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Facebook money

  1. 1. How to Make $100 a Day on Facebook! Facebook Money – Version 1.4You‟re about to discover the quickest, easiest way to make money online.Just follow the steps outlined in this report and you can easily make $100 aday on Facebook in the next 30 days!Table of Contents Why It‟s so Easy to Make Money on Facebook .......................................... 2 The Secret Formula for Online Success ..................................................... 2 How to Make Money on Facebook ............................................................ 4 Step #1: Select a Market and Products to Sell ........................................ 5 Step #2: Create a Facebook Account...................................................... 7 Step #3: Create a Fan Page .................................................................... 9 Step #4: Activate the Fan Page Traffic System Facebook App ............ 13 Step #5: Create an Incentive Offer ....................................................... 14 Step #6: Create a Viral Fan-Getting Machine ...................................... 20 Step #7: Post Regular Status Updates.................................................. 23 Step #8: Set Up Facebook Events ........................................................ 24 Step #9: Set Up Facebook Ad Swaps ................................................... 28 Step #10: Buy Hundreds of Fans for $5 ............................................... 29 Conclusion ............................................................................................... 30
  2. 2. Why It’s so Easy to Make Money on FacebookThere are over 600,000,000 active users on Facebook and roughly300,000 people join Facebook every day. That means 300,000 NEWpotential customers for you EVERY DAY!If you follow the steps in this report, you can start making money in 24hours with but a FREE Facebook™ account!And the cool thing is:  You dont need a product  You dont need a website  You dont need an email list  You dont need any experienceYou just need to FOCUS on the #1 way to get FREE traffic from socialmedia and that, my friend, is Facebook™.Seriously, Facebook gets more traffic than Google and has over 600million members who regularly log in to interact. Its a virtual GOLDMINEfor Internet marketers who know how get traffic from Facebook and thenturn all that traffic into cold hard cash!The Secret Formula for Online SuccessIm about to let you in on a HUGE secret that most marketers completelyignore. Most marketers talk about traffic and conversions. And it‟s true, ifyou send traffic to an offer that converts, you will make money!
  3. 3. Traffic is the number of people who visit a website. Conversion is thepercentage of visitors who buy on that website. So if 100 people visit awebsite and 3 of them buy, that‟s a 3% conversion rate.But what‟s more important than the conversion of an offer is the visitorvalue or Earnings Per Click.So the "secret" formula for online success is: P ÷ C = EPC Profit Clicks EPCEarnings Per Click (EPC) is the average amount earned per click. So if 100people click on your affiliate link and you make 3 sales, and the commissionfor each sale is $20, then your EPC would be 60¢.Total profit: $60EPC: $60 ÷ 100 clicks = 0.60 or 60¢ per visitor.So making money as an affiliate involves more than just finding places topromote your link. What you want to do is increase your EPC so you makemore money from all the traffic you‟re going to get.If you send 80 visitors to a sales page that converts at 5% and pays you $20in commission, you‟ll make four sales, which is $80 or $1 per visitor (EPC).In this case, you make more money from fewer visitors because theconversion rate is higherAnd there are additional factors the affect your EPC including the quality ofthe traffic, the price of the offer, and the backend marketing.
  4. 4. Quality or „targeted‟ traffic is a group of people who are specificallyinterested in the topic related to your offer. You wouldn‟t create a Fan Pageabout baseball and then try to get people interested in video games to likeyour page. And you wouldn‟t try to sell them products related to makingmoney online.The price of the offer can also make a huge impact on your EPC. If you send100 visitors to a $197 offer that converts at 2% and pays 50%, you‟ll make$197 and $1.97 per click.Backend marketing means selling additional products to the samecustomers. So if you send 100 visitors to a product with a front-end offerpriced at $37, pays 60% commission, and converts at 3%, your EPC is 67¢from 100 visitors. But if 33% of them buy the upsell at $97, your EPC jumpsto $1.24. That‟s a 185% increase in profit!So to make money online, you need to drive targeted traffic to offers thatgive you the highest earnings per click.To make $100 per day, you just need to send 200 visitors per dayto an offer that generates 50¢ per visitor. It’s that simple!That‟s what‟s so cool about Facebook. You can target your audience bysearching for keywords related to your topic and then get them into yournetwork. Then you can use your Facebook account, Facebook Pages, andFacebook Events to promote your offers!How to Make Money on FacebookNow that you understand what it takes to make $100 a day, I‟m going showyou how to achieve that goal by using Facebook to drive targeted traffic tohigh-converting offers.Let‟s go through the system step-by-step…
  5. 5. Step #1: Select a Market and Products to SellThe first step is to select a market for your Facebook account and findproducts to sell. The ClickBank MarketPlace has thousands of products topromote and many of them pay 50% to 75% commission.In the screenshot below, you can see the categories on the left. Eachcategory is a market. Click a category to reveal sub-categories and then lookfor products to sell. Higher gravity (Grav) means that a lot of affiliates aremaking money on that product, but it also indicates a lot of competition.Also note the highlighted link to the affiliate tools page.
