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Fiber End Preparations & Splicing


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Fiber End Preparations & Splicing-For Basic Understanding

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Fiber End Preparations & Splicing

  1. 1. OPTICAL FIBER COMMUNICATION Where Beauty of Light and Semiconductor Devices mixed together to transformed the History of Communication Technology .
  2. 2. Unit 4 (OFC)-Part-1 Kalyan Acharjya
  3. 3. 10/7/20163 Sorry, I opened the lock without prior permission taken from the original owner. Some images used in this presentation contents are copied from Book’s without permission. Only Original Owner has full rights reserved for copied images. This PPT is only for fair academic use. Kalyan Acharjya
  4. 4. Unit-3 • Photo Transistor • Optocoupler
  5. 5. PhotoTransistor
  6. 6. Phototransistor
  7. 7. Optocoupler
  8. 8. Application of Optocoupler
  9. 9. Unit-4-OFC Fiber End Preparations Fiber Splicing Fiber Connectors Fiber Materials Fiber Fabrication Mechanical Properties of Fiber
  10. 10. Fiber End Preparations
  11. 11. Fiber End Preparations
  12. 12. Fiber End Preparations- Cleaving Tool
  13. 13. Fiber Optics Tool to terminate Fiber
  14. 14. Fiber Cleaver Tool
  15. 15. Fiber Connector • Splicing-Permanent Joint • Fiber Connector-Non Permanent Joint
  16. 16. Fiber Splicing
  17. 17. Fiber Splicing
  18. 18. Fiber Connectors
  19. 19. Why Education is Necessary?
  20. 20. Answer..
  21. 21. Fiber Optics Companies in India Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited-HFCL Teracom Limited , Goa
  22. 22. Finolex Cables • Finolex cables limited manufacture optical fiber cables in two manufacturing units. One is in the Goa and the other manufacturing division is at Pune.
  23. 23. Fiber Optics Market Share
  24. 24. Do You Know? • The National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN) is a project initiated in 2011 and funded by Universal Service Obligation Fund to provide broadband connectivity to over two lakh (200,000) Gram panchayats of India at a cost of Rs.20,000 crore ($3 billion). • Government of India has given approval of the project on 25-10-2011. • Project >> Last Phase….
  25. 25. What going on in your Mind?
  26. 26. In Your Mind..! कृ पया यहाॉ ज्ञान न बाॊटे,एक के अलाबा,यॊहा सभी ज्ञानी है....!
  27. 27. Thank You There will be no Future of Communication Technology without Fiber !