending the Hyper-V driver for nova-compute Developers willing to work on at least porting nova-network to Windows Server “8” Users willing to beta test new code, prioritize feature requests, and contribute overall feedback With a little momentum this can take off!
  11. 11. Where to get it? Will be updated as new installer and configuration information is available All other resources will stem from this one page for unity
  12. 12. How to get involved? Find one of us to chat if you have questions Check the wiki for links to etherpad/forums etc. for discussion Email us:  