  6. 6. If you click the Health & Fitness category, you‟ll see multiple niche marketswithin that market. We call these “sub-niches.”
  7. 7. So you could create a Facebook account for the Health & Fitness marketand then create Fan Pages for each sub-niche.Step #2: Create a Facebook AccountGo to http://facebook.com and set up a separate Facebook account formarketing purposes only. You need a separate email address for eachFacebook account you create. You will have to confirm your email addressto activate your Facebook account. Just click the confirmation link andyou‟re ready to go.
  8. 8. Note: Facebook does not allow multiple account. But they don‟t stop youeither. No one knows exactly how Facebook monitors accounts. So this isntofficial advice. But here are the facts. 1. Facebook is all about family. So if you have 6 people in your family, they all share the same IP (computer network) and Facebook will has to allow them to sign up. There is no way to know what the limit is or if there is a limit. 2. You dont have to verify your account to use it. However, you have to deal with random Captcha verification while you‟re working on Facebook. Phone verification also allows you to have a username and post to your wall from your phone. 3. You can pay someone at Fiverr.com to create a phone verified account for $5. Just search for "create facebook account" 4. You can have multiple pages per account. For example, you could create an account in the health and fitness niche and then create one page for weight loss, one for nutrition, one for spiritual health, etc.
  9. 9. Step #3: Create a Fan PageOnce you‟re logged into your Facebook account, click „Ads and Pages‟. Thenclick „Create Page‟.Or you can go directly to http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php.You‟ll see six different options:
  10. 10. If you‟re promoting a product as an affiliate, then select „Brand or Product‟and complete the form.Click „Get Started‟ and you‟ll immediately see your new page.
  11. 11. The next step is to add an image that is relevant to the product you‟repromoting. The image should be a JPG file (filename.jpg). If it‟s a GIF orPNG, Facebook will convert it to JPG and it will be blurry.For this example, I uploaded an ecover graphic of a free report.You can use any image as long as it‟s relevant to the product you‟repromoting. You can find images http://www.google.com/images orhttp://www.bing.com/images. But make sure they are not copyrighted.
  12. 12. Just enter keywords in the search box to find hundreds of images:You can also find free, public domain images at http://publicphoto.org andwww.publicdomainpictures.net.Right click the image to download it to your computer and then upload toyour Facebook page.
  13. 13. Step #4: Activate the Facebook iFrame AppClick here to activate the app and then click „Add to My Page‟.Now when you visit your page, you‟ll see a new menu item in the sidebar:
  14. 14. Step #5: Create an Incentive OfferYou want to get as many fans as possible. So you need to offer visitors anincentive (free report, audio, video, etc.) to „Like‟ your page.You can use our software to create a Fan Page. Here‟s what your page willlook like before someone clicks the „Like‟ button:
  15. 15. Here‟s what it will look like after they click the „Like‟ button:If you‟re an upgraded member, you can use our software to create FanPages for any product or service.Here‟s an example of a page we created to give away a free report:
  16. 16. After they click the „Like‟ button, they immediately see this:Notice the small link to download the report and the big banner advertisingan affiliate program. You can also add an opt-in form to capture leads!Every time someone clicks the „Like‟ button on your page, their friends arenotified and they find out about your page as well. Your page also appearsin their „Likes‟ on their Facebook Profile and their friends can see your Pagetoo. When they like or comment on one of your Page‟s updates, that updateis also seen in their friends newsfeed!So every time you make a status update you‟re potentially reaching anentire network of friends and fans. And as your fan base grows, thatnetwork grows too.So imagine if you had 1,000 fans on your Facebook Page and each of thosefans had 100 friends. That‟s a huge network of 100,000 people that you canreach by simply by posting status updates on your Facebook Page Wall!
  17. 17. Click the link on the home page to create an Affiliate Fan Page. If you‟re anupgraded member you can click the „Facebook Pages‟ tab to createunlimited custom fan pages. There is a separate tutorial for each one.
  18. 18. Next, click „Edit Info‟ and enter the „Basic Information‟ about the Page:Further down the page, you can also enter the products you sell or promoteas an affiliate and your links.
  19. 19. Next, click on the „Wall‟ tab, and add a short welcome message to introduceyour new page and link to your site. Include http:// to make it clickable.You now have a new Facebook Page that will convert visitors into ravingFans. The next step is to get some Fans…
  20. 20. Step #6: Create a Viral Fan-Getting MachineOnce you have your incentive offer set up, it‟s time to get some Fans. Youcan start by inviting your friends and importing your contacts. If you have alot of friends and don‟t want to select them manually, you can install thisextension for Google Chrome that adds a Toggle All option.https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/eibdjcmcmfggjoiaaoojhicjnkghbkbeYou can import contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Skype and more.You‟ll also notice that Facebook displays people that you might know andpeople who have mutual friends. So you can send them a friend request andthey may visit your page.Facebook only allows you to send friend requests to 20 people per day. Ifyou exceed that limit, Facebook will not allow you to send friend requestsfor 2 days.So you need to get people to send friend requests to you byjoining their groups and liking their pages…Then you simply approve their requests and you can have up to 5,000friends in each Facebook account!
