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84studio Brochure


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84studio Brochure

  1. 1. 84Studio<br /> Introduction<br /> 84Studio<br /> 84 Studio Is a Full Service advertising company & Production studio located in Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar and serving clients in entire Gujarat as well as throughout India and worldwide. We provide Photography, Interactive Video Productions, Short movie and Add commercials we also provide Print Designing & Website designing services for Branding and Advertising Purpose. We have been working for advertising, corporate, industrial and commercial clients for over 3years and always believe in developing marketing strategies and creative and profitable campaign, advertising program that produce eye-catching affects to our clients products. We are available for All assignments from Individuals, agencies, design firms and magazines both local and nationally. We also provide workshops for photography.<br /> My name is kamal Jhamb I have worked as a photographer and designer for over 3 years. It is my profession and passion. Essentially the core of my work reflects Nature, Fashion, and Architecture & Product Photography. After Completing the Photography course from Munish khanna Academy ( Delhi ) in year 2005 I started working as a freelance photographer in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar Meanwhile I was also working with IT Firms for the business development and designing services. I was working as Freelance Fashion, Nature and Product photographer however as I also having interest in designing services I had started 84studio in the year 2011 and now I provide Photography and Web services from 84studio. Please have a look of my website to check out the Services and work of 84studio.<br /> Services <br /> Photography DesigningFashion PhotographyProduct PhotographyE-commerce PhotographyInterior PhotographyNature PhotographyModeling Portfolio ServicesBrochure DesigningWebsite DesigningGraphic DesigningLogo DesigningBusiness CardsFlyers Video Production Web & MultimediaAdd FilmsDocumentary FilmIntroduction video’sCorporate AV PresentationVideo EditingWebsite DevelopmentFlash Site DevelopmentE-commerce Site DevelopmentInternet MarketingSEO<br />]<br /> <br /> Photography<br /> The 84 Studio offers Professional and high quality photography services. We provide Advertising, Fashion, Product, Headshots and Nature photography services. We have been working for advertising, corporate, industrial and commercial clients for over 3years. We Work for Individuals, agencies, design firms and magazines both local and nationally at the time when we are providing this services we have always proved Creative and dedicated towards the clients requirement and time. We can assure you of providing photography service which will enhance your brand. We also provide bulk and stock product photography along with 3D photography on very economical packages for your e-commerce websites or for any commercial use. For all photography services we have our own studio and we also provide onsite studio facility along with photography service we also provide Image editing and retouching services<br /> <br /> Designing<br /> The designing process is the most crucial part of the advertising process, the Ads created by the copywriter and art director would be nothing if there will be any good design to explain the soul of the product brand or individual. Our team of designers is always dedicated in creating, planning and handling designing part for our clients and provide them the designs which is not only creative but formed in a way which make an outside point of view to the efforts of selling their products and services.<br /> Brochure Designing<br /> Nice brochure definitely attracts your customer and drives him to inquire about your company and products. A finely crafted Brochure is an investment in the company's future. A well-conceptualized and designed brochure can be biggest asset for company. We at 84 Studio create attractive brochure designs either it is for your company or for product. Our designs convey the ethos of business, vividly depicts product information and message of company. In design we also take care of placing images and content that is complementary to each other <br /> <br /> Logo Designing<br /> The corporate logo design for your company requires the skills of a professional hand to draw customers towards your business and highlight its identity with distinctiveness and strength. We thrive on delivering custom logo designs that exceed your satisfaction level.<br /> Flyers<br /> When you need to promote something about your best services, or product or offer, and with low budget it is nice to go for flyer attractive design. It also helps reduce budget to bulk printing and distribution. We provide nice design for flyer design that will grab attention of your consumer and help to quick understand services you offer. For flyer you can ask us for any size and file format for print media.