History presentation 2012 part 4 exam


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History presentation 2012 part 4 exam

  1. 1. Canadian Changing Society By : Kamalpreet Dhanjal
  2. 2. Timeline May15 - June 21 , 1919 Winnipeg general strike. 1920s fashion change the social attitudes. January 10 ,1919 Treatment of first nations. May 24, 1918 women got right to vote (federal elections). 1920 immigration policy
  3. 3. How the Changing Canadian society influencing the development of Canada ?The changing Canadian society have been changed a lot in manyways. The labour / union, immigration polices , Treatment of firstnations and minority groups have changed after the ww1 ended.Many things changed in the society of Canada . Everything wasstarted to get better .
  4. 4. Growth of the Labour / Union movementMany workers and war veterans wanted better life . Unions also decided to toform one big Union . Many Winnipeg workers were also involved with this theyhad Winnipeg general strike so they could ask for better wages and andworking conditions . Many factory workers also involved in the strike . businessowners were worried . The mayor of the Winnipeg banned all the leaders andarrested them. In the strike many workers were killed and hurt.Result : After the strike the growth of working and living conditions wereimproved . Many factory workers began making products and live happy andpeaceful life once again . Many soldiers also found jobs and made money ;work was plentiful.
  5. 5. Changes in Women’s RoleWhen the ww1 ended women ‘s roles have been changed a lot. Women boosted theirconfidence and started going out for getting the jobs . Men were in the war womentook place instead of men in employment . The more opportunities were coming forwomen at jobs . The population of women were also increasing at employment. Womenalso got right to vote. Women were treated equally as men . Women got right to run forelection in parliament. Women’s new role of fashion was flapper . The older womendressed traditionally , but Young women have new lifestyle and attitudes that changedeverything in normal living society. Young women wore bad cloths and they wereagainst the traditions and authorities .
  6. 6. Channing immigration policesMany immigrant came to Canada as refugees . Many immigrants alsoincreased the population in Canada , because of working population at jobs.Canada is multicultural country and it accepts all the cultures . Immigrantsalso faced many problems it was discrimination prejudice against them .
  7. 7. Treatment of first nationsThe treatment of first nation tried to improved their traditional culture and religion .Many of them could not vote . In 1919 Fredrick loft discovered the league of Indians . Hewanted to stop the government and sign the agreement to allow the natives to live ontheir lands that they owned . He wanted to make legal for native people to hunt andtrap again . To improve the living conditions . Many native people had to becomeChristians , because there was racism against their culture , religion . Many childrenwere had to live n residential schools at ages 7- 15 .They had to wear western uniforms .Many of them suffered from physical and sexual problems.
  8. 8. THE END