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A Proposal for Google (2013)


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How could Art combine with Technology ?

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A Proposal for Google (2013)

  1. 1. + God Search Images Maps Plays Youtube News GmailArt of Connecting
  2. 2. 2045But?Well, we could make technology a perfect tool if we follow the bellow mentioned law:TECHNOLOGY SHOULD NOT REPLACE HUMAN & NATUREFor example, we don’t want to cut off an injured hand and replace it with a robot handwhich is more powerful than it.But we need some help from the machine to recover ouroriginal hand.Technology should always be a tool to assist people to do something big.We need a world that values human being and our mind, a world that is fun, exciting,meaningful, creative and challenging but not a world that was possessed by technology,was stressful and meaningless.Technology today like ‘A.I’, ‘Machine Learning’ , ‘Google Now’ and robots nearly overtookhuman intelligence.It doesn’t means that these things should be wiped out, but it means that human shoulddo something bigger, something artistic, something more abstract that robot couldn’t do.We have wisdom & abundance in our inner mind that could understand and feel everythingoriginally.if everyone’s inner wisdom could be connected, everything at the outer world can bebalanced, and the world will be a better place through our heart.If we can combine with art and technology.....If Google can lead people to another level of wisdom, not only feeding informationthat was directive.......We are entering a creative and passionate world but not the world that produce anymoreThe new world that emphasizes on human mind, and let that old model collapse.Let the art and humour purify the world.Technologyis actually abeautifulcreation ofhumans.
  3. 3. Chapter‘YANG’Chapter‘YING’2 The Experiential AR Social Media- How it works ?- ‘Idea Seed’ & ‘Social Ground’ ?4 After Michael Idea got his seed+- Idea is not a secret, the secret is in the idea. just CREATE IT !- Seed+ examples6 Social game- Color the world with creative ideas8 Why do we need more ideas for the world?- People are no longer a follower, they become creators- The new born miricle world - ARTISTIC 21 CENTURY10 ‘Flower Pot’ & ‘Green House’- Cleaning, is also an action of self-reflection12 ‘Information Pot’- Info customization- Transforming info into wisdom16 AR Living Planner- Technology do the left brain work,so we can do our right brain work18 The Art of Connecting- The new Google Culture- Abundance worldTheseedofcreationPosting a wish, an idea, or anythoughts to seed+, is likeplanting a seed on a fertilesoil. With the help ofnutrients, fungus, sunshine,rain and many otherelements, the seedling willgrow out from the seed slowly,blossom and bear fruits. It willhelp your wish come true.A post in other social media,is like putting the seed into adisplay glass. It will not grow,but only for people to praiseits beauty.创作种子阳创作种子阳根静阴Contents1CHAPTEROF‘YANG’
  4. 4. An Idea Seed contains a ‘secret’ might be childishit might be abnormalit can even be evilit can be something funit can be sentimentalTHE EXPERIENTIAL AR SOCIAL MEDIAScan for video1Idea PostingPost anytime, anywhere.Bringing ideas intothe real world.2Idea StormingBrainstorm with everyoneincluded strangers.3Stories & SharingsAn idea seed will blossominto a ‘Flower Mindmap’ byconnecting idea seeds.What is the ‘Social Ground’ ?The environment around us which has a lot of‘ingredients’that nourishes the Idea SeedWhat is an ‘Idea Seed’?The seed of hope and dream is waiting to germinate from the withinthe beginning of a might look crazyWhat’s your idea...Idea’s vision or possibilities...Resources you need...Post32
  5. 5. After Michael Idea got his seed+Idea is not a secret, the secret is in the idea~New ideas, Passion, InspirationJust Post It!When the new economy was designed, the old one collapse.You will not know the secret inside the idea, until you work it out
