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Lean Management For Breakthrough Results_Dubai


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Lean Management for Breakthrough Results is designed to help manufacturing, service and government organizations apply the five principles of Lean to streamline operations, cut costs and enhance value. Unlike other Lean programs, our specialist training series offers a comprehensive Lean education that turns beginners into experts in four 2-day workshops.

This series includes all four training workshops below, plus luxury hotel accommodations in Dubai!

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Lean Management For Breakthrough Results_Dubai

  1. 1. Become a Lean Expert Lean Management for Book Your  Seat Early! Breakthrough Results By Innovation 360 Institute Complete all FOUR innovative and hands-on workshops in one package and gain the technical skills to become a Lean Expert 1 Lean Introduction: Understanding and Applying Lean Principles and Tools L P i i l dT l 4‐5 November, 2009 ‐ Dubai, UAE 2 Lean Value Stream Mapping: Preparing for Breakthrough Results 13‐14 December, 2009 ‐ Dubai, UAE 3 Lean Project Facilitation: Leading High Impact Kaizen Events 20‐21 January, 2010 ‐ Dubai, UAE 4 Advanced Lean: Striving for Perfection in the Value Stream 17‐18 February, 2010 ‐ Dubai, UAE Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort – Dubai, UAE T: + 971 4 319 7645       F: + 971 4 330 3365       E:       W:
  2. 2. Achieve Breakthrough Process Performance and Results with Lean Management Tools and Techniques Lean Management for Breakthrough Results is  L M t f B kth h R lt i Trainer: J h B T i John Beemster t designed to teach participants how to achieve  Lead Performance Excellence Consultant breakthrough process performance by applying the  Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt principles of Lean. During four two‐day training  workshops, students learn basic and advanced Lean  methods for increasing customer value, eliminating  John Beemster is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and a  organizational waste and reducing operational costs.  lead business excellence and innovation consultant for  Innovation 360. Since 1992, Mr. Beemster has devoted  Participants also gain experience using Value Stream  Participants also gain experience using Value Stream his career to helping organizations around the world  his career to helping organizations around the world ugh Results Maps, a critical Lean tool that facilitates the  leverage Lean, Six Sigma, strategic planning and  understanding of current processes and paves the way  creative problem‐solving to reduce waste, improve  for future process improvements. In addition, they  quality and overcome challenges. Mr. Beemster has  learn how to lead Kaizen events, Lean projects that  advised such global enterprises as Storage Technology  achieve remarkable improvements in a short amount  Corporation, Cooper Cameron, Magna International  of time. and the US Air Force. When taken in sequence, the four training workshops  When taken in sequence the four training workshops Mr. Beemster has logged more than 12,000 hours of  Mr Beemster has logged more than 12 000 hours of gement For Breakthrou eries – Dubai - UAE E in the series build on each other to provide a  “podium time,” teaching business leaders and  comprehensive education in the application of Lean  employees the tenets of quality management, Six  principles. Sigma, Lean, and other high‐demand skill sets  necessary in today’s fast‐paced business climate. Mr.  Program Benefits: After completing Lean  Beemster’s fresh and energetic teaching style, coupled  Management for Breakthrough Results, participants  with his powerful grasp of advanced topics, provides  will be able to: an enjoyable yet productive learning event. Specialist Training Se • Understand and enable the role of Lean  Background and Certifications: Management in business transformation. Mr. Beemster has directed process  • Eliminate non‐value‐added process activities and  improvement and deployment initiatives  make processes highly efficient and value‐added. for global organizations in the IT storage,  • Reduce waste and increase value by matching  telecommunications, automotive and oil industries. He  production to customer demand. holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the  • Reduce excess inventory and improve cash flow. University of Maryland. Mr. Beemster is a Senior  Lean Manag • Improve customer satisfaction by reducing wait time  p y g Member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ),  y y( ), S and eliminating rework. and is a Certified Quality Engineer, Quality Manager  • Minimize process downtime and make processes  and Six Sigma Black Belt. mistake proof. • Optimize process performance and results using  Following is a partial list of organizations Mr. Beemster  advanced Lean techniques. has assisted: • Sustain process improvements for the long‐term  using key process metrics and control methods. •Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies •Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in business  •Blue Cross and Blue Shield excellence, process efficiency, quality, R&D, process  •General Dynamics improvement, innovation, organizational change and  •HSBC Bank project management, including managers, supervisors,  •Invitrogen process owners and employees from both  •Master Card International manufacturing and service‐based industries. •Mubadala •Pacific Gas and Electric •Seagate Technologies •Sutter Health Medical Center •Sun Microsystems Participants in the Lean  Management For Breakthrough  Results Training Series stay FREE  at the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah  Resort during each of the two  weeks included in the course!
