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Shipping Management Expert System


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Our presentation of shipping management system.

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Shipping Management Expert System

  1. 1. Shipping Management Expert System Specialized ERP systemModule: Financial Management, HR, Purchasing In the Guidance of Sir Imran Malik Presented by Afzal Hussain – Zeeshan Umer - Kamal Panhwar
  2. 2. Content• Introduction to Group• About ERP system• SES ERP• Component of ERP• Operations• Human Resources• Purchasing• Chartering• Financial• Part of Financial• Detail discussion, snapshot of Software• Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction to GroupOur group is consist of Three personsAfzal HussainHe is working on actual system, which is presented in this presentation.He is working in PNSC and Shipping Expert System (SES) is installedin PNSCZeeshan UmarHe have done internship in this system, currently working in TelenorPakistan, he has broad knowledge about implementing ERP systems.Kamal PanhwarI have worked on different database application in Travel andPharmaceutical Sector. Accounting system is my favorite so I selectedFinancial part of this ERP. During my MBA in MIS I studied FinancialAccounting and Financial Management recently.
  4. 4. What is ERP?DefinitionIt is a company-wide computer software system used to manage andcoordinate all the resources, information and functions of business fromshared data stores.Latest ERP systemsConsist of integrated suite of software modulesWhich support the basic internal business processes of a companyToday the most ERP software provide Business Intelligence feature forleveraging ERP database into Decision Support System, because decisionmakes need to analyze company’s performance to prepare appropriateactions.It usually more based on advance central database, created which can caterall other module and focus on sharing of database.Examples of ERPSAP, Oracle Financial, PeopleSoft, OpenERP etc.
  5. 5. Shipping Expert System & SES ERPSHIPMANAGEMENT EXPERT SYSTEM S.A, Greece based is a softwarehouse specializing in the development and worldwide distribution of Shippingand Logistics Software Application globally.SES ERP is major software of SES. It is designed to cover all functions andoperational aspect of every department in a ship management or shippingrelated company. It has flexible integration of all procedures it provides foreasy, synchronized communications and total control of the entire companyand the vessels.TechnologyIt is based in Microsoft technology, using VB.Net developing language forfrontend and Microsoft SQL Server for backend.
  6. 6. Component of ERPFollowing are components/Modules in SES ERP• Technical• Human Resources• Operations• Chartering• Purchasing• System Admin• SES – Comm• Q. Control ISM• Financials•
  7. 7. Technical ModuleIt supports the Technical Department in the performancemonitoring/Analysis, historical records of a vessel/otherequipment.• Parametric definition of equipment, items, measurements and readings• Definition of low and high threshold for each measurement.• Historical records for auditing purposes• Detailed reporting on miles, RPM, average slip and running hours• Engine performance analysis• A link with SES-Maintenance and Condition Monitoring• A link with SES-Marine consumables for consumptions and ROB’s of bunkers, lubricants, chemicals and water
  8. 8. Human ResourcesHuman Resources(SES Crew Management)has following options• Comprehensive framework for managing all crew related information• Integration of all seamen activities, it help in cost control• Creation of comprehensive profile, basic personal details, assessment, certificated, medical reports.• Crew Lists per vessel, Projections of requirements, availability• Payroll management
  9. 9. OperationsThe Operation Module provide help to Officers/Engineers toorganize information of vessel’s operations.• Noon Position Report (including RPM, Speeds, Consumptions, Weather Reports, etc.)• Arrival Information• Waiting Information• In Port/Canal Operations including Statement of Facts, Delay Reports)• Departure Information• Cargo Damages• Stevedore Damages• Time Sheet Analysis
  10. 10. CharteringSES chartering is designed for fast and efficient voyageestimation capacity.On a trip or time charter basisIt has about 1500 reports1.6 million distances already enteredCapability to add and edit more distancesSensitivity analysis for swift on-line negotiationsProvide full voyage estimate printing and copyingoption
  11. 11. PurchasingSystem provide facility of Purchasing andprocurement of spare parts.• Requisition Generation• Placement of the orders/Delivery• Assignment of Suppliers/Entry of prices• Auto-evaluation and inventory with stock control• Compare overall or per item prices online• Outstanding requisitions, orders and partial deliveries.• Parametric definition of the coding structure• Unlimited cataloging.
  12. 12. Other ModulesDocument control and repository systemSystem to link MS word files to organize and easy quickreference to procedures and manuals.• System AdminUtilities to run system smoothly and Administrate all rights,options and database backups.• SES – CommProvide options to link system with networks/branches• Q. Control ISMWindows based application, to line up organization with Qualitycontrol, quality Management, ISM code and ISO.
  13. 13. FinancialMy group assign me Financial systemSES-Marine Accounting and Financial is globallyacknowledged as the benchmark financial system andis widely accepted by all major Auditors as complyingwith International Accounting Practices.It support all financial information of maritime companyIt helps daily operations of the Accounting Departmentin the most efficient and effective ways.It has option of Budget for each profit & Loss accountas per requirementOptions for running expenses, vessel’s voyageexpenses, vessel’s or company income as well OfficeAdministrative expenses.
  14. 14. FinancialSES-Marine Accounting and FinancialGlobally Acknowledge as benchmark FinancialSystem.Accepted by all major auditorsSupport all financial information of maritime companyDaily operations of Accounting DepartmentsBudget for each profit and Loss accountRunning expensesVessel voyage expensesMultiple Currency functioningMultilingual
  15. 15. Main Menu of Financial ModuleThis is main Menu of software
  16. 16. Accounting Cycle OutputThe Accounting cycle give output to Internal Reporting andexternal reporting
  17. 17. Journal EntriesFirst step in Financial is to Analyze transaction and input as aJournal entry.
  18. 18. Trial BalanceAfter all transaction, to check Accounting Equation, trial balance isbasic step, which usually is calculated automatically, and can bechecked anytime in system.
  19. 19. List of Accounting ReportsThis produce huge number of accounting report, specially Trialbalance, ledger, Control account ledger etc.
  20. 20. Open Account AnalysisThis option opens up window of Open Account Analysis.
  21. 21. Budgeting OptionBudgeting allow use to define budget figures for each account. Itcan be defined on the accounts related to vessel’s runningexpenses.
  22. 22. Running Expenses AnalysisSoftware have capability to provide real time information ofRunning Expenses.
  23. 23. Cash FlowCash Flow statement summarizes a company’s cash flows for aperiod of time.
  24. 24. Balance SheetIt is statement which shows all asset, liabilities and otherinformation of company in glance.
  25. 25. Profit & LossLike balance sheet, Profit & Loss shows companies profit andloss details.
  26. 26. ConclusionSES although seem very simple software with old interface, but itis actually built by using very detail study of process and workflow of Marine Industry.It provide detail real time information of expenses on vessel,spare part, and repairing/maintenance issues.Financial system is also very good and has huge number ofautomatic reports.It is very mature and famous system in industry to manage marinebusiness.Company focus on only Marin industry, so their expertise in thisfield have brought up this excellent solution.