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2014 hv expo preview


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2014 hv expo preview

  1. 1. P J A N U A R Y J A V I T S N E W 2 1 - 2 3 R E V I E W C O-S P O N S O R S C E N T E R Y O R K C I T Y H O N O R A RY S P O N S O R
  4. 4. INTRODUCING THE 2014 AHR EXPO ® DOING BUSINESS THE NEW FASHIONED WAY. FACE-TO-FACE. T he 2014 AHR Expo is a BIG Show. And here’s why bigger is better: it provides more opportunities to get down to the bottom line, faster. Web research, emails, webinars, catalogs, phone calls... these are all necessary and useful. But nothing takes the place of one-on-one, face-to-face interaction with product experts while seeing the equipment in person. That’s what makes the AHR Expo unique. We provide the forum for these small connections so you can generate big results. Come join us this January and let’s get down to business, face-to-face.
  6. 6. 2014 PRODUCT P RODUCT CATEGOR I E S Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment, Systems & Components . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 6-15 Heating Equipment (Boilers, Burners, Exchangers, etc.) . . . . . . . . .pages 15-19 Ventilation Equipment (Fans, Blowers, Diffusers, etc.) . . . . . . . . . . .pages 20-21 Instruments & Controls. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 22-23 Building Automation & Control Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pages 24-26 Energy-Saving/Renewable Energy Equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 26-27 IAQ Products (Filters, Humidifiers, etc.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 28 Plumbing Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 29 Software . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pages 30-31 Tools & Contractor Supplies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pages 31-33 Miscellaneous Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pages 33-35 PREVIEW A I R - C O N D I TI O N I N G & R E F R I G E R ATI O N E Q U I P M E NT, SYSTE M S & C O M P O N E NT S Refrigerants A-Gas RemTec Liquid Desiccant A/C System BOOTH 847 A-Gas RemTec offers a Total Solutions Program for complete refrigerant management. A full product line of refrigerants and their replacements provides distillation of mixed refrigerants to return to industry standards, refrigerant banking, recovery cylinders in all sizes, and cylinder refurbishing. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Sun-Powered Air Conditioner AC-Sun ApS Leak Sealant Advantix Systems Atlantic Chemical & Equipment Co. BOOTH 1186 MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial This sun-powered air conditioner can save 90% on energy and reduce 85% of CO2. It uses water as a refrigerant, but in a closed circuit so there is no water consumption. Low temperature steam under vacuum drives modified car turbines, which offers high compression of steam at low pressure. ACR SmartReader Plus is a multiSmartReader Plus Data Loggers channel, userACR Systems Inc. configurable data logger that monitors a variety of parameters and features extended memory. The alarm feature alerts when thresholds are transgressed via phone or e-mail. This logger is accessible remotely by modem or device server; multiple loggers can also be linked to form a network. Durability is assured with a 3-year logger warranty and 10-year battery life. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial 6 2014 AHR EXPO AP Armaflex Insulation Armacell LLC Armacell LLC MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial ACR Systems, Inc. BOOTH 7415 ACESEAL leak sealants seal small leaks in condensers, evaporators, and refrigerant lines. ACESEAL is not moisture activated, does not require a drying agent, and its high-pressure delivery ensures easy dispensing into a system with no need to evacuate it. An HFC-free can does not introduce propellant into system, and is compatible with all oils and refrigerants. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial Closed Cell Insulation BOOTH 6133 Data Loggers BOOTH 1038 Advantix Systems manufactures liquid desiccant A/C systems that deliver powerful, precise humidity control, energy savings of 30% or more, and cleaner air in commercial and industrial applications. Winner of AHR’s Most Innovative Cooling Product, Advantix Systems equipment offers compelling economics, better performance, and an improved environmental footprint. DT Series A/C System Advantix Systems Mechanical Tubing Connector American Vulkan Lokring BOOTH 2073 American Vulkan Lokring manufactures tubing connectors which use no brazing or heat to join aluminum, copper, and steel tubing normally used in A/C systems. These R410a tested connections have quicker installation times of VRV or VRF systems, require no hot work permits or fire watch, and produce no nitrogen flow. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Vulkan Lokring Tubing Connector American Vulkan Lokring BOOTH 1279 Armacell produces fiber-free, closed-cell, elastomeric insulation for HVAC ducts and refrigeration lines to control condensation, reduce energy waste, and absorb noise. AP Armaflex® products are Greenguard® certified as low emitting, are manufactured without CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, PBDEs, or Formaldehyde, and made with built-in Microban® antimicrobial product protection to resist mold. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial ACESEAL Leak Sealant Atlantic Chemical & Equipment Co. Manual Valve Actuators Babbitt Steam Specialty Company BOOTH 863 Babbitt adjustable high-grade aluminum chainwheels are designed for applications where corrosion resistance, strength, and being lightweight are important. Units come complete with 304 stainless steel attachment sets. Galvanized, brass and stainless steel weldless chain is available. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial BABBITT Steam Aluminum Chainwheels Babbitt Steam Specialty Company