  3. 3. Workshops Complete all FOUR innovative and hands-on workshops in one package and gain the technical skills to become a Lean Expert Workshop ONE: Lean Introduction: Understanding p g Workshop TWO: Lean Value Stream Mapping: p pp g and Applying Lean Principles and Tools Preparing for Breakthrough Results 4‐5 November, 2009 ‐ Dubai, UAE 13‐14 December, 2009 ‐ Dubai, UAE Lean is a business transformation enabler that strives  Value Stream Mapping enables organizations to  to make organizational processes faster and more  capture detailed, step‐by‐step information about key  efficient. Lean specialists are adept at identifying and  business processes. With this information, businesses  eliminating  non‐value‐added process steps – eliminating “non‐value‐added” process steps – can identify non‐value‐added process steps that can  can identify non‐value‐added process steps that can ugh Results wasteful activities that don’t add value to the end  be eliminated to make the process more timely and  product or service, and which customers, if given the  efficient. In addition, Value Stream Maps offer a guide  choice, would not pay for. for the future by making it easy to envision  improvements to a particular process. Eliminating such waste from a process not only speeds  it up, it reduces wait time and makes the process cycle  Workshop Description time more predictable. This, in turn, smoothes the  Workshop Two of the Lean Management for  flow of production and enables the business to meet  flow of production and enables the business to meet Breakthrough Results training series teaches  Breakthrough Results training series teaches gement For Breakthrou eries – Dubai - UAE E customer demand without exceeding it. Although Lean  participants how to construct a detailed Value Stream  has its roots in the manufacturing world, it has been  Map, and how to analyze it to identify opportunities  applied with great success in industries from  for improvement. During the workshop, students  healthcare to tourism, financial services to  practice a number of Lean techniques they learned in  government. Workshop One of the series. Workshop Description Key Topics: Workshop One of the Lean Management for  p g • Selecting the business process to analyze for  g p y Specialist Training Se Breakthrough Results training series introduces the  improvement. concept of "Lean thinking" and the basic tools that  • Documenting the current process Value Stream at a  enable Lean specialists to optimize workplace  detailed level. processes. Also introduced is the Value Stream  • Identifying and prioritizing process improvement  Mapping technique (covered in detail during course  opportunities in the Value Stream. two), and the concept of Kaizen events (Lean projects,  • Eliminating non‐value‐added process activities from  covered in detail during course three). the Value Stream. • Using Takt Time to predict customer demand and  Lean Manag S Key Topics: design the future state process Value Stream. • Understanding the role of Lean management in a  business transformation deployment. • Learning to think “Lean” to enable breakthrough  Special Early Bird process performance. 10% Registration Offer • Selecting the right problems to solve using Lean  management. off Be Rewarded For Acting Early • Applying the five principles of Lean management. • Recognizing the eight types of organizational waste. List Price: $5,495 USD ($4,945 USD  • Mapping the current value stream of a process to  with early bird discount) understand opportunities for improvement. • Increasing value by eliminating organizational waste  INCLUDES all four workshops in this  and improving process productivity, efficiency and  series (8 days total of Lean training) effectiveness. • Improving process flow using Standard Work  INCLUDES hotel accommodations at the  methods and tools such as Spaghetti Diagrams and  Hilton Dubai Jumeirah during all  Load Charts. workshops • Implementing a pull production system that is based  on customer demand. INCLUDES The Toyota Way Book by  • Leading effective Lean Kaizen events, including  Jeffrey Liker managing stakeholders and facilitating participation. Early bird discount: 10% off through 8  October, 2009.