  6. 6. Create cultures & trends/ Change a modelSeed’s broadcast extend‘An impossible idea is a stupid idea, but if there are lot of impossibleideas, the possible one became stupid. And if the whole world is filledwith impossible ideas, the world will change for them.’Play in teamDo not hesitate to post ideas that seemsto be impossible, as it could be possibleby changing a different model. You will notknow how many people out there arecrazy like you.Do not hesitate to design a Mars House,maybe your neighbour is inventing aSpace Disk that could fly to the Mars.It is also possible to make man all aroundthe world to wear skirts & dress.You can build your own model, and createa new culture or trend with this game.Dare to think big, roll your model to be aworldwide culture.‘Ideas’, ‘Thoughts’ searchSeed+ has the ability to search ideas, stories, orcomments instead of information.‘Google Search’ has general information that wasexisting and widely spread.However ‘seed+ Search’ searches personalize andabstract thoughts.Searching ideas through ‘seed+ Search’ allows youto discover different people’s hidden thoughts,cultures and background, and gives you a sense ofa new market prediction.Attached apps, websites andinformation as your amoursIt helps to enrich the social mindmap.Your missionis to customize all these virtual resources,transform them and realize it into the real world.The Mission : Open your sense and be aware! There are things that you can contributeto this society when you are walking on the street.The Vision : Color the world with your creative ideas.It represents your self-value accordingwhat you had created in your life.Additional ‘broadcast distance’, ‘mapalarm’, ‘emergency broadcast’ and etcwill be given to advance players.Level IncrementPraise given by public toyour creation to thesocietyTo kill negative creationsand spammingAn appreciate token given bypeople you had helpedEx: Helping an old man to carryhis stuff+1-1/FlagGRAND TOTAL + 369It’s not only a social media,we are creating a social gameWe will not know how powerful it is if abunch of creative players play together.Post ‘Totally Same Seed’ every 100 metersto broadcast your idea.Drop your idea seed into the ‘SeedPocket’ and broadcast it everywhere yougo.Create ‘Circle Seed’ with ‘Totally SameSeed’ and post it through G+ to broadcastinternationally.(Note: ‘Circle Seed’ will not appear in AR, and nodistance heat included)ideaideaideaideaideaideaideaideaideaideaideaideaidea idea ideaideaideaideaideaideaideaideaideaideaideaideaTheFlowerMindmap of CreationappsInfoLet more interesting event happen in the streets.Create more surprise, helping, and interactionsbetween peoples.Gaming TipsNote : Stories can happen sponteneuosly and in surprising ways, or it can be well planned to be expanded.But we encourage people to play it in leisurely. Do not be too serious!Use your natural inspirations to color the world and play with the flow.76
  7. 7. Dr. Adalbert- PsychologistJust give a piece crayon to a child, he will fill the paper with colours naturallywithout us teach him. Creativity is naturally borned with us. Everyone has thedesire to create in our inner core.But in the reality, creative people are still limited to play with their creativityin the economy model.We can observe that there are more new & creative businessmodel nowadays. But we need something MORE than businessmodel.We still have to remain our daily work as we have many thing to learn fromit. But don’t forget to play and be crazy as it will bring you to another level.The devil is inside the details, but don’t forget the god is out of the box!We need more ideas from our right brain for the world! Ideasthat came from our inner mind, ideas that naturally paint like achild, ideas that have no logic but with feelings.And now, seed+ is a tool for us to paint any ideas and thoughts like a childfrom our ‘inner painting desire’.‘It has a different model for the corporate world. It istotally upside down. The people are leading thecompanies!It is possible for companies to registered with Google,to find advance players as their ‘CSR Angels’. As the‘CSR Angels’ have created a lot of creative stories forthe society, the companies can support them and givethem funding to make better stories, or they cansponsor their products for them to make their productmore experiential.‘The unique thing of seed+ is that people are proud toshare everything in their life. Creators like to share ideamore than to keep things private’. Eventhough some ofthe stories they created has failed, but it is still worth toshare with people that wanted to learn from yourexperience.’