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Slideshare q & a

  1. 1. How does SlideShare categorize uploaded files into presentations and documents?We classify whether an uploaded file is a presentation or a document on the following basis: If the uploaded file is a ppt, pptx, keynote or odp, it is a presentation If the uploaded file is a doc, docx, IWork pages or odt, it is a document If the uploaded file is a PDF, we look at the aspect ratio (height v/s width) of the file 1. When uploaded as a PDF, if the file has a higher width than height (like the 4:3 aspect ratio of a presentation slide), it is a presentation 2. If the file has a higher height than width (like a standard A4 document), it is a document Sometimes, a ppt or pptx file can also end up in a document format. For instance, you want to generate a PDF with appt. While doing this, you printed it as a PDF in the "Notes pages" mode. Now, this PDF will have the shape/size of adocument. If you upload this to SlideShare, our convertor will recognize this as a document. If you do not want this,just generate the PDF in standard mode and upload again. This will show up as a presentation.Do hyperlinks work in presentations, documents, pdfs uploaded to SlideShare? Doesthis depend on how the hyperlink was created? What about internal links?Yes, SlideShare supports hyperlinks in uploaded presentations, documents, PDFs. This is applicable for files createdin any format – MS Office, Open Office and Apple iWorks (Keynote).For hyperlinks to work, while creating the file, make sure to actually insert the hyperlinks. Just entering the URL textdoes not mean that the hyperlink was entered. For this, you have to use the Insert/Hyperlink command in MSPowerPoint (See this tutorial). To understand this in greater detail, we suggest reading this blog post.If you uploaded a PDF and you are facing this problem, you should also check if the PDF writer/creator you usedpreserves the hyperlinks while the PDF is being generated. Most PDF writers do preserve links, but not all.Note: Internal links within the presentation or document are not supported on SlideShare. For instance, if slide 3 ofyour presentation has a link that takes you to slide 8 of the same presentation, then this linking will not work whenyou upload to SlideShareMy uploaded presentation has functioning hyperlinks in the middle of the slides, but nottowards the left and right. How can I prevent this?This happens when the ―hand‖ navigation is used to view a SlideShare presentation back and forth. The "hand" icongets activated in two zones in the SlideShare player (at the extreme right, and the extreme left).If the hyperlinks are present in this "hand zone", they will not work. A possible solution is to place the hyperlinks awayfrom the edges.You can sign for SlideShare PRO accounts to use premium features. The pricing is based on asubscription model.We have three levels of plans - Silver, Gold & Platinum. The costing and features for each plan isexplained below.
  2. 2. * We offer a 50% discount on annual plans for Non Profit Organisations. Learn more here.** If you are in the United Kingdom (UK), you can purchase SlideShare PRO in British Pounds instead ofUS dollars.
  3. 3. Can I configure the "Get in Touch" button to not show in my lead campaigns?Yes, the Get in Touch button can be configured at a campaign level. Learn how to do this by following the stepsbelow: Go to the drop down menu on the top right of every page and select PRO Dashboard Under the Capture Leads feature, click on the Manage link Click on the edit link for a particular campaign Scroll down and click on the Advanced Options link to open an expanded menu Click on the No radio button to disable the Get in touch button
  4. 4. How many video uploads do I get monthly, under the PRO silver plan?With the Silver plan, you get 10 video uploads per month. To upload more videos you can either wait for the nextmonth or upgrade to a higher plan with an increased monthly upload limit.The new limit will be available instantly upon upgrade and the billing will be pro-rated.I have a PRO account, but I am seeing my competitors slides next to mine? Are theseadvertisements, and can they be removed?On SlideShare the related content appears in the following two areas: On the right panel, next to the player At the end of the playerThis is a core SlideShare feature and it comes from our internal recommendation system which suggests similarcontent to help viewers while browsing. Please note this is NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT that SlideShare is chargingusers for.In case you wish to not have this related content showing up on your presentation, you can upgrade to a SlideSharePRO account. This will remove the related content from both these places, and replace it with your own content. (Seethe screenshots below for a quick reference).Related on the right panel (next to player)