  4. 4. Workshops Complete all FOUR innovative and hands-on workshops in one package and gain the technical skills to become a Lean Expert Workshop THREE: Lean Project Facilitation: p j Workshop FOUR: Advanced Lean: Striving for p g Leading High Impact Kaizen Events Perfection in the Value Stream 20‐21 January, 2010 ‐ Dubai, UAE 17‐18 February, 2010 ‐ Dubai, UAE Lean projects are often called "Kaizen events." These  Basic Lean tools can improve any process to a certain  short‐term efforts focus on a single process, or even a  degree. However, after all key processes in an  particular problem within the process value stream. By  organization have been optimized using first‐level  keeping the scope of the project narrow and selecting  keeping the scope of the project narrow and selecting Lean techniques, it s time to revisit each process and  Lean techniques it's time to revisit each process and ugh Results problems that can be solved with the Lean toolset,  look for additional improvement opportunities. This is  Kaizen events typically return dramatic improvements  known as "striving for perfection" and it's the fifth  within weeks. principle of Lean. Often, advanced Lean principles are  needed to elevate processes to the next level of  In addition, Kaizen events encourage participation and  productivity. teamwork from different organizational levels, which  gives everyone involved a sense of accomplishment,  Workshop Description and increases support for improvement and  and increases support for improvement and Workshop Four of the Lean Management for  Workshop Four of the Lean Management for gement For Breakthrou eries – Dubai - UAE E transformation efforts. Breakthrough Results training series covers the most  common advanced Lean tools and techniques that  Workshop Description both manufacturing and service‐based organizations  Workshop Three of the Lean Management for  employ to achieve breakthrough results. In addition,  Breakthrough Results training series provides an  participants learn how to sustain process  understanding of how Lean Kaizen events work, as  improvements over the long‐term as part of a larger  well as best practices for leading successful events.  commitment to the organization's business  From selecting the problem to address, to preparing  g p , p p g transformation efforts. Specialist Training Se for and running the Kaizen event, and following up,  students learn how effective these Lean projects can  Key Topics: be when they are properly scoped and facilitated. • Designing and implementing work cells to optimize  process flow. Key Topics: • Enhancing pull production using batch processing  • Understanding the purpose and structure of a Lean  and Kanban. Kaizen event. • Using techniques such as TPM (Total Production  • Encouraging participation and leading successful  Maintenance) and Quick Changeover to minimize  Lean Manag S Kaizen events. process downtime. • Identifying the problem to solve and scoping the  • Applying Mistake Proofing and Visual Management  Kaizen event. principles to reduce the margin of process operator  • Collecting data on the problem for effective decision  error. making. • Using advanced Control Planning techniques to  • Preparing for the Kaizen event, including roles and  maintain process improvements. responsibilities and setting expectations. • Striving for perfection throughout the organization  • Preparing the process environment for  using Lean Management principles as part of an  breakthrough performance using the 5S technique  overall business transformation effort. (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain). • Running the Kaizen event to address the problem  and provide solutions. • Incorporating solutions and ensuring sustainable  Every Delegate improvements. • Establishing metrics to track and maintain optimal  Will Receive: process performance. The Toyota Way By J ff B Jeffrey Liker Lik Follow us on One of the best books written on how to  speed up business processes, improve  quality, and cut costs in any industry
  5. 5. Lean Management For Breakthrough Results Specialist Training Series S i li T i i S i Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort, Dubai - UAE Workshop ONE Workshop TWO Workshop THREE Workshop FOUR 4‐5  Nov. 2009 13‐14 Dec. 2009 20‐21 Jan. 2010 17‐18 Feb. 2010 FIVE EASY WAYS TO REGISTER Personal Information Phone : +971 4 3197645  Fax: +971 4 330 3365  Title First  First Family Job  Job Email Mobile Mail:   Name Name Title Innovation 360 P.O. Box: 506771 Email: Dubai, UAE 1st Web: Delegate 2nd Package: Price: US$5 495 per Delegate Price: US$5,495 per Delegate Delegate D l t Discounts: Early Bird: Oct. 8, 09 Group: 3+ Delegates 3rd Delegate 10% OFF 10% OFF 4th Payment should be received 2 weeks before  Delegate start of workshops. t t f kh 5th Cancellation: If customer cancels a training  Delegate course booking giving less than 30 working  days notice, a cancellation fee is payable.  The  fee payable depends on the notice period  6th given, as follows: Delegate Cancellation period Fees payable 30 or more working days  No cancellation fee payable.  Company:  notice.  Any fees already paid will be  refunded.  ………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Address:  21 to 29 working days notice.  50% of the course fee is  ………………………………………………………………………………………………………… payable.  ………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 15 or 20 working days notice.  75% of the course fee is  ………………………………………………………………………………………………………… payable.  Less than 15 working days  Full course fee is payable.  notice.  No. of Employees on your site:  0‐49 50‐249 250 ‐ 499 500‐999 1000+ Innovation 360 Institute is part of Innovation 360 LLC and Innovation 360 Group DIFC •  Sheikh Zayed Road  •  PO. Box 506771  •  Dubai, UAE  •  + 971 4 319 7645 Dubai Office  •  + 971 4 330 3365 Dubai Fax