  7. 7. A I R - C O N D I TI O N I N G & R E F R I G E R ATI O N E Q U I P M E NT, SYSTE M S & C O M P O N E NT S Wine Cellar Cooling System Heat Exchanger Blissfield Manufacturing Co. Bacchus Cellar Systems BOOTH 7969 Bacchus Cellar Systems manufactures wine cellar cooling systems that are stainless steel ceiling mounted, with ducted evaporators that are electronically controlled to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels to preserve fine wine. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial Ceiling Fan Big Ass Fans Ductless Mini-Split Century Div., Heat Controller, Inc. BOOTH 308 BOOTH 1607 Blissfield offers a maintenance and clog free CO2 gas cooler solution with all steel continuous tube construction and a compact tube pattern for efficient performance. It is available with high pressure rated copper connectors, and is UL approved for use with CO2 and other refrigerants. This gas cooler is designed for beverage applications, but is suitable for other equipment where clogging/durability are a concern. Century offers a single zone inverter mini-split that is rated at 15 SEER. Nano silver filtration and gold fin evaporator coating prevent bacterial growth. The mini-split features multiple modes, auto swing, and a low ambient operation (cooling) to 5°F. A detector signals if the unit begins losing charge. Gas Cooler Blissfield Manufacturing Co. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional Touchscreen Thermostat Braeburn Systems, LLC EC Motor bigbest Solutions, Inc. BOOTH 8156 Bigbest’s ES42 BLDC motor is manufactured in a NEMA42 size, with 1/4 to 1/3 HP output power. BOOTH 146 Braeburn’s Premier Touchscreen thermostats pack the features of its 12 square inch Deluxe Touchscreens into a compact 6.5 square inch display. Model 5310 is suitable for single stage systems, while model 5320 is appropriate for systems up to 4 heat/2 cool. MARKETS: MARKETS: Residential, Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Commercial, Industrial ES42 Motor bigbest Solutions, Inc. Scroll Compressor BITZER US, Inc. BOOTH 1559 BITZER’s GSD6 Orbit Scroll Compressor series is designed for R410A applications and range from 10-20 HP. The GSD6 series offers high energy efficiencies and low sound levels and can be applied to both A/C and heat pump applications. BITZER’s GSD8 series ranges up to 40 HP. CALMAC Manufacturing Corporation CALMAC manufactures IceBank® energy storage, an ice-based distributed energy storage solution that allows building owners to lower cooling costs by reducing the financial impact of peak electric use on the grid. IceBank® has been installed in over 4,000 projects, is smart grid ready, and can store renewable energy. Commercial BOOTH 1811 MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Thermal Energy Storage MARKETS: Residential, Institutional BOOTH 1018 MARKETS: The Haiku® ceiling fan is now available in a 7-ft. diameter, offering the sleek, silent operation of Haiku in a size suitable for commercial spaces. The 7-ft. Haiku is even more efficient than its 60-inch predecessor, which was rated the most efficient ceiling fan in the world by ENERGY STAR®. IceBank® Energy Storage CALMAC Manufacturing Corporation Reciprocating Compressor Carlyle Compressor Division of Carrier Corporation BOOTH 1357 Carlyle has developed medium and low temperature reciprocating compressors designed specifically for R410A non-ozonedepleting refrigerant with low global warming potential. There are four models available, with a flow rate range from 15 to 24 CFM, and temperature span from -30° to 40° F SST. Carlyle’s new line offers improved efficiency, sophisticated capacity control, reduced installation cost, and can operate above rated frequency with use of VFD. MARKETS: Touchscreen Thermostat Braeburn Systems LLC Commercial, Industrial 06M Medium and Low Temp. Compressor Carlyle Compressor Absorption Chiller Water-Cooled Chiller BROAD USA Inc. Carrier BOOTH 5826 BOOTH 621 BROAD U.S.A.’s absorbers range in size up to 3300 tons, and can be operated with steam, hot water, natural gas, and exhaust, which is common for CCHP applications. Carrier’s new range of 23XRV chillers offers surge-free, high efficiency with a small footprint. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Wine Cellar Cooling Systems MARKETS: Commercial MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial CellarCool BOOTH 7336 CellarCool’s new Built-in Humidity Control feature solves the low humidity problems that can be an issue for the proper storage of wine. CellarCool has developed a built-in humidity system that comes complete with a humidistat control that is mounted within the cellar. GSD6 Orbit Scroll Compressor BITZER Absorption Chiller BROAD USA Inc. D Series Mini-Split Century Div., Heat Controller, Inc. Polymeric Heat Exchanger Cesaroni Technology Inc. BOOTH 2617 PolyCoil Polymeric Heat Exchangers are available in several styles, including shell and tube for liquid-to-liquid applications, and a flat panel array for liquid-to-air applications. Polymeric heat exchangers offer high heat transfer, efficient impact resistance, and reduced fouling in equivalent package size when compared to metal designs. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Air Filter Monitor CleanAlert, LLC BOOTH 7763 The FILTERSCAN FS245 is an air filter monitor that alerts the user when the filter needs to be serviced base on differential pressure changes in the HVAC system. It provides text or email alerts with percentage of clog, and works with most filters and most systems, including VAV systems. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional Split System Condenser Comfort-Aire Div., Heat Controller, Inc. BOOTH 1607 The 16 SEER condenser comes with aluminum micro-channel coils that are corrosion resistant, as well as efficient scroll compressors. Durable cabinet protects the coil, and a top grille allows service without disconnecting the fan motor. These 1.5-5 ton capacity condensers have a twelveyear compressor and parts warranty. MARKETS: Residential Comfort-Aire Condenser Comfort-Aire Div., Heat Controller, Inc. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial AHREXPO.COM/VISIT2 7
