7 Habits of Highly Effective Buyers


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How retail chain buyers negotiate

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Buyers

  1. 1. “ 7 habits of highly effective FMCG retail buyers”
  2. 2. See these slides before every negotiation ;-))
  3. 3. “ Remember that salesman is paid for the process of selling; don’t make his life easier showing that you have already made the decision; make him to work hard to close a deal; always remember: in the very beginning of the negotiation always be sceptical, inert and hesitating; don’t show your emotions , show sceptisism” Never show enthusiasm 1
  4. 4. Always show negative reaction for the first offer “ This tactics is very effective if you use it every time you’re being offered something; never recognize that an offer made is “frankful”, “alluring”, “better than competitive’s one”; always show your astonishment and push your counterpart, using “What?!”, “You’re cheating me!!!” 2
  5. 5. “ Always on the first negotiationn ask much-much more than you really want to get; chances’re that some of these demands’re within your counterpart’s capabilities; you’ll insist on huge profits for you and if you decrease your demind slightly in a couple of nego sessions, your counterpart will be happy to agree and feel himself to be a winner” Ask for impossible things 3
  6. 6. “ An experienced negotiator never show himself to be the only decision maker; always mark that you have to get your boss aproval to make the final decision; this gives you some time to think the decision over and provides an opportunity to get back to the questions that were discussed earlier and weren’t closed” Refer to your boss 4
  7. 7. “ Ask your supplier to explain his offer and then say him that you don’t understad it; he probably will feel sorry for you and start to explain; pretending to be an idiot you can try his patience; there’s no better way to unsettle a salesman than to use this technique” Pretend to be an idiot 5
  8. 8. “ When you’re asked for a goodwill act, demand something in exchange for; “If I do it for you what will you do for me”; this approach let you close good deals without being proactive; your counterpart will know that you always ask for something in exchange for your goodwill” Don’t give anything for free 6
  9. 9. “ Remember that you may stop negotiation at any moment – just standing up and leaving the room; push you counterpart whose choice is either to make consessions or to loose his or her business with you; the most interesting thing about that’s despite of the fact that you initiate stopping negotiation the other side also feel responsibility for that; that can be a part of your bluff” Always be ready to stop negotiation 7
  10. 10. Sun-Tzi said : “ If you know him and know yourself fight hundred times without any risks; if you know yourself and don’t know him you’ll win every other time; if you know neither yourself no him every time you fight you loose”
  11. 11. www.kamblog.com www.kamblog.ru in english : in russian : FMCG Key Account Management