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6) solve your life s problems calmly


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Published in: Education
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6) solve your life s problems calmly

  1. 1. Solve Your Life’s Problems CalmlyTime and again, we come across several issues regarding health, family, relationships, job etc.Sometimes we find a provisional solution to such problems and feel contend that they havevanished forever. Why is meditative thinking and chanting considered a practical and passivetherapy to resolve life’s major concerns? It is so, because; contemplative thinking reroutes ourminds from the negative to positive. The feelings of resentment, apprehension, rebel and envyparalyse our efforts to solve issues between friends, companions, colleagues and even our ownconscience. Focusing through meditation is highly productive and enlightening which is why it isbelieved that life’s biggest troubles are sorted submissively.If your child is experiencing problems with studies, don’t try to force him to learn how to focuson his assignment. Instead, be cool, calm and collected in helping him build his concentrationpower. Teach them tolerantly, how to focus on schoolwork and put aside the ‘daydreaming’ forthe future! You also need to create an atmosphere at home so that your child does hishomework with attentiveness. The setting should have educational wall charts, comfortabledesks, less traffic and clatter. TV is a big distraction for kids and you have to ensure that yourkid will fail to focus when TV is viewed at the background.It is a must that you develop patience to deal with life’s problems. When we experiencerepeated failure, we give up saying’ ‘maybe this was not my destiny’. Truthfully speaking, it is acover up on our lack of patience as we give up too quickly without focusing on how to betolerant. Being satisfied with second-rate results is not the answer to long-standing success.Our thoughts and actions have to be well planned out and precise with appropriate progress ofthe focal point. With firmness in your thoughts, you can acquire stupendous success even aftera series of failures.