  8. 8. A I R - C O N D ITI O N I N G & R E F R I G E R ATI O N E Q U I P M E NT, SYSTE M S & C O M P O N E NT S Cooling Tower Automatic Purging Device Fabric Air Duct Delta Cooling Towers, Inc. Drain Shield Inc. Durkee America Inc. BOOTH 7804 Delta Cooling Towers’ products have a heavywall plastic shell that will not peel, rust, chip, or ever need additional coatings. It manufactures a complete line of seamless engineered plastic cooling towers that are simple to install and nearly maintenance free. SmartFan Stratus II Variable Frequency Drive Control Resources, Inc. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Variable Frequency Drive Control Resources, Inc. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial eAir, LLC Safe-T-Flush Drain Shield Inc. Cooling Towers Delta Cooling Towers, Inc. Hydronic Fan Coil Freeze Damage Protected Coils Designline Cooney Coil & Energy, Inc. BOOTH 8723 Cooney Coil & Energy offers new technology that provides protection to HVAC systems by preventing damage caused by coils freezing and rupturing. This patent-protected design will reduce future maintenance, downtime, and premature coil failure, and in most cases, eliminate the need for glycol. BOOTH 1503 ThermaQuiet is designed to complement today’s condensing applications, providing efficient outputs and performance at reduced supply water temperatures. Whether using a high-efficiency boiler, heat pump, or even solar hot water supply products, ThermaQuiet’s energy-efficient design can save over 35% when compared to traditional hydronic radiation products. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Make-Up Air Systems Dectron Internationale Inc. BOOTH 1530 Eco-tron™ by Dectron offers design flexibility from 500-500,000 CFM, featuring integral energy recovery devices, desiccant dehumidification, gas-phase filtration, electronically-commutated motors, digital scroll compressors, Supervisaire® microprocessor controls, thermal break construction, and much more. Eco-tron provides complete selection of methodologies for temp/humidity precision matched with LEED and IAQ requirements. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial DurkeeSox fabric air ducts replace traditional ductwork, insulation, diffusers, and air valves, with more even airflow, better energy efficiency, lower cost, easier installation, and maintenance. Also, Durkflex insulation can retard undesired heat gain/loss in HVAC and other industries, and is free of CFC/HCFC, fiber dust and mold. Inverter Mini-Split BOOTH 7068 MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial ThermaQuiet Hydronic Fan Coil Designline Duct Liner MARKETS: Residential Ductmate Industries, Inc. BOOTH 1903 The PolyArmor polyester duct liner delivers R-5 performance, making for more comfortable and quieter spaces. Overall system noise is suppressed due to PolyArmor’s acoustical design that exceeds traditional and elastomeric materials. It is even made with 25% recycled fibers and works with water based adhesives to keep projects as green as possible. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Sensor DunAn Microstaq Inc. BOOTH 2379 ComfortStar USA now includes a new Inverter Mini-Split Single Zone line-up that features a line set kit, which comes with quick connectors that are easy to adapt in the system. BOOTH 7583 Motor Shaft Mounting Kit Electro Static Technology ITW/AEGIS BOOTH 6022 Suitable for HVAC motor maintenance, the Split Universal Mounting Kit protects the bearings of inverter-driven motors from electrical damage by channeling shaft currents safely to ground. For easy retrofitting, the halves of the AEGIS® Split Bearing Protection Ring open to fit around the motor shaft, allowing installation without decoupling attached equipment. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial DunAn Microstaq introduces the Universal SuperHeat Sensor (USHS), an advanced smart sensor providing a real-time digital calculation of superheat. The USHS features include realtime calculated superheat, measured suction pressure, measured suction line temperature, system alarms, and serial communication to a computer or hand held device. MARKETS: Residential, Commer- Fabric Ductwork Difusión Textil Integral SA de CV BOOTH 6103 Difusión Textil Integral is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining textile air dispersion products that conduct, diffuse, and extract air. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Eco-tron™ Air Systems Dectron Internationale Inc. 2014 AHR EXPO Drain Shield offers an automatic purging device for air conditioning condensation drain lines. When the Safe-T-Flush detects a clogged drain, the system automatically shuts off the air conditioner, preventing flood damage, and pressurizes the drain with CO2 to remove the clog. Automatic blockage removal provides uninterrupted comfort for both homes and businesses. BOOTH 8009 MARKETS: Residential, Commercial The SmartFan® Stratus II Variable Frequency Drive is designed to control single and threephase fractional HP motors via a transducer (voltage or current signal), thermistor, potentiometer, or Modbus RTU network. Each unit can now be customized in minutes using the menu-driven SmartFan® Navigator handheld remote. 8 BOOTH 8169 cial, Industrial Split Universal Mounting Kit Electro Static Technology Universal SuperHeat Sensor DunAn Microstaq Inc. Night Covers for Refrigerated Cases Water Cooled Rotary Screw Chiller Dunham-Bush Americas Econofrost/Promolux BOOTH 6238 BOOTH 7531 Dunham-Bush Americas introduces the WCFX-E Series Water Cooled Chillers, with rotary screw compressors and a range from 851,000TR. They can also come with an optional factory-installed Desuperheater to produce free hot water while producing chilled water. Econofrost offers heat-reflective woven aluminum night covers that install on open refrigerated display equipment and roll down at night to save energy and reduce perishable shrink. Promolux introduces specialty LEDs and fluorescents designed for merchandising and protecting fresh food. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional
  9. 9. A I R - C O N D I TI O N I N G & R E F R I G E R ATI O N E Q U I P M E NT, SYSTE M S & C O M P O N E NT S Fittings Elgen Manufacturing Configuration Software for Air Low Voltage AC Drives Filtration Equipment Fuji Electric Corp. of America BOOTH 1800 Elgen’s fittings come with zero leak hardware, are easy to install, and do not leak, even on high-pressure systems. The fittings also eliminate leakage in damper blade hardware. MARKETS: Residential, Flanders Corporation No-Acid Acid Neutralizer Errecom s.r.l. Acid Neutralizer Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Errecom s.r.l. Fittings with Zero Leak Hardware Elgen Manufacturing Scroll Compressor Emerson Climate Technologies BOOTH 1024 Emerson’s Copeland Scroll™ variable speed compressors have been designed to enable systems to achieve high cooling and heating efficiency levels, which produces significant annual energy savings. The new line of variable speed products also helps systems improve comfort with even temperatures, precise humidity control, and hot air supply heating in cold winter conditions. In addition, CoreSense technology onboard the associated motor control drive provides a proactive layer of protection for the compressor, which improves reliability and reduces the need for compressorrelated service calls. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial BOOTH 8481 All AC/R systems create hydrofluoric acid due to the presence of fluorine in the refrigerant, and inevitably introduce moisture to the system. In one simple injection, acid can be neutralized and prevented by the No-Acid acid neutralizer by Errecom. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Fenwal® 35-608 Direct Spark Ignition Fenwal Controls Direct Spark Ignition Control Fenwal Controls BOOTH 2259 MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Hi-Velocity Systems HE-Z Series Fan Coils Energy Saving Products Ltd. FRENIC-HVAC AC Drive Fuji Electric Corp. of America FR 1500 Air Handling Unit Frescaire España S.L. Mini-Split Heat Pump BOOTH 7605 BOOTH 8649 Frescaire’s air handling units provide up to 75% energy savings compared to conventional air-conditioning systems. They cannot cause Legionella, and do not dehumidify the air. Not only do they use 100% outside air, they only use water as a coolant. Due to the employment of a modular system, multiple units can be connected together or operate on a stand-alone basis. The units can operate even when windows are open, and they are constructed with fiberglass casing material. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Ductless Split System Air Conditioner Friedrich Air Conditioning Thru-the-Wall Condenser Energy Saving Products Ltd. is introducing the HE-Z Series of fan coils, which features the newly developed PSB (Pressure Sensing Board) motor controller. Packaging the new PSB together with a Variable Frequency Drive, manufactured by the WEG Electric Corporation, the HE-Z series is a suitable choice in a multifunctional fan coil. Industrial Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Frescaire España S.L. Copeland Scroll™ Variable Speed Compressor Emerson Climate Technologies BOOTH 5944 Fuji Electric’s FRENIC-HVAC drive provides efficient performance and energy savings for fans and pumps applications. It has a slim design and multiple functions, such as linearization and temperature and pressure difference constant control. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, MARKETS: Air Handling Units MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Energy Saving Products Ltd. The Product Configurator allows users to design and quote customized Flanders products. The application features include CAD drawing generation, Flanders quote generation, customized end customer quote generation, email capabilities, and the ability to create custom collaboration websites. BOOTH 372 Fujitsu General America, Inc. The Fenwal® 35-608 Series directly replaces the Honeywell S87 Series Direct Spark ignition control with matching footprint while providing a full range of options, excellent flame sense signal, and high spark energy. Diagnostic blink codes from the on-board LED follow standard Fenwal protocol to simplify troubleshooting. Fan Coils BOOTH 2130 First Co. BOOTH 7690 First Co.’s WHSC Thru-the-Wall Condenser achieves 14 SEER when matched with First Co.’s air handlers. The condensers feature ECM motors, high-efficiency compressors, enhanced coil technology, and a WHSC- 14 SEER Condenser propeller-type fan First Co. blade, which makes for a quiet operation versus the traditional squirrel cage type blowers. Fujitsu offers 9, 12 and 15,000 BTU/h floor mounts that are available in single or multi-zone configurations and provide heating or cooling to home and business owners, especially those replacing bulky radiators. Dual fans allow airflow to be directed upward into the room, and across the floor, to quickly reach a set temperature. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional Anticorrosive Coating GCC Co., Ltd. BOOTH 5931 GCC offers anticorrosive coating that is chemical resistant, heavy metal and carcinogen-free, and quick to dry. MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial R-PRO Anticorrosive Coating GCC Co., Ltd. BOOTH 2102 Friedrich Air Conditioner introduces inverter ductless split systems with high SEER ratings that have contractor-friendly installation features and quiet operation. Indoor multi-zone systems can mix and match wall mounts, ceiling cassettes, and concealed ducted components to meet configuration needs. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial Evaporator GEA PHE Systems BOOTH 2003 The FlatPlate® 15-ton DX Evaporator design handles an operating pressure up to 650 psig (45barg), with UL listing. Special construction extends the pressure range so it can be used when designing for R410a. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional Friedrich Ductless Split Systems Friedrich Air Conditioning CH15-XP Evaporator GEA PHE Systems AHREXPO.COM/VISIT2 9
