Eng 103 how to write compare and contrast essays


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Eng 103 how to write compare and contrast essays

  2. 2. WE ARE… Sharmin Akter Rita Reg. No.: 13116001 Nafis Kamal Reg. No.: 13116003 Tasneem E Zannat Reg. No.: 13116004 Tasrul Jahan Daizy Reg. No. : 13116005
  3. 3. What is comparison and contrast?  Comparison shows how two or more things are similar.  Contrast shows how two or more things are different.  In most writing situations, the two related processes are used together  An analogy explains one thing by comparing it to a second, more familiar, thing
  4. 4. Useful when comparing and contrasting only two things. Venn diagram
  5. 5. Establishing a basis for comparison  The two things to be compared must have enough in common to justify the comparison.  In making comparisons, you should move beyond the obvious .  When two things are very similar, it is the contrasts that may be worth writing about.
  6. 6. Searching points for discussion  Determine your emphasis on similarities, differences, or both.  Determine the major focus of your paper.  Make sure you treat the same or similar elements for each subject you will discuss  Do not discuss entirely different elements for each subject. Similarities Differences Kinds technologically advanced Promotion big budget Use the latest technology Subject Popularity Time duration Bollywood and Hollywood Movies
  7. 7. Comparison and Contrast Transitions  Also  By the same token  In comparison  Likewise  Similarly  Although  But  Even though  However  In contrast  On the contrary  On the other hand  Yet Comparison Transitions Contrast Transitions
  8. 8. Structuring a Comparison and Contrast Essay  The body of the essay can be organized many Structure. We will look at two organizational styles. 1. Structure: Subject by Subject 2. Structure: Point by Point
  9. 9.  Write a separate essay about each subject, but you discuss the same points for both subjects.  Use basis for comparison to guide your selection of points.  Arrange points in logical order, usually order of importance.  Good for short, uncomplicated papers. Essay Organization Structure: Subject by Subject
  10. 10. Essay Organization Structure: Subject by Subject
  11. 11.  Good for longer, more complex papers  Make a point about one subject, and then follow it with a comparable point about the other subject.  Alternating pattern  Be careful not to fall into a monotonous, back and forth movement between points. To avoid this problem, vary sentence structure as you move from point to point. Essay Organization Structure: Point by Point
  12. 12. Essay Organization Structure: Point by Point
  13. 13. Let’s look at an essay on “Bollywood and Hollywood Movies”
  14. 14. Bollywood and Hollywood Movies  Kinds  Promotion  Use the latest technology  Popularity  technologically advanced  big budget  Subject  Time duration Similarities Differences
  15. 15. The Introduction Entertainment is perhaps deemed a necessary psychological need for humans. Now, Bollywood and Hollywood movies are two most popular source of Entertainment. However, many people watch Hollywood movies, although there are many people like to watch Bollywood movies as source of entertainment. In this essay I will write about the similarities and differences between Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Introduces the topic and general information The specific things that will be compared. It also gives the writer’s opinion about the topic
  16. 16. Similarities There are some imperative similarities between Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Firstly, both of them make all kinds of movies such as action, romance, drama, and comedy. Secondly, both Hollywood and Bollywood highly promote their films and stars. Another similarity is that both of them use the latest technology in the movies world. Moreover, these are very popular around the world. Introduces the similarities specific examples of the Similarities
  17. 17. Differences Although there are similarities but there are also a lot of differences. The first difference is that Hollywood films are more technologically advanced compared to Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies have a much bigger budget than Bollywood movies. Secondly, Hollywood tackles various themes and issues, some bordering on human sensitivity and reality. On the other hand Bollywood is centered on family, drama, and music. Thirdly, the Hollywood movies are shorter than Bollywood movies. specific examples of the differences Introduces the differences
  18. 18. Conclusion All in all, most movies, especially Bollywood and Hollywood movies, gives viewers a lot of pleasure. The viewers of these movies also get knowledge about Bollywood and Hollywood culture and latest technology of science and others. That is possible because of Bollywood and Hollywood movies are so popular around the world. Restates the topic and main ideas The Writer’s opinion A final thought about the topic
  19. 19. Thank You !!