‘seed+ is for people who love to explore, to adventure,and to create. If you prefer to be emotional, to gossip,and to complain, maybe other social networking sites is abetter place. Thus, those social medias shareperceptions, but seed+shares experience.’The ‘Flower Mindmap’ represents your creation andstories in your life. Besides that, it is a social intersectionand a creation created by everyone who participated in it.The difference of seed+ with other social medias is that,their post, their tweet , their wall belongs to the owner.But seed+’s flowers are belong to the ‘Social Ground’ ,Is it possible for the world to stop using GDP but GDC ( Gross Domstic Creation )? Is itpossible to break the limitation of marketing to make more inventions happen? Is there a‘model’ of art break away from the attachment of commercial? I really have no idea aboutit, but I am very curious!I believe that human living together has a ‘mysterious secret’ within it. We are like a pondof clear water, as ideas intersect with each other like ripple effect. Every individual is allowto create their own world, and we share the whole world. We are no longer like the ‘hardmud model’. The ‘secret’ will ascend within through these ripples. A miricle world has tobe born soon.Mr. Mark(Marketing Consultant)A good idea has the ability to serve different fields. Companies can design challenges forseed+ players. They have to come out with ideas that can target certain numbers of +1from different fields, such as 250 from business people, 350 from people who was involvedin art, 100 from environmental protection field and etc. Well, Google has the statistic forthis. Or sometimes we crowd source ideas from them. It is very helpful for us to receiveideas from different fields and from different point of view.I know, this is just the beginning. We will have a lot more to change and to work on in ourstrategies in the future. That is crazy!’‘seed + made my day difficult... ’‘I like to create. That is my life! I don’t want to spendmy life infront of the computer. I want to dosomething for the world. I like to help people. Thisis the value of life! I use my creativity to color up mylife. Then I use my life to color up the world, I amjust doing what I liked, not to praise anyone, this isso fantastic!Everytime I look back to those ‘Flowers’ that Iplanted, I think they are so beautiful! I am veryproud of what i have done in my life. I am so excitedto watch them grow and blossom, just like bringingup a baby. You won‘t know how it will grow, you justknew it will ~Seed+ is a stage of life. I write my own life script,and I act it out without holding anything back, toshare my life stories to my friends, family, andeveryone.’Why do We Need More Ideas forthe World?Jack- Seed+ Player8 9‘People are no longer a follower, they become creators.’
  8. 8. When the seed is stick in the reality world (Social Ground), it will synchronize and show upin your virtual ‘Green House’. In the Green House, Idea Seed will wait in the ‘WaitingFunnel’ first. Later on it depends on how the user is going to separate the Idea Seeds intodifferent ‘Flower Pots’. The big ‘Flower Pot’ can be broken down into smaller ones; itdepends on the user’s decision. User can observe how their seeds grow through these‘Flower Pots’.User can arrange their ‘Flower pots’ according to their own ways like how theyarrange their life.It could be arranged the form of ‘Wheel Chart’. We differentiate our life into differentcategories such as finance, career, health, spirit, family and love; design a circle using allthese categories and rate them. We can observe and create a balance of our life. (When around shape appears in the chart, it means your life is moving forward smoothly)The ‘Green House’ is a plain board for people to designtheir personal lifestyle.Waiting FunnelGreen HouseFlower pot Flower pot Flower potGreen HouseFamilyFriendsWorkRelatiopshipSpiritVision362746根静阴CHAPTER OF ‘YING’The silent rootCleaning, is also an action of Self-Reflection• The ‘Flower Mindmap’ is like the neurons inour brain, it will develop & extend as one’scharacter.• Our attitude and habits will decide ourcreations & outcome.• The ‘Flower Mindmaps’ reflects our attitudeand habitsYou created quality story or quantity stories?How many of your seeds didn’t grow?How hot can your flower heat be?Multiculture or monoculture?International or local?Are you an original creator or a follower?How many of your seeds are similar tothe other seeds around the world?What kind of idea you often post?Are you changing your thoughts after years?• If the plant is dying, wise people will not fixthe flower, but they observe it, and work onthe root.• Some believe cleaning your room will changeyour life1110