  10. 10. A I R - C O N D ITI O N I N G & R E F R I G E R ATI O N E Q U I P M E NT, SYSTE M S & C O M P O N E NT S Level Transmitters Insulation Coupling Gems Sensors & Controls Hydra-Zorb/Klo-Shure BOOTH 142 The XM/XT-300 and XM/XT-700 combine the durability of stainless steel or brass construction in a lightweight package. They are suitable for tanks less than 2 feet and are versatile for a broad range of applications. For chemical compatibility, the XM/XT-300 series provides the same lightweight and compact design in polysulfone, with a choice of mountings and float materials. MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial HVAC and Plumbing Gas Apparatus Genstar Technologies Co., Inc. BOOTH 2336 Genstar Technologies Company provides quality air-fuel and oxy-fuel brazing, soldering, welding and cutting apparatus, pressure regulators, fittings, valves, and various gas control and handling devices. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Tube Cleaning Machine Goodway Technologies Corp. BOOTH 1311 Goodway’s RAM-PRO-XL tube-brushing machine utilizes green Tube Guard chemical tablets to aid in cleaning and to inhibit future tube fouling and biological growth. It is durable, compact, and comes with an integrated protective roll-cage and dolly. Klo-Shure insulation couplings create a vapor barrier at the clamping points on insulated tube and tube installations. They meet the UL 25/50 flame smoke rating and are designed to work with elastomeric and fiberglass insulation. Copper Tube GL Plus Copper Tube Great Lakes Copper Inc. Great Lakes Copper Inc. RAM-PRO-XL Tube Brushing Machine Goodway Technologies Corp. Refrigerator and Freezer Test Chamber BOOTH 1947 Great Lakes Copper introduces pressurized ACR/MED copper tubing that is available in 10, 12, and 20 feet lengths and a variety of sizes in Type L and K. Each product conforms to ASTM B-280/B-819 specifications, is specially cleaned, deburred, purged, and pressurized with Nitrogen gas, and features easy to remove, installer-friendly silicone plugs. Intertek Klo-Shure Insulation Coupling Hydra-Zorb/Klo-Shure MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Portable Air Conditioner Micro Channel Heat Exchanger i-Lift Equipment GreatStone International Ltd. BOOTH 6044 Greatstone International introduces a heat exchanger that can be used as a condenser and produces up to 50% less refrigerant charge. It has a 30% higher HT efficiency, and is lighter in weight and smaller in volume. Made out of aluminum, it is easy to recycle. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial BOOTH 5918 i-Lift Equipment introduces a portable air conditioner that cools with an evaporator on top of the condenser. It can work in temperatures up to 113°F, and saves energy by cooling only the targeted spot. Heat Pipes BOOTH 2530 Diffuser Verbet Industry is Model FR Diffuser a subsidiary of a Industrias Vermont, Mexican company, S.A. de C.V. Industrias Vermont, and manufactures accessories for air conditioning equipment, such as grills, ducts, and fittings. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Control Systems Web Server Innotech Controls America Nitrogen Regulator Goss, Inc. BOOTH 1765 Goss introduces a durable regulator that delivers 700PSI. Cool - 70º(F) Exhaust Air DHP and HRM Heat Pipes Heat Pipe Technology, Inc. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial EN-700F Nitrogen Regulator Goss, Inc. Electronic Controls Hoffman Controls Corp. BOOTH 759 Hoffman Controls offers products used for the control of airflow, pressure, positive/negative differential, and variable air volume. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial 10 2014 AHR EXPO Intertek now offers a test chamber capable of testing the performance of walk-in refrigerators and freezers to the AHRI 1200 and 1250 standards. These chambers can operate between the temperatures of -20 and 140°F, employ a dual refrigerant enthalpy method, and support up to 40A @ 240VAC. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Connection Device BOOTH 7856 MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Hot - 100º (F) Outside Air BOOTH 747 Isil Muhendislik Mak. A.s. - Flexiva MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Industrias Vermont, S.A. de C.V. BOOTH 1686 Heat Pipe Technology offers pipe systems that can be customized for retrofits and new construction with no cross contamination between air streams. They have multiple circuits for enhanced performance and control. Institutional, Industrial MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Refrigerator and Freezer Test Chamber Intertek Heat Pipe Technology, Inc. MARKETS: Commercial, BOOTH 1769 BOOTH 200 The Innotech IWS01 is a web server that connects to the Innotech range of BMS Controls. It offers a plug-and-play solution to provide remote connection for up to 5 concurrent users. It offers other features, including real time monitoring, trending, data log extraction, and alarm handling to three different email addresses. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Innotech IWS01 Web Server Innotech Controls America ISILTAK is a connection device between the flexible duct and the main steel ventilation duct, connection points, fans, and air-handling units. The advantage over other connection equipment is it allows the flexible duct to be connected to the ISILTAK without any assistive equipment, such as aluminum tape and cable ties. The flexible duct connection becomes more airtight and economical by screwing the flexible duct to ISILTAK only, which lets the connection act as a natural seal. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial Ball Valves ITE BOOTH 2037 ITE offers bi-directional refrigeration ball valves that range from 1/4" to 3 1/8" ODS, suitable for all CFC, HCFC, HFC refrigerants and oils, including R410A and R744. It has a full-flow design and quick valve operation with mechanical stop, and comes equipped with an access valve port and bracket. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial HPBV Series Ball Valves ITE
