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Organizational Behavior


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Organizational Behavior

  1. 1. Organization Organization --------------Common Goal
  2. 2. Behavior The Responses or Reactions or Movements made by Individual
  3. 3. Organizational Behavior knowledge about how people, individuals, and groups act in organizations.
  4. 4. OB OB Cell to System of the body Employee to organization The growth of cell build the body & abnormality can cause malignancy Similarly employees growth can build the organization & Dis...................
  5. 5. OB OB Its purpose is to build better relationships by achieving Human objectives, Organizational objectives, & Social objectives.
  6. 6. Organizational Behavior: Values, Attitudes, Personality and Emotions
  7. 7. Individuals Values In groups
  8. 8. Perceptional Component Emotional Attitude Component Behavioral Component
  9. 9. Type of Attitude 1. Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) 2. Job Satisfaction 3. Job Involvement 4. Organizational Commitment
  10. 10. The Effect of Job Satisfaction on Performance –Job Satisfaction and Productivity –Job Satisfaction and Absenteeism –Job Satisfaction and Turnover –Job Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction
  11. 11. Inner Factors OB OB Organizational culture, Diversity, Communication, Organizational effectiveness and efficiency, Organizational learning.
  12. 12. Individuals OB OB Different Behaviors Organization Achieving Different Attitude One goal Different Perceptions Different skills Different decisions Manager
  13. 13. How people, Individuals, and Groups act Individuals Organization Common Goal Individuals Organization's Desire Plan
  14. 14. Individuals ➔Basic Desire ➔Satisfaction ➔Comfort ➔Culture ➔Growth Prospects ➔Future Plan & Factors ➔Working Environment ➔Influence of surroundings
  15. 15. Individuals Think BIG
  16. 16. When we want to make our self lucky. ?
  17. 17. Self Motivated
  18. 18. Know Your Goals
  19. 19. Find Your Path
  20. 20. Run Towards Fear
  21. 21. Make Your Own Path of Success
  22. 22. Your Impact On Organization
  23. 23. OB Applications Emotional Intelligence (EI) Decision Making Motivation Leadership Interpersonal Conflict
  24. 24. Key Variables Affecting Behavior Values Motivation Attitudes Perception Behavior Personality Learning Ability
  25. 25. Individuals Different Behaviors Different Attitude Different Perceptions Different skills Different decisions Manager
  26. 26. INDIVIDUAL Organization