  9. 9. [ I experiment with these information and build itinto something new using my imagination ][ I will attach my research information into mycreations ][ I collect relevant information and sometimes itwill become something new ][ Sometimes I will collect different people’sperceptions towards a same issue to makecomparison ][ Different people will create different experienceusing the same information ][ Different people interpret a same knowledgedifferently ][ Let negotiations and discussions happentowards an object ][ I learn something new anytime & anywhere ][ Web attachment attracts more information ]idea seedidea seedidea seedidea seedidea seedinfo seedinfo seedIssueperception1perception6perception2perception3perception4perception5perception1perception1perception1perception2perception2perception2 perception3perception3experienceexperienceexperienceexperienceinfo seedinfo seedinfo seedinfo seedinfo seedinfo seedinfo seedinfo seedinfo seed- The Curious GuyWe can interpret any information through our imaginationThere is no final answer at the end there are nothing right or wrong...Most people will stop writing diary when they grewup, and will ask the purpose of writing it. Butsomething interesting is, we actually recordeverything we did to the universe, then it gave usfeedback and it will be presented in our life. Weare like the pen, the world is the paper, and our lifeis like the words in the diary that shows theoutcome. Well, writing diary is just inserting our lifeonto the paper and it helps us to understand theprocess of our life. Or it can be said as acommunication between your inner heart and theouter world.I use seed+ as an ‘Interactive Diary’ to recordeverything in my life. Besides that, I use it to studymyself, experiment my life, design my life story anddecide how the script goes. I will not allow my lifeto stop at a certain level but I will keep expandingthe edge of my limits. This diary allows us to drawa world that own by ourselves. Because we haveWhen someone tell me something interesting, I will Explore, Experience, and Experimentit myself.I will collect their words as a starting seed into an ‘Information Pot’ only, and these seedswill blossom through my exploration journey, and it will become a story of mine.I don’tbelieve ininformationI even don’t believe in my own thoughtsI don’t believe in words that people saysWhy does people write journals and diary?IMAGINATION IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN KNOWLEDGEI don’t believe what I see through my eyesthe right to see the world in our own way. You willfind a lot of happy little things in your life, even ifyou have Apophysis behind your back. You candefine it as ‘the wings of an angel’, because it ispart of you. But you won’t find happiness if you arefollowing other people’s perceptions. Apophysis isjust a disease for you. Feel thankful for every littlesteps you took, for eating a piece of bread, or forsitting on a toilet bowl, as you may create your ownbeautiful world.It will be a beautiful combination that you explorethe outer world, at the same time communicatewith your inner-self by writing journal and diaryWith seed+, I can also produce my own magazine.I am the reporter that travel to different places,arrange those pictures and stories using the‘Flower Pot’, and share them with my friends.Scan here for video:1312
  10. 10. With these informationthat I can get from theinternet, I know theworld like i know theback of my hand.I am filled withjunk information.Why do I need tolearn so manythings?We have alreadydone so manycampaigns, butthe world is stillso terrible.How couldthis peoplebe sotalented!?‘seed+’+ Google Search = Knowledge + Action + Imaginations =Wisdom‘seed+’+ Google Search = Knowledge + Action + Imaginations =Wisdominformation are like tetris. If it was not received wisely, it will burden you. Orelse you can accept the right information, fit them into your experience, andeven build new shapes with them.Human likes to define everything, and we keep on proving something. But, sometimes these thingsdo not need to mean anything, you just need to experience them. We are determined to definethe taste of the food, or to find meaning in a story. But why should we? If everything wereconcentrated into words or perceptions, do you think the world will be fantastic and abundance?We need other people’s knowledge to break our perception, but not copying their perceptions.When two person have the same experience, they do not need to communicate with words,because they both understood something beyond words in their heart. We can let go of ourperception and let the nature to teach us the truth.Google has the ability to