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  • Home automation ppt-kamal lamichhane

    1. 1. AT Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology Yelahanka Bangalore, India Submitted by:- Kamal Lamichhane 1NT11EC043
    2. 2. Abstract view of project i. This project is mainly concerned with design a system that allows users, upon authentication, to remotely control and monitor multiple home appliances using a cell phone-based interface. ii. In this project we make the use of DTMF module and relay to control the circuitry.
    3. 3. INTRODUCTION Home/Industrial automation system Home/ Industrial automation System Call Centers & Security system Industrial Devices Home Appliances Eg.Oven,AC, Fan etc.
    4. 4. Project in Action – Cellular Phone Communication 4 Thermostat Fan Lamp ControlledDevices…
    5. 5. Home automation system  Home appliances control system accessed by a remote device such as mobile phone or palm-top(pc) to allow a home owner to control, monitor and co-ordinate home appliances.  HACS is a system which provides various services to remotely operate on home appliances. The HACS system receives command from remote devices that are manipulated by users.
    6. 6. Block diagram showing the system
    7. 7. Need of Automation i. Saves time ii. Save money(long run) iii. Self maintenance iv. Security v. Makes life easier
    8. 8. DTMF signals  Dtmf(direct tone multifrequency) is a signaling system for identifying the keys or better says the number dialed on a push button or dtmf keypad.  Dtmf is a multifrequency tone dialing system used by the push button keypads in phone and mobile sets to conveys the number or key dialled by the caller.  Dtmf has enabled the long distance signalling of dialling numbers in voice frequency range over telephone lines.  Dtmf as name suggests uses a combination of two sine waves tones to represent a key.
    9. 9. DTMF frequency combination
    10. 10. Dtmf signalling application  Dtmf tones are thus mainly used at the telephone switching centers for detection of dialled/called number.  IVR systems, call centers, security systems.  Dtmf tones were also used by terrestrial stations for turning on and shutting off remote transmitters.
    11. 11. Cellular Phone Communication Technologies Considered  Tone Decoding (DTMF) Features  High Compatibility with all cell phone models  Limited user interaction  More prone to user error (uneditable)  Inefficient, time consuming  Additional hardware required (convert sound to binary)  Text Messaging (SMS) Features  Data transmitted in binary form (ASCII)  Message can be edited prior to sending
    12. 12. Mobile N/W & Remote control  SMS Based  DTMF Based  GSM Based logging Mobile service Transmitter Antenna/ Tower Gsm/ Cdma N/w Receiver TowerMobile services
    13. 13. Connection of circuit - Supply Relay Board bulb Motherboard C NO C-common NO-normally open Home appliances AC Fan Oven
    14. 14. Relay
    15. 15. System requirement 1.Hardware Requirement i. DTMF module ii. Relay (Required voltage ) iii. A mobile phone iv. AC devices eg.bulb,fan,ac etc. v. Motherboards
    16. 16. . 2.Software Requirements:- i. RobotC ii. Hyper term for manual operation Programming is done in simple c language.
    17. 17. Image of Connection
    18. 18. Image of software RobotC
    19. 19. Programming in RobotC
    20. 20. Steps carried out for controlling the appliances
    21. 21. QUERIES SECTION Wana ask queries ? ?