Software architecture at the mercedes benz museum


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Musings on software architecture while visiting a car museum.

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Software architecture at the mercedes benz museum

  1. 1. Software architecture Musings in a car museum.(Museums are for musing, arent they ?) -Kalyan Mysore
  2. 2. A mind cross-linked !• A week of software architecture.• Work ricocheting in the mind into the weekend.• A weekend visit to the Mercedes-Benz car museum (Stuttgart, Germany) at the same time !• So, I saw software architecture in car history !• Here’s a walkthru !• (All pictures thru my camera. Just for fun. No harm intended.)
  3. 3. First usable architecture• 1883 – Daimler and Maybach• The world’s first high speed gasoline engine.• A.k.a. Grandfather clock.• Met quality attributes: – Power output enough to drive a vehicle – Small enough to fit in vehicle !
  4. 4. A test harness !The world’s first motorbike was a test harness for the world’s first highspeed gasoline engine ! 1885
  5. 5. The architecture refactored !• Quality attributes to be met: – More seating – Go on rails• First gasoline powered railroad car ! 1887• Same grandfather clock engine, with refactored shell !
  6. 6. More refactoring• Quality attributes: – Facing seating – Shade from rain and Sun – Lights for low light conditions• 1893
  7. 7. Just another refactoring• Quality attribute: – More payload• 1898
  8. 8. Getting the quality attributes right. - 1900• Safety – Low center of gravity.• Stability – Long wheelbase• Speed – Powerful engine• Not just a “horseless carriage”. An architecture for a modern automobile !
  9. 9. Just a few more refactorings• 1939 320 streamliner
  10. 10. The bus is just a big car !
  11. 11. This architecture even supports apps !
  12. 12. You thought skins are a new concept ?
  13. 13. If there’s twice the power..• They couldn’t resist putting twice the load and slowing it down !
  14. 14. The original “cab” file !• The driver probably even carried a manifest !
  15. 15. Bells and whistles !• If you don’t like the ride, change the steering wheel, add a few dials and horns and you’re so busy you don’t notice the ride anymore!
  16. 16. The diesel engine• A rare change in the “core” architecture ! 1923
  17. 17. The diesel, refactored for boat use.
  18. 18. When great architecture and great UI co-author a product• An emergent design of great beauty !
  19. 19. The Kling-on the race track• No standards to meet• Its just a race to the finish• If your design is agile, you win the race• Its not Time to market But mark your time !
  20. 20. A failed architecture for a flying car ?• If they tried and failed, they put a cool marketing spin on it. We’ll never know !
  21. 21. A new “framework”• Just 110 pounds for framework. Light weight !• But needed the special door. – And we thought they wanted to fly !
  22. 22. Variability variety !• An architecture that can sustain this large a variability ? Amazing !
  23. 23. This architecture never needs policing.
  24. 24. Crash proof the architecture• Add a spike to chain it down.• If you try, it will catch !
  25. 25. If the architecture doesn’t shine thru• Add a few lights !
  26. 26. Want to run a “smoke test” on this ?
  27. 27. Many a time, safety is an afterthought, following performance.
  28. 28. An attempt to add a quality attribute…• Add “high efficiency” but lose “seating” !!• Hmm. Is that tradeoff good ? If you’re off to a tradeshow…
  29. 29. Finally, efficiency and thruput !
  30. 30. Got an efficient but ugly architecture?• Hide it under a nice “façade” !
  31. 31. Someday !• Software architecture will have magazines like this !
  32. 32. Special purpose architecture• Optimized for the quality attributes of speed and maneuverability. All else secondary.
  33. 33. Architecting for cool !• What were the quality attributes they architected for? Coolness is definitely at the top !
  34. 34. More special purpose architecture• If your quality attribute is “1000+ km on a gallon”
  35. 35. Just another car under the Sun !
  36. 36. Should I buy it?• They sell it in the museum ! But my suitcase is a bit small. Besides, it looks like goldplated architecture !