  5. 5. Related at the end of the playerWhat is the SlideShare PRO account program? What premium features do I get if Iupgrade to PRO? 1. SlideShare PRO accounts are for users who want to get more out their SlideShare usage for professional or business reasons. They can upgrade to a paid account and get premium features as follows: Private Uploads : Keep your uploads private, or share only with your contacts. Password protect your uploads, or use the secret URL for sharing. Larger Uploads : Upload documents and presentations up to 300 MB in size. Analytics Dashboard : Analytics gives you detailed statistics for your content — where it is embedded, country and organization for viewers, referrers, search keywords, etc. LinkedIn Extras : Add interactivity to your LinkedIn profile with the customizable portfolio widget. Get LinkedIn data in a dashboard on SlideShare. Track Buzz : Find out who is sharing your content on Twitter and Facebook. Find influencers who share your content and re-tweet it. Remove Ads : Engage your community with your content, not ads. Your visitors will stay longer and engage more without distracting ads. Branding : Make your SlideShare channel an extension of your brand. Get a custom look and feel for your channel. Lead Collection : Collect business leads with your presentations, webinars, videos, documents etc. Your users can get in touch with you — using lead forms that appear on your slides. You receive an email when someone fills out your form. Build Content Collections : You can build content collections (your content, or uploaded by other users) on any topic and decide how you want to show it on your channel Pro Badge : So everyone can see that you are a SlideShare Pro user Control Comments: Turn off comments if you are in a regulated industry like Investor Relations. Or turn off the transcript if your content is proprietary. Upload Professional Videos : Upload professional videos i.e. conference talks, product demos, advertising clips etc. HD support is coming soon. Upload limits depend on the account type Silver Pro Account : 10 videos per month, max upload size 500 MB for each video
  6. 6. Gold Pro Account : 20 videos per month, max upload size 500 MB for each video Platinum Pro Account : unlimited videos per month, max upload size 500 MB for each videoPlease note that the above features may vary depending on the plan type. To confirm the features for eachplan type, please go the plans page.The SlideShare PRO account program is in beta and we reserve the right to make changes to the features/pricing.Does SlideShare have any best practises for lead generation. Any tips & tricks forLeadShare?Here are some best practices for getting the most out of SlideShares lead generation service, LeadShareOffer something specific and measurable in your lead form Lead forms with specific offers perform far better than generic ones - "... well get back within 24 hrs" (specific) Forms assuring users of responsible behavior perform better - "... No Spam! That’s a promise" (assuring) Examples of best performing offers on LeadShare - "... well give you a 30 day free trial" (measurable)Give your lead presentations (or documents, videos) a strong title Your title is as far as most people go, so make it inviting Our research shows a strong title increases CTR by 10% (on a standalone basis) Use relevant keywords, but try to keep the title shortMake your first slide/page REALLY impressive The first slide is your thumbnail, so use big fonts and clear images Our research shows a striking first slide increases CTR by 15% (on a standalone basis) Check that it actually looks good at the smaller thumbnail sizeAdopt an experimental approach You might need a few tries before figuring out the best approach Try different combinations of messages, offer text, questions in your campaign Change, fine tune and optimize till your maximum ROIHow do you increase the quality of leads you are collecting?Quality of leads you collect is influenced by your lead campaign settings. Look up these options under the AdvancedOptions section of the lead form. If your leads are coming from an irrelevant country, change your geography targeting Try turning off leads on file downloads, sometimes file downloading gives lower quality leads If you are using content blocking, this may lower lead quality, make the form optional Sometimes putting the lead form in the middle of the presentation disrupts users leading to lower quality leads, try moving the form to the endMaximum LeadShare ROI with well-crafted presentations Get started on LeadShare with your existing presentations, PDFs etc. But follow up with high quality presentations that are specially designed for LeadShare (for maximum ROI)
  7. 7. SlideShare has the worlds best presentation designers. Hire someone by searching hereHow to maximize your content for LeadShare High quality content is key Give proper titles, description, transcripts as this drives SEO traffic from the web Use proper tags and categories as this helps internal discovery on tag/category/search pages