<br /> Business Cards<br /> Leaving a lasting impression on a potential client is what good business card design and business card printing is all about. Traditionally used to relay important contact information, today's well-designed business cards can also help convey your company's commitment to value and product quality. If opening new doors and ultimately cementing long-term business relationships is your goal, let us ensure your business card exude the highest standard of professionalism and quality.<br /> <br /> <br /> Website Designing<br /> Web Design always goes beyond technique; design is art. When a website is often the first impression customers see of your company, many aspects must be considered in order to develop a professional, impressive and intuitive site. 84 Studio has vast experience within enumerable domains and a passion for professionalism. This allows 84 Studios Web Design divisions to provide a unique identity that allows your company to thrive within your business space.<br /> Video Production<br /> We provide a High quality video production service which distinguish you from the competition and create a competitive advantage. We deliver the HD quality picture and sounds. Out video's always appeal to your target audience and creates the perfect visual showcase of your business. you will receives the highest value and quality service, created by experts using the latest High Definition Video, Photography & Web Technology.84 studio caters to every aspect of the video production business including television commercials, corporate video production, training videos and sales and marketing support.<br />centerbottom<br /> Web & Multimedia<br /> We at 84 Studio had recently started our web services along with the designing part, as per the regular requirement of web services like website designing and internet marketing from our old and new clients in the same year 2011 we had decided to provide web support to our client from our end. In the web support we provide all kind of website design and development services which includes Flash Website and E- commerce Website 84 Studio also provide web marketing services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social networking<br />centerbottom<br /> Photography Courses<br /> 84studio Offers different level of Course's for still photography, if at all you are interested in taking a photography workshop or photography class, Whether you're an experienced photographer, a serious amateur photographer or just starting to learn about photography for the first time, you should be able to find a workshops or class to fit your interests, our workshops durations is minimum of one month you can find the details of the workshop below. Our Basic Level Photography course is designed for the beginners who want to understand the advanced function of their Digital or manual SLR Camera & Want to learn the basic technique of photography .The professional photography course is designed for those who want to learn photography for the commercial purpose and interested to take it as a career<br />3430905bottom<br /> <br /> <br /> Basic Photography course<br /> Duration: 6 Weeks / 14 Classes I Fee: 8,000/-<br /> 1. Introduction to Photography<br /> 2. Basic Camera Operation - Camera, Sutter Speed & Aperture<br /> 3. Introduction to Exposure<br /> 4. Practical Demonstration of Manual and Digital SLR<br /> 5. Fundamental of Composition<br /> 6. Out Door Practical Workshop <br /> 7. Discussion on images<br /> 8. Introduction to Natural & Studio Lightings<br /> 9. Practical Shoot in Natural Lighting<br /> 10. Evaluative Test on outdoor Photography<br /> 11. Practical Shoot in Studio Lighting<br /> 12. Evaluative Test on studio Photography<br /> 13. Image Submission<br /> <br /> Professional Photography course<br /> Duration: 12 Weeks / 26 Classes I Fee: 15,000/-<br /> 1. Introduction to Photography 2. Basic Camera Operation - Camera, Sutter Speed & Aperture 3. Introduction To Exposure 4. Practical Demonstration of Manual And Digital SLR 5. Fundamental of Composition 6. Out Door Practical Workshop 7. Discussion on images 8. Introduction to Natural & Studio Lightings 9. Practical Shoot in Natural Lighting 10. Evaluative Test on outdoor Photography 11. Practical Shoot in Studio Lighting 12. Evaluative Test on studio Photography 13. Image Submission14. Introduction to Nature & Wildlife Photography15. Practical workshop at selected wildlife or outdoor location16. Evaluation and discussion on the Images taken during the workshop17. Introduction to Table Top And Product Photography18. Fundamentals Of Advertising Photography19. Practical on Product and Advertising Photography20. Introduction to Interior and Architecture Photography21. Practical on location Interior & Architecture Shoot 22. Introduction To Fashion Photography23. Practical Shoot with Male or Female model (Indoor and Outdoor)24. Introduction to Photoshop editing techniques25. Evaluation and discussion on all the images taken during the course25. Student’s portfolio submission<br /> Note:<br />The training ends only when you are confident enough to handle everything on your own.<br />You get full support and feed back even after you finish your training<br />Option to choose between different time slots available during the day, most suitable for busy working people.<br />We will provide you the complete guidance during or after the course in buying camera or any other photography gears to setting up your own studio<br /> <br /><br />