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2jenkinskambri exa mpremp

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2jenkinskambri exa mpremp

  1. 1. By Kambri Jenkins
  2. 2.  Use of computer software to enter and edit text
  3. 3.  Words are “wrapped around” to the next line when they do not fit on the current line
  4. 4.  Allows you to magnify and reduce the view of the document on your screen
  5. 5.  Removes toolbars, rules, and scrollbars from the view
  6. 6.  When the page is turned so that it is wider than it is tall
  7. 7.  When the page is turned so that it is taller than it is wide
  8. 8.  Appears directly below the toolbar in the worksheet; display a formula when the cell of a worksheet contains a calculated value
  9. 9.  Entry point of a worksheet; a highlighted cell is indicated by a dark border; to shade text with color to emphasize important text or graphics
  10. 10.  Area on the left side of the worksheet formula bar that identifies the cell reference of the active cell
  11. 11.  Display text at an angle within a cell a worksheet
  12. 12.  A predefined set of formatting options that have been named and saved