  21. 21. Here‟s how to find relevant groups and pages…Enter keywords in the search box to find groups and pages related to yourproduct or niche. Join as many groups as you can find and click the „Like‟button on hundreds of pages.Click the „Like‟ button next to each page:
  22. 22. Next, click „Groups‟ and then click „Join Group‟ next to each group:Soon you‟ll have hundreds of people sending you friend requests, visitingyour page, and becoming fans!Every time someone clicks the „Like‟ button on your page, their friends arenotified and they find out about your page as well.Your page also appears in their „Likes‟ on their Facebook Profile and theirfriends can see your Page too. When they like or comment on one of yourPage‟s updates, that update is also seen in their friends newsfeed!And every time you make a status update, it‟s sent to everyone in yournetwork of friends and fans!
  23. 23. Step #7: Post Regular Status UpdatesUpdate your status several times a day by posting on your page‟s wall.Every time you update your status, your fans are notified and your updateappears in their friend‟s newsfeed.Keep your posts relevant to the topic of your page and alternate contentwith offers. Mix in helpful comments and interesting information like jokes,quotes, news, tips, etc. This way people will like you and your FacebookPage and will click more when you do make offers.The more often you post on your Facebook Page Wall the faster yourFacebook Page will grow! Because your posts will appear in the „Newsfeeds‟of your page‟s fans, and when they „Like‟ the post or comment on the post,their friends will see it in their newsfeeds too!
  24. 24. Step #8: Set Up Facebook EventsYou can use Facebook Events to promote webinars, teleseminars, orproduct launches as an affiliate. When you invite your Facebook Friends,they receive an email notifying of the event.Facebook Page, is by setting up a Facebook Event in your Facebook profile,inviting all ofyour friends, and then emailing them through the „Message All Guests‟ toolin your FacebookTo create a Facebook Event, go to your profile at Facebook.com and clickthe „Events‟ tab.Next, click „Create an Event‟.
  25. 25. First, add an image. Then select the dates of your event Name your eventand add the URL to the event registration page or the product you‟repromoting. In the „More Info‟ section, you can add as much text as you wantand URLS with www or http:// will be converted to clickable links.Next, click „Select Guest‟ to invite your Facebook friends.You can select Friends one by one. But that could take forever if you havethousands of Friends (Facebook allows you to have up to 5,000 friends per
  26. 26. account). And at the time of this writing, Facebook doesn‟t allow you toselect all Friends. But we have an App for that .Actually, it‟s just a line of code that you copy and paste into your browser‟saddress bar while the „Select Guests‟ dialog box is open.Copy and paste all of this code into your web browser‟s address bar:javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName("checkableitems[]");for(i=0;i<elms.length;i++){if (elms[i].type="checkbox" )elms[i].click()};Next click „Enter‟ on your keyboard. Note if you have more than 100friends, you may have to hit „Enter‟ several times to select all friends.
  27. 27. Here‟s what people will see when they check out your event:Note that the hyperlink is clickable in the „More Info‟ section.You can also send a message to your invited guests whenever you want byclicking the „Message Guests‟ button.You can also send a different email to each group of „Attendees‟: Attending,Maybe Attending, and Not Yet Replied. Facebook will tell you how manypeople have confirmed or not. So you can tailor your emails to each group.
  28. 28. Step #9: Set Up Facebook Ad SwapsHave you heard of email ad swaps? Well, you can do the same thing onFacebook! It‟s fast and easy way to get more fans with paying a dime.Once you have at least 500 fans, contact people with Pages in your nicheand set up a Facebook Ad Swap!Just post on their wall:Not only will the page owner see your post, but all of his friends and fanswill see it too!
  29. 29. Step #10: Buy Hundreds of Fans for $5Go to http://fiverr.com and search for facebook friends, fans, and groups.You‟ll find hundreds of people willing to promote your page to 5,000friends for just $5! Each fan is worth at least 10¢ per month. So if you got100 people to like your page, that‟s an extra $10 per month (minimum).Let‟s look at another examples:
  30. 30. ConclusionNow you know why I say this is the quickest, easiest way to make moneyonline and I‟ll bet you‟re very excited and anxious to get started.To recap, you‟re going to: 1. Find a Product to Sell 2. Create a Facebook Account 3. Create a Fan Page 4. Activate the Facebook iFrame App 5. Create an Incentive Offer 6. Create a Viral Fan-Getting Machine 7. Post Regular Status Updates 8. Set Up Facebook Events 9. Set Up Facebook Ad Swaps 10. Buy Hundreds of Fans for $5Remember, all you need is 200 visitors at 50¢ per click, to make $100 aday! That‟s $3,000 a MONTH! And that‟s just from one account in oneniche market!Get started now!www.DirectPayProfits.com