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Acrl 2011 conference


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Presentation to La Trobe Library staff on ACRL conference 2011

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Acrl 2011 conference

  1. 1. Chilly Philly!
  2. 2. Central Trainstation
  3. 3. Philadelphia Convention Centre Enormous!
  4. 4.
  5. 5. ExhibitionHall
  6. 6. Roundtable discussions• 8.30 – 9.30 am and lunchtime – held on Friday• 50 tables each session – range of topics
  7. 7. Cyber-Zed Shed• Micro-presentations focusing on technology related innovations• 8.00 – 8.20 am and in 20 minute slots here & there.
  8. 8. Cyber Zed Shed• Change is Possible: Migration to Koha, an open source library catalog• Don’t Settle for Normal When There’s XtraNormal!• Gimlet: Mixing the Perfect Public Services Assessment Cocktail• Lightning Fast Interlibrary Loan• Putting the free back in library subject guides: Assessing open source alternatives to LibGuides• Reserve It with Google• Mobilize your Library: Making a Mobile Enhanced Website• QR Codes: Looking for the Tipping Point• LibAnswers: We Bought It- Now What?• Experimental iPhone and Android Apps at the University of Illinois
  9. 9. To the Cloud
  10. 10. Screencast
  11. 11. IdeaPower Unconference• Library Orientations Using Location Based Mobile Apps• Therapy Dogs - Stress free fun for everyone• Video Game Collections in Academic Libraries: Its not all fun and Games!• Collaboration with Teaching Faculty: The Five-Step Program• Using music to explain the importance of citing your resources.• Reaching for the Treetops: Digital Projects That Go Beyond the Stacks• Feeding your Subject Guide• Sharing the Wealth: Providing Library Data for Campus Mobile and Web initiatives• The Zombies Guide to Information Literacy: Pop Culture Hooks for Reaching College Students
  12. 12. Keynote speakersNot a Librarian amongst them!• Tiffany Shlain – Filmmaker, artist, internet pioneer and activist (watch her paper)• Raj Patel – author, academic and activist (watch his paper)• Jaron Lanier – computer scientist, composer, visual artist and composer (author of ‘You are not a gadget’)• Clinton Kelly – Fashion expert, author, co-host of ‘What not to wear’Find out more about the speakers at 1/program/keynotes.cfm
  13. 13. Papers• Are All Reference Interactions Created Equal? : How Gender Might Matter to Our Patrons by Beth Strickland and Jennifer Bonnet, The University of Michigan library national/2011/papers/are_all_reference.pdf
  14. 14. PapersDelivering a WOW User Experience: do academic Librarians Measure Up? By Steven Bell, Temple University national/2011/papers/delivering_wow.pdf
  15. 15. PapersHelping the Hand that Feeds You: Supporting the Research Needs of Campus Executive Officers by Karen E. Downing, Shevon Desai, and Pamela MacKintosh, University of Michigan. national/2011/papers/helping_hand.pdf
  16. 16. PapersWhen Interdependence BecomesCodependence: Knowing When and How to LetGo of Legacy Services by Mary Evangeliste andKatherine Furlong, Lafayette College
  17. 17. PosterSessions
  18. 18. Vote on the best poster
  19. 19. Civility@Our libraries – Pennsylvania State Libraries
  20. 20. Need help?
  21. 21. Reference on the Move: Using an iPad to Market Library Services and Conduct Outreach for Students and Faculty Joanna Gadsby and Shu Qian Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Roving Reference Unit The Roving Locations Allow us to take the library reference services to other busy locations on campus iPad 32G Laptop Stand Roving Wi-Fi + 3G Sign Open Space Outside of the Library, The Commons, University Roving Reference Center, Math & Psychology Building, Public Policy Building, Academic IV Building Marketing Bookmark We are sponsored byGraduate Student Association StatisticsOffice of Undergraduate Education & Log PosterDepartment of Off-Campus Student Services Events We AttendedUMBC Women’s Center Undergraduate Research Spotlights Event Events Good Morning, Commuters New Students Orientation
  22. 22. Bits &Pieces• Open source versus vendor products - chat, virtual help desk, communicator, equipment bookings• Open source - use of networks, technical support to find solutions• Abandonment of virtual desk in favour of chat, SMS• Libguides - divided opinions. Not flexible enough. Many libraries using open source - eg Word Press• Many libraries reducing face-to-face help desks or phrasing out altogether in favour of combined inquiry desk• Enhanced subject guides – video, Web 2.0, embedded chat, animation, etc.• Innovation - great examples of using web 2.0, developing apps, mobile services• Recognition to question sacred cows and legacy services• Equal parts of uncertainty and excitement about the future of our profession