educate people to create stories, but not shaped by informationThey don’t feed their user like babies anymore, but train them as an ‘info artist’, to make billions ofusers to become their partners. And so, Google do not need to customize information for theirusers, as these users’ imagination will fix the puzzle by themselves!In the future, who knows whether knowledge will only be a teaching material in the education field,but students have to use their imaginations to convert their knowledge into something new, andteachers are not allowed to instill their self- perceptions?And is it possible for Google to be the leader in leading the future web developers to anotherlevel?I gain opportunity tosee the tiny little thingsthat I can improve inthe imperfect world Ithink people should acttheir campaignsinstead of campaigntheir act.How could I be morecreative at what I dobest?I am literally searchingfor more information,exploring is darn cool!The quotes from thegreat man becomemore meaningfulwhile I am practicingthem in the reality.Crowded with information and hardly potrait the realityShape by info, stuck in perceptionsReal time information in the realityUse imagination to mould info, create new stories1514
  11. 11. NO DELAY RECORDG.CLICKG.DRAWAUTO MAP & CALENDAR RECORD( time , location )Technology do the left brain work,so we can do our right brain workSeed+ is not only for social, it can also be used for my PRIVATE PLANNINGSI can bring my whole ‘Room’ out to the streetthat’s my - - AR Living PlannerI enjoy interactions with peopleWaiting FunnelGreen House Private Green House(AR Living Planner)Flower pot Flower pot Flower pot Flower pot Flower pot(editable)(not editable)Flower potseed+calendar & maptimelocationSeed Pocket Social GroundG+ (circle seed) Search (info seed )apps & webs attachedI enjoy the 3 dimension world,not the 2 dimension screen anymoreIN (idea note)LP (living planner)PC (preset calculator)VR (virtual room)QRAP (QR auto preset)INTEGRATED SOCIAL CALENDARFUTURE PREDICT CALENDARTIME SHARINGBIG VIEW CALENDARSeed+1.0OSdiagram1716
  12. 12. In the future, if you hear people saying ‘Google me’, or ‘Go Google the world’it is not only about exploring information in the virtual world, butyou will have to BE SPONTENEOUS, BE EXPERIENTIAL &GO TO CREATE SOMETHING TO EXPLORE THE SECRET WITHINThis is the new Google Culture ~The way we shape our tools, will shape ourselvesWe can design an artistic world by openning our sensesThe more we open, the more abundance the worldTHE ART OF CONNECTING- a more integrated connectionThe nature is like a big computer. When I exhale, I input to its system;When I inhale, the system is like wanting to tellmy heart something.I can feel my body is a part of the universe. Everytime when I connectmyself to it, my body will dance without my control.The only phrase I want to describe about art is - just do itAlexender. E - Theatre DancerDr. Wu – Chinese Medicine PractitionerBruce Zhang - Wing Chun MasterWe cannot teach Chinese Kung Fu by words or techniques. It has a deep spiritinside. You have to open your senses and feel it.Dont think. Feel!Its like a finger pointing to the moon.Dont concentrate on the finger or youll miss all that heavenly glory.PROJECTION FROM INNER WORLD TO THE OUTER WORLDBUTTERFLY EFFECTOUTERWORLDSPOOKY ACTION-AT-A-DISTANCE - QUANTUMENTANGLEMENTINNERMINDCREATINGContribute to the real worldCLOUDINFORMATIONsearch, apps, websinspiratonMESSAGE FROM THE NATUREexperience fromthe outer worldAR LIVING PLANNERATTITUDE &BEHAVIOURresult & return of creation & actionlearn from creation & actionWISDOMself-reflection reportGREEN HOUSESELF-VALUEunderstoodeverythingfromthebeginningSOCIALIZING WITH seed+Socializing with peoplelearn from mistakelife arrangementMr. Miller - Managing DirectorPeople asked me how can I manage so many thingsand memorize them ?Well, I told them that I am just putting the right things atthe right place, then it will run automatically by itself. Idon’t even have to memorize things, as putting them in theright place is already a memory storage.My ideas come when I am walking,but not when I am sitting and thinking.Michael Idea - The WalkerTCM is based on a fundamental theory of Yin and Yang and FiveElemental phases, as if the human body is a small version of theuniverse.In diagnosis, instead of using a process of elimination to narrowdown to a single problem area, TCM considers the body as awhole and identifies the imbalance, excess or deficiency todetermine which organ or organs are affected.
