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Innovation 360 is a global innovation management consultancy that works with public and private organizations to define their future challenges and overcome them through innovation. The firm’s expertise includes innovation strategy, execution, enablers and leadership development, as well as business model design and idea-to-market execution for both corporates and SMEs.

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Innovation 360 corporate profile

  1. 1. WHO WE ARE Innovation 360 Institute works with companies and government entities throughout the world to bridge the gap between strategy and execution by employing transformational innovation methods and leadership development. Whether you want to implement a strategy for breakthrough innovation, develop new products and services, explore new business models, create operational value, or increase the innovation and leadership competencies of your people, we can help you reach your goals. Our Values At Innovation 360 Institute, we are committed to Innovation, the key to profitability and sustainability. This commitment Inspires our clients to new heights of creativity and excellence, giving them Insight to their organization’s true potential and capability. We positively Impact our clients’ innovation success rate by helping them devise a results-oriented yet realistic innovation strategy, one that creates new value through innovative products and services. We also give their people the knowledge, skills and leadership abilities to execute this strategy, as well as to creatively solve complex business issues. Throughout this process, Innovation 360 maintains our Integrity by exceeding our clients’ expectations and actively transferring our capability and knowledge.
  3. 3. OUR 5-STEP INNOVATION FRAMEWORK: CULTIVATE CULTIVATE • Create innovation culture and awareness • Develop innovation strategy and goals • Identify innovation leaders, champions and teams • Define innovation governance systems
  4. 4. OUR 5-STEP INNOVATION FRAMEWORK: ANTICIPATE ANTICIPATE • • • • Develop innovation foresight Explore macro trends and scenarios Identify white spaces for innovation Align opportunities with innovation strategy
  5. 5. OUR 5-STEP INNOVATION FRAMEWORK: GENERATE GENERATE • • • • Manage the front end of innovation Improve internal idea generation Leverage external idea sources Select and prioritize the best ideas
  6. 6. OUR 5-STEP INNOVATION FRAMEWORK: INNOVATE INNOVATE • • • • Transform ideas into innovations Prototype and gather feedback Incubate new products and services Build innovative business models
  7. 7. OUR 5-STEP INNOVATION FRAMEWORK: COMMERCIALIZE COMMERCIALIZE • • • • Plan go-to-market strategy Incubate startup business models Establish innovation management office Optimize for continuous innovation
  8. 8. HOW WE HELP Innovation 360 helps you develop a customized strategy for innovation, growth and transformation. We guide your organization through each stage of a carefully designed 5-Step framework, help you bring your ideas to market, and improve your innovation leadership competencies. Foresight Foresight is aimed at helping your organization assess the current state of your innovation portfolio, as well as your readiness for future scenarios. This comprehensive evaluation also covers relevant FUTURE SCENARIOS and their implication to your future success. We provide a comprehensive recommendation based on this. To learn more: IdeaFusion IdeaFusion helps you generate Ideas from a dedicated community either ad hoc or around a specific challenge. Using an updated approach to soliciting ideas, as well as proven ideation tools and Our 5-Step Innovation Framework methods, IdeaFusion enables collaborative creativity for empowering innovation in your Innovation Leadership Workshops organization. To learn more: We help you build your organization’s human InPulse capital and innovation capabilities through our InPulse, our benchmarking solution gives you the competitive edge to see and rank your advanced, hands-on workshops and seminars company against your industry peers and very innovative global businesses. Be it in including: innovation, new product development, sales or marketing, it covers all major functional • Innovation 101 Training areas. • Innovation Management Training Our solution includes pre- and post-visit workshops and onsite visits, providing you with an • Executive Innovation Seminars exclusive opportunity to learn from award-winning organizations. • Open Enrollment Workshops • Lego Serious Play® Methodology To learn more:
  10. 10. WHAT DO THEY SAY? This workshop from Innovation 360 showed me that it’s not enough to have ideas. Your ideas must add value for your customers and your organization. - Radhakrishnan, Group Business Excellence Manager, Axiom Telecom The Innovation 360 seminar gave me a new idea about innovation. It’s about adding or creating new value, in business and in society. The formula is simple but powerful: Innovation = f (idea + value + opportunity). - Laila Mohd Taher Faridoon, Director, RTA Executive Office This seminar was a great eye opener about how to solve complex business problems using a system for innovation. Yousif Al Moutawa, CIO, DP World On behalf of SAMSO Innovation Team, I would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for innovation 360 workshop. The workshop was thorough, interactive and comprehensive in which the examples mentioned were actual, practical and more of business related. - Dr. Basem Futa, Chairperson, SAMSO Innovation Team (ARAMCO) Innovation 360 has provided us with new knowledge and tools that have enabled us to generate many new ideas. Qtel strives to be an innovator in the telecom industry, and Innovation 360 is a valuable partner in this journey. - Ali Shaher, Assistant Director of Talent Development, Qtel