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Bcc company profile


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Bcc company profile

  1. 1. Baguio Country Club The Verandah Prepared by: Delim, Ronica Anne Matawaran, Ronnel Quinque, Mond Lester Ronquillo, Khim Fermhee Obidoza, Lemuel
  2. 2. I. COMPANY PROFILE A. Brief History By February, 1906, when Forbes circulated a prospectus to attract membership, the Baguio Country Club consisted of a hastily built clubhouse, a staff of one, two tennis courts, three croquet grounds, and a three-hole golf course. But Forbes prospectus promised a much grander clubhouse: one “with fine dining facilities, a bar, locker rooms, shower, reading rooms, great open fireplaces in which pine logs will crackle merrily night and day, a few bedrooms, and a billiard room.” In 1907, the Baguio Country Club Corporation was organized. This same year, links for nine holes were laid, and the tennis courts were smoothed out. In 1908, a permanent clubhouse was completed, cottages sprung up, and the most welcome news: the club started serving meals. B. Office Layout (Verandah)
  3. 3. C. Department and Offices a. Offices/Departments  Food and Beverage Division  Quality and Standard Control Department  Recreation Department  Management Information System Department  Health and Safety Committee  Security Department b. Function of Offices • Food and Beverage Division - To adhere to the clubs highest standard of excellence by providing the best quality of food and most competent service. • Health and Safety Committee - they ensure all aspects of club operations is prepared to respond to and contingency and Emergency with sole purpose of protecting and serving life properly. • Quality and Standard Control Department - They Check the quality of Food to be serve to the Customer. • Recreation Department-they provide world class recreational facilities and activities by delivering 100% customer satisfaction. • Management information System Department – the provide information Technology Solutions in most cost –effective manner and safeguard of clubs data information and put our members and guest needs above all else. • Security Department – to dedicate excellent security service and to create a safe environment in our daily operation at the club for the safety of members, guests and employees and to carry out duties with professionalism, courage and integrity.
  4. 4. c. Organizational chart d. Work Functions and Job Description • Executive Chef - He/she will approve the food menu to be served. • Chef - He/She will plan/Cook the Food to be served. • Waiter/Waitress - they will serve the food to the client; get the customer order, Dish out the orders. • QC-they will check the quality of food to be served. • Manager - the head of a department or functional area within an organization has specific responsibilities depending on the needs of his or her organization.D. Information Technology
  5. 5. • Hardware Specification o No. of Computers involve in the Restaurant :8 o Processor: Pentium 4 o Operating System: Windows XP Professional o System Manufacturer: HP o Memory:2 gig RAM• Software o Microsoft Access-it’s the software that they use to store information for their Point of sale system o Microsoft Excel• Applications o Point of Sale-The server Keep the cash, checks, and credit slips collected as payment during the shift ,as the server enters each order to the computer ,the amount of the item is automatically and immediately charge to that server account. How?  Swiping Credit Card-the server swipes the guest/member credit card through the magnetic card reader at the server terminal  Guest Signing Credit Card Guest/Member Check-A guest /Member signs the credit slip generated by the computer o Advantage of POS System: • Save steps in placing Orders • Speed up Service to the guest • Ensure accurate food and beverage preparation • Prevent confusion • Prevent pricing errors on guest checks • Produce itemized guest checks at server
  6. 6. • Generates management reportsE. Product and Services • Services o Express Service-Its main function is attending to guests needs and concerns and ensuring that such needs and concerns are addressed and acted upon immediately without delay, such as: room service, concerns on room maintenance, complaints on service, etc. They also act as concierge to handle requests of guests such as tour information, ticket reservations, and shopping and other guests errands. They also conduct social calls to billeted guests as tool in discovering the over-all guests experience. o Wine Service – Wine service is the presentation, uncorking and pouring of wine. It takes place when a customer orders a bottle of wine for the table. o Multi-tasking service- At all times, servers should be considering the needs of their tables. They should be constantly aware of whether the tables need food or drinks, if the plates need clearing, and if the patrons are ready for a check. Additionally, servers should be aware of their teammates, helping to run food or refill drinks if they could use some help. o Buffet Service – where in the costumer will be able to experience an eat all you can dining style. o Bartending Service – where the costumers will be able to request the bartender to create alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages with their specifications. o Cooking Service – where the chef prepare the meal of the costumer. o Greeting Service – staff/employees acknowledge costumers.
  7. 7. • Products o International or Foreign foods o Local or Filipino foods o Wine/beverages o BreadF. Challenges and Problems • Ensuring the quality of food and services offered by the company • Attracting customers, keeping them, service, complaint handling, and the customer experience. • Ways of attract more customers. • How to improve the way staff deals with the customers. • How to keep your food costs down. • Training programs for the employees.G. Future Plans of the Company • Sewage Treatment Plant Description: They plan to construct a sewage treatment plant wherein they will be able to recycle and reuse waste for irrigation of the Golf course. • Renovation of existing Cottages Description: replacing old log cabin and some interior improvement. • Conversion of multi-purpose hall to a Convention Center Description: To meet increasing demand on bigger function areas and be competitive to other hotels.