  13. 13. NEXT CHAPTERA.techA new form of technology that can non stop producing ideasArtech MagazineArtech Magazine can deliver to your mailbox, your home or your office everyyear for only *$0.99 a year.$0.99per yearEmail this form tokamaaragon@gmail.comThe top - bottom point ofviewA most authoritativenessworld stageMaking the world a bigseminar roomA big virtual statisticboard for ideas graffitiMake countries intoteams to play a worldgameCulture sharingExperience variousfestivals from all over theworld togetherBalance within the spiritof asian culture withwestern cultureThe Sun Light阳光God’sMessageTo Google:Who am i? Why I propose? How I get this idea?I am not from any I.T background, but a guy that involves in events, drama theatre, bboying. And my name isChong Xuan Shan, aka Kama, Malaysian Chinese.This was my first time stepping into technology field, but after I had started brainstorming with my IT friend anddo some research of it, I found this is a very interesting field, and I am like stepping into a whole new world thatfar away from what I had thought before.As I found there are a lot of possibilities in the technology field, and almost anything could be happen in thefuture, but we have to know what we really need for a better future. Thus, I am not proposing a new technologyhere, but a new fantastic world with a crazy thought of combining technology and art, culture. And that is thereason I try to use ‘parody’ and ‘magazine’ method to express some abstract ideas.I first have this sudden idea since last year (2012) March, but I am handling an event job on that time, and can’tdo anything about it. But little ideas keep pop up from my mind, and I have a notebook ever ready in my bagto record it down. There are a lot of impacts that inspired my ideas, like my friend wanted to start a project butlack of resources, methods and supports, and also saw a lot of little things can be changed to be better bycreative ways. But one of the main reason is I am interested to discover about ‘Ideas, art, brainstorming’, andI have a vision to create an artistic world. So I decided to really start this insane project in September.By the way, the environment in my country is more conservative, new ideas are hardly being accepted here.And, although we have 5 main races living together in this country, but we have serious separation betweenraces, and strong self-perceptions within each other that made people and culture hardly connected (due tolot of other issues like politics, educations…). Other than that, there are a lot of creative and talented artisthere, but do not have good platforms and support from the environment and government, and they are alsolack of management and marketing knowledge to build their own career. A lot of creativity are wasted here.However, this country is still a very beautiful place. In the other hand, it has variety cultures here. It is veryinteresting if we are willing to discover the inner spirits in these variety Asia cultures, they have a lot of wisdomand ideas inside.This was a challenging project for me as a lot of things were my first time doing it, such as magazine design,self-directed and acting and etc, but the most challenging part was in English and writing, so I hope you guyswill forgive for the poor language. By the way I really appreciate that a lot of my friends are helping me ‘involunteer’ for this insane project! I really don’t know what will be next for this thing, but I will keep going forother projects and discover the ‘secret’ of ‘ideas, arts, brainstorm’.I just can’t fill every detail in this 28 page magazine, but hope it will stimulate new inspirations for Google.Appreciate!From a Google fanChong Xuan Shan aka Kamakamaaragon@gmail.comThis magazine is not a published magazine, it is a ‘parody magazine’ foronly proposing purpose, and all rights belong to their respective owners!
  14. 14. Rain clouds that carrying hidden informationin the water molecules from around the world.Inspiration Water Machine – An advance technology thatcan bring out hidden message in the water crystal.Inspiring Bathtub – Bath & feel theworld’s message to gain inspirations.Inspiring Drinking waterWater wireless – Advance technology thatable to interpret vibration of the universe.Water Display – A magic screen displays imagesthat will interact with viewer’s thoughts.Crystal Ball Storage - a crystal ball with liquid in it,like a storage device, for its owner to bring it outeverywhere and download his/her experience?Emotional speaker – A speaker with a stylus thatcan read water vibration that sense the energy and atmospherein the room and automatically compose music.Broadcasting tree – You can express your emotion or wishes throughthe water microphone and it will broadcast to the universe.Water Microphone2045Technology that against the law of naturevsTechnology that flow with the nature