Timeline part 2


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Timeline part 2

  1. 1. Christ as Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem Mihrab, Isfahan, Toltec Guardian Colossal Purse Cover, England Pantokrator, Greece Iran Atlantis, Mexico Intial R with knight Rose Window and Cathedral Reims, St. Anthony tormented Donatello, Feast of Fighting dragon, France landcets, FranceFrance by demons Herod, Italy Birth of Venus, SandroBoti Last Judgment, Michel Angelo David,M.A. The Fetus and Lining The Burial of count Orgaz Cell Buonarroti of the uterus, L. da Vinci El Greco Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Love of Gods, Annibale Still life with flowers, Et in Arcadia Ego, Nicolas TajMahal, India Tulp, Rembrandt Van Rijn Carracci Golbet, Dried Fruit, Pretzel Poussin Gopura Great Temple, Wu Zhen, Stalks of Forbidden City, Beijing Temple Vase, m Yuan Dynasty India Bamboo by a Rock
  2. 2. Tables with drawers, Ming Rent Collection, The Great Wave off Kanagawa, National Indoor Symptom, Branches, Dynasty, cared red lacquer Ye Yushan Katsushika Hokusai Olympic Stadium, Tang Kengo Tsuchiya Kimio The Swing, Jean Child in Womb, William Mrs. Richard Brinsley, Oath of the Horatii, The Pantheon, Jacques HonoreRagonard Hunter Thomas Gainsborough Jacques Louis David GermainSoufllot Ancient of Days, Paulen Borghese as Venus RueTransnoain lithograph NADAR raising Luncheon on the Grass, William Blake Antonio Canova, HonoreDaumeir photography Edouard Monet Ophelia, John Evertt Millais Rouen Cathedral, Claude At the Moulin Rouge, The Tub, Edgar The Night Café, Monet Henri de Toulouse Lautrec Degas Vincent Van Gogh Where do we come from? A Sunday on La Grande, The Basked of Apple, The Cyclops, Odilon The Cry, Edward Paul GaugainJatte, George Seurat Paul Cezanne Redon Munch
  3. 3. The Kiss, Gustav Eiffel Tower, Lotus table lamp, Louis Walking Man, Machu Picchu Klimt Alexander Gustave Eiffel Comfort Tiffany Auguste Rodin Tattoed Marque- Bisj Poles, New Red Room, Henri Mattise Improvisation 28, Wassily Fate of Animals, Franz San Warrior w/ war club Guinea Kndisnky Marc The Portuguese, Maquette for Guitar, Still life with chair caning, Woman Combing her , Dynamism of a dog on Georges Braque Pablo Picasso Pablo Picasso hair, Alexander Archipenko a leash, GiacomoBalla Armored Train, Collage Arranfed Fountain, Marcel Duchamp History is Made, Eadward The Steerage, Alfred Gino Severini According to the law of chances Muybridge Steiglitz Nude, Cadeau, Man Ray Woman with Dead Child, Object, MaretThe two Fridas, Frida Edward Weston Kathe Kollwitz Oppenheim Kahlo
  4. 4. Pianting, Joan MiroSupermatistComposition, Composition of red, Radio Tower, Berlin, Homage to the Square Kazimir Malevich. blue and yellow, Piet Mondrian LaaszloMoholy Nagy Josef Albers Shop block, Walter Gropius Villa Savoye France, Le Corbusier Kaufmann House, Frank Llyod Wright Bird in Flight, Constantin Brancusi Reclining Figure, Henry Moore Nighthawk, Edward Hopper
  5. 5. Ancient Mexico, Diego Rivera Nighthawk, Edward Sydney Opera House, Joern Big Self-Portrait, How to explain Hopper Utzon Chuck Close pictures to a dead hare Tropical Garden, Louise Vietnam Memorial, Maya Cubi XIX, David Number 1 (1950), Jackson Man Pointing, Nevelson Lin Smith Pollock Alberto Giacometti
  6. 6. Number 14, Mark Bay Side, Helen Franken Die (1962-1969), Tony Untitled, Donald Making Art with his own Rothko -thaler Smith Judd body, Kazuo Shiraga Just what Is it that makes The true artist helps Flag (1954-1955), Hopeless, Roy Green Coca-Cola, Today’s home so different the world by revealing Jasper Johns Liechtenstein Andy Warhol So appealing, Richard Hamilton mystic truths Spiral Jetty, Robert Smithson Supermarket Surrounded Islands Tilted Arcs, Richard Hysolar Institute Building, Shopper, Duane Hanson Christo& Jeanne Serra Gunter Behnisch The Walk Home, Julian Anatomy of Kimono The Dinner Party, Judy When I put my hands The homeless Schnabel Miriam Schapiro Chicago on your body projection Naim June Paik, Video Still Man She She Pink Panther, Jeff Koons Robert Arneson, Metromobiltan, From Global Groove , OnyOusler California Artist Hans Haacke
  7. 7. The Advantages of Being a Woman Artist