  11. 11. A I R - C O N D I TI O N I N G & R E F R I G E R ATI O N E Q U I P M E NT, SYSTE M S & C O M P O N E NT S Separators Fasteners J.T. Products, Inc. BOOTH 7731 Zip-EZ™ all-purpose insulation fasteners are Plenum-Rated fasteners designed to install duct wrap and reflective insulation. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Zip-Ez™ Fasteners J.T. Products, Inc. Refrigerant Locking Cap JB Industries, Inc. LAKOS Separators and Filtration Solutions MA-Line Div. of Monti & Associates, Inc. BOOTH 1938 BOOTH 1466 LAKOS eTCX Systems offer higher efficiency eTCX Separator cooling tower basin LAKOS Separators sweeping solutions. and Filtration Solutions Versatile packages utilize LAKOS’s new higher-efficiency separators, lower pump horsepower, and premium efficiency motors to reduce energy consumption while removing 99% to 25 micron. New design works for TowerClean or Side-Stream applications. Purge options include new electric fail-safe valve. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial The MA-Line 50-to-1 Distance-to-Spot ratio infrared thermometer performs quick and accurate non-contact temperature measurements on a broad range of surfaces. This unit has a wide temperature range of -50F to 1900°F with a built-in laser pointer. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial MA-16551 MA-Line Infrared Thermometer MA-Line Div. of Monti & Associates, Inc. BOOTH 2049 The Shield™ Refrigerant Locking Cap protects homeowners against refrigerant theft and huffing related injuries. The caps come with color-coded rubberized sleeves that protect against outside elements and allow for easy identification of refrigerants. The Shield is opened with a tamper resistant bit that is available to licensed HVAC/R techs and electricians. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional Electric Heater King Heating Infrared Thermometer Residential Direct Heat Equipment Louisville Tin & Stove Company/ COZY BOOTH 1864 Cozy Direct Vent Baseboard, Hi-Efficient Direct Vent, and Wind-O-Warm gas heaters (3 products) range from 5M to 40M BTU heating capacities. All products are sealed combustion systems with 24-volt self-diagnostic controls, a tubular heat exchanger, and in-shot burners. Pressure Transducer Measurement Specialties, Inc. BOOTH 153 The U7100 pressure transducer has a 316L stainless steel pressure cavity, free of internal O-rings or organics. It is offered with standard pressure ranges from 0 to 15, and up to 150 psi. Smaller Diameter Copper Tubes MicroGroove Copper Development Association BOOTH 5803 MicroGroove now offers more compact heat exchanger coils, which reduces the cost of high-efficiency air conditioners and refrigeration systems. Suppliers and manufacturers are already producing new commercial and residential air conditioning and refrigeration products based on small diameter MicroGroove copper tubing. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial MARKETS: Residential BOOTH 7564 Introducing the KTW-Series limited space forced-air electric heaters, which are available in wattages of 250 to 1,500, at 120 volts or dual rated from 208 volts to 240 volts. Assemblies have a 3-wattage element constructed of coiled nickel chromium, and an alloy corrosion-resistant wire is strung with two rows of muskovite insulator. Wattage can be adjusted from 2501250 watts in the low position and 750-1500 watts in the high position. The wall is 20-gauge steel, the grill has a louvered, one-piece design, and the heater can be epoxy powder-coated in three colors or stainless steel. MARKETS: Residential KTW2415 Electric Heater King Heating NRP Multipurpose Heat Pump Mits Airconditioning Inc. Aermec Model U7100 Pressure Transducer Measurement Specialties, Inc. HDF 600sf System SmartFlow Controller LTG Incorporated Chilled Beam Controller LTG Incorporated BOOTH 8204 The LTG SmartFlow controller simplifies chilled beam technology by having fresh air volume and cooling capacity that can be adjusted to current needs. Lower energy usage and comfort is ensured by supplying an air variable from 0-100 % without increasing in noise. Protective Coatings Metal Processing International L.P. BOOTH 6034 The Finkote coating system protects coils from rust and corrosion. A zirconium pretreatment process improves adhesion, reduces fin edge creep back, and combats formicary corrosion. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Lucas Milhaupt Global Brazing Solutions BOOTH 572 Lucas-Milhaupt offers Sil-Fos rings that use a calculated alloy volume for use with standard size copper tubes from 1/4 inch to 1-1/8 inch. Using these rings controls alloy usage, minimizes waste, and provides visual verification of a complete, sound braze joint. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Multipurpose Heat Pump Mits Airconditioning Inc. Aermec BOOTH 8505 The NRP Multipurpose Heat Pump comes in a two or four pipe system with a DHW option. Customers can also choose from a combination of integrated hydronic kits and extra-low sound versions. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Multi-zone Heat Pumps Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating BOOTH 1679 Mitsubishi offers an energy-efficient 3.5 ton cooling and heating system with individual control for up to five zones from a single outdoor system. With multiple indoor unit styles to choose from, it is suitable for multiple zones, whole floors, or entire homes, and provides an exceptional heating capacity of up to 53,000 Btu/h. Brazing Alloy Sil-Fos Rings Lucas Milhaupt Global Brazing Solutions MicroGroove Copper Tubes MicroGroove Copper Development Association MARKETS: Residential, Commercial Finkote Protective Coating Metal Processing International MXZ-5B42NA Multi-zone Heat Pump Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating AHREXPO.COM/VISIT2 11
  12. 12. A I R - C O N D ITI O N I N G & R E F R I G E R ATI O N E Q U I P M E NT, SYSTE M S & C O M P O N E NT S Precision Air Conditioner Multicontrol S.A. Nu-Calgon BOOTH 7475 Free Cooling Chiller BOOTH 8135 Motivair offers a high-efficiency chiller that combines Turbocor centrifugal compressors and an integrated free cooling system. It allows for reliable low ambient operation for consistent data center and process loads. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Portable Air Conditioners MovinCool/Denso Sales California, Inc. BOOTH 1959 DENSO’s new warranty on its MovinCool® portable spot air conditioners covers both parts and labor for three years, and applies to MovinCool’s Office Pro, Classic, and Classic Plus models. Unlike supplemental third-party warranties, the MovinCool warranty is issued by the manufacturer itself. Eco-Lyme’s new scale dissolving chemistry is substantially safer on equipment metals, especially stainless steel. Readily biodegradable, odorless, and low-foaming for added safety, Eco-Lyme is an efficient alternative to hydrochloric acid-based descalers. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Institutional, Industrial DW Series Air Conditioners Multicontrol S.A. Copper Line Replacement Components Parker Hannifin, Sporlan, Aftermarket A/C and Refrigeration Heat Exchanger Onda USA LLC Condensing Units National Comfort Products BOOTH 2438 National Comfort Products manufactures a complete line of thru-the-wall condensing units and packaged units that use an environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant and is ready for immediate delivery. BOOTH 2306 Onda’s new series of Straight Tube High Efficiency dry-expansion evaporators makes it possible to achieve high efficiencies and low temperature approaches (2° C) previously reachable only by using flooded evaporators. The design achieves maximum efficiency with the low refrigerant charge of a dry-expansion evaporator. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial SHE- Straight Tube High Efficiency Evaporator Onda USA LLC Water Filter Orival Water Filters Canal ICE Duct NICCONS ITALY srl Line Set Protection Isolation Valves Mueller Industries, Inc. BOOTH 1457 Mueller Refrigeration introduces an enhanced design of CYCLEMASTER® Ball Valves, which offer an optimized design that improves performance and functionality. These valves offer increased UL Certified pressure ratings by up to 10%, allowing use with all refrigerants and oils, including systems that incorporate higher pressure refrigerants, such as R-410a and subcritical CO2. BOOTH 2613 NICCONS ITALY offers line-set protection for split and VRF/VRV systems installations that is made of rigid PVC and can stabilizes against UV rays. Available in several measurements, the system allows for a compact pipe covering for a safe and quick installation. It is an effective housing for gas pipes, water condensation discharge hoses, and power lines, and all the fittings have a quick-joining hook system. BOOTH 2450 CYCLEMASTER® Ball Valves Mueller Industries, Inc. 2014 AHR EXPO MARKETS: Commercial NOARK Electric (USA) BOOTH 7555 MARKETS: Residential, Commercial Insulation Sealant MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Pittsburgh Corning FOAMGLAS Insulation BOOTH 347 PITTSEAL® CW sealant is a high-performance MS polymer-based sealant that offers the advantages of both silicone and polyurethane sealants in one product. PITTSEAL® CW sealant contains no isocyanates or solvents. It is VOC compliant, UV resistant, paintable with effective adhesion and durability, and requires no primer. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Molded Case Circuit Breaker BOOTH 5700 PDM US introduces Gelcopper US, a tearresistant insulation foot marking that helps when charging the unit with refrigerant. It is available in lengths up to 164 feet rolls. The insulation is conformed to ASTM E84 - UL723, and copper is conformed to ASTB 280. Orival’s Model OR Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter has a simple integrated hydraulic system that cleans the filter in 5-10 seconds with no interruption of clean water flow. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial OR Automatic Self-Cleaning Screen Filter Orival Water Filters Pre-insulated Ducting System UL 489 Molded Case Circuit Breakers are the newest addition for NOARK Electric. The compact designed circuit breakers are available in four frame sizes: 100AF M1, 225AF M2, 400AF M3, and 600AF M4. The connections include terminal lugs, bus bar, plug-in, rear, and draw-out. MARKETS: Commercial ZoomLine® technology replaces copper lines in R-404A refrigeration units, and is light, flexible, and will not harden like copper. It is an easily installed alternative to rigid tubing that is reusable, vibration resistant, and creates no kinking. PDM US CORP. Institutional, Industrial MovinCool® Air Conditioners MovinCool/ Denso Sales California, Inc. BOOTH 1657 Pre-Insulated Copper Pipe MARKETS: Residential, Commercial NICCONS ITALY srl ZoomLine® Copper Line Replacement Parker Hannifin, Sporlan, Aftermarket A/C and Refrigeration MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Eco-Lyme Descaler Nu-Calgon MARKETS: Commercial, 12 BOOTH 1271 Westric’s Floor Mounted Precision Air Conditioners are efficient and reliable heat management and humidity control solutions that provide protection in raised floor or ducted applications. A variety of models and configurations are available. MLT Turbocor Free Cooling Chiller Motivair Corporation Motivair Corporation Descaler The PAL Pre-Insulated Ducting System uses foam-based pre-insulated ductwork constructed and sized similar to normal sheet metal ductwork. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Pal Systems International BOOTH 7556 PITTSEAL® CW Sealant Pittsburgh Corning FOAMGLAS Insulation
  13. 13. A I R - C O N D I TI O N I N G & R E F R I G E R ATI O N E Q U I P M E NT, SYSTE M S & C O M P O N E NT S Ductless Mini-Split Pridiom Group, LLC Desiccant Dehumidification Rotors and Cassettes BOOTH 8104 Pridiom’s solar-powered ductless mini-split heat pump is rated to produce A/C with efficiencies as high as 139 SEER. Rotor Source, Inc. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial GasGuard Gas Cap RectorSeal Corporation Locking Refrigerant Gas Cap Solar-Powered Ductless Mini-Split Pridiom Group, LLC Cooling Tower Water Filtration Puroflux Corporation BOOTH 741 Puroflux’s PF-20 series filtration system uses a silica sand media that easily backwashes for cleaning. Puroflux filters are a suitable method for removing dirt and suspended solids of any micron level. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial RectorSeal Corporation BOOTH 7305 GasGuard™ is a tamper-resistant, hexagonallyshaped locking valve cap that helps prevent refrigerant theft, leaks, and refrigerant huffing from residential and commercial AC/R equipment. It restricts unauthorized access and can only be installed and removed with a proprietary socket tool. The cap complies with the IMC (1101-10) and IRC (M1411-6) that now mandate tamper-resistant outdoor access ports for all new AC/R installations. BOOTH 2408 Rotor Source provides desiccant dehumidification rotors and cassettes that range from 220 mm to 3300 mm in diameter, in depths of 50 mm to 400 mm, for flow rates from 106 liters/sec to 116,500 liters/sec. Rotor Source also offers recore service for other manufacturers’ desiccant rotors that use its patented high-capacity silica gel media. RuB Inc. The CP Electric Actuator, designed for restricted spaces, achieves a torque output up to 44 inches per pound and is suitable for RuB actuatable valves up to 1.25 inches. Each CP actuator has successfully passed 100,000 cycle life tests and is RoHS compliant. Institutional, Industrial Roland Engineering Services BOOTH 6620 PF-20 Series Filtration System Puroflux Corporation Modulating Control Valve Rawal Devices, Inc. Institutional, Industrial Compact Power Electric Actuator RuB Inc. One Piece Diffuser Sachins Impex India BOOTH 2610 Sachins Impex introduces a diffuser with continuous flow of fresh air, and is free of obstruction due to a patented one-piece seamless construction that is manufactured by the process of stamping. Diffusers are available as four-way supply and return, and are powdercoated in various colors, with or without an opposed blade damper. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Backward Curved Fans Rosenberg USA, Inc. BOOTH 636 Rosenberg’s new LRHF-B impeller features a new geometry that gives up to 78% efficiency, improved air volume, and reduced noise. It is available in nine sizes, ranging from 250mm to 630mm, with an AC external rotor, EC, or standard IEC motors. All Rosenberg fan motors are CE, UL, and RoHS approved. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Electronic Expansion Valve Saginomiya America, Inc. Aluminum Line Sets SAPA Aluminum Precision Tubing BOOTH 839 HyPlus consists of an aluminum tube, made from Hydro’s Hylife alloy, coated with a layer of black polyethylene. This coating provides protection against corrosion and makes it possible for the line sets to be used in aggressive environments, such as coastal regions and industrial areas. Control Panel Schneider Electric BOOTH 2457 Schneider Electric’s Control Fan Pack incorporates floating high pressure control and VSD fan operation for multi-fan, air-cooled chillers and condensers. It benefits both new and existing HVAC/R equipment and reduces the energy consumption of air-cooled chillers and condensers up to 25%, at a lower cost than complete replacement. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Dehumidifiers BOOTH 7547 UKV-F is a compact and lightweight-designed electronic expansion valve with an internal bypass structure that eliminates external check valves and relative piping. MARKETS: Residential HyPlus: PE Coated Aluminum Line Sets SAPA Aluminum Precision Tubing MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial BOOTH 1969 APR Control provides partload control for air conditioning systems, reducing short cycling conditions and risks of coil frosting and liquid slugging. By modulating system capacity, the APR Control extends runtimes to improve humidity control and stabilize temperatures in a variety of applications, including standard AC, VAV/VFD, and outside air systems. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Plus+ Replacement Refrigerant Roland Engineering Services Samsung Electronics introduces its miniature rotary compressor. BOOTH 972 Replacement Refrigerant Commercial, Institutional, Industrial BOOTH 7839 Ball Valves and Actuation MARKETS: Commercial, MARKETS: Residential, Samsung Compressor Direct MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial MARKETS: Residential, Commercial Summit Plus+ is an R-22 performance replacement refrigerant that contains no refrigerants or hydrocarbon-based products, and is generally used for package units and split systems. Typical retrofits show equal capacity and energy savings of up to 30% over R-22. Compressor Seresco Technologies, Inc. BOOTH 337 Seresco’s new Protocol Series dehumidifiers use as little as 1/6th the traditional refrigerant charge, and provide efficient humidity control. With easy, flexible, and cost-effective installation, the humidifiers can experience reduced maintenance and longer product life expectancy. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Institutional, Industrial B-Wheel LRHF-B Seven-Bladed Impeller Rosenberg USA, Inc. UKV-F Expansion Valve Saginomiya America, Inc. AHREXPO.COM/VISIT2 13
  14. 14. A I R - C O N D ITI O N I N G & R E F R I G E R ATI O N E Q U I P M E NT, SYSTE M S & C O M P O N E NT S Energy-Efficient Motor SNTech Inc. BOOTH 8272 SNTech provides OEM and aftermarket motors for heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration. Its family of Green Motors is available in a wide variety of configurations. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Green Motor SNTech Inc. EPP Pump Insulation Sonoco Protective Solutions BOOTH 8056 Sonoco has recently designed and manufactured molded EPP foam parts for several new Grundfos pumps. Its engineers have designed a two-piece, snap-together design, making EPP pump covers that act as protective packaging during shipment, as well as insulation when installed. HVAC and Pressurization System Compressor Specific Systems, Ltd. Kulthorn Kirby’s hermetically sealed compressors are suitable for residential and specialty air conditioning, household refrigerators and freezers, and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration applications. The AE series compressors are high-efficiency, adaptable to limited space, and low in vibration, noise level, and cost. BOOTH 1586 Specific Systems introduces a heavy-duty and explosion-proof all-in-one environmental control. Modular design allows for ease of maintenance access, and can include built-in purge/ pressurization, particle or chemical filtration, corrosion resistance, and alarms. Multiple mounting configurations and cabinet materials are offered, including 316 stainless. InPac Roofmount Specific Systems, Ltd. Cooling Tower SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. BOOTH 2131 Marley’s factory-assembled cooling tower has a higher tonnage and efficiency per cell, and can lower energy costs up to 20%. With up to 64% less installation time per cell, the cooling tower can provide over $1,400 savings per cell, over previous designs Maintenance costs are lower for the gear drives as compared to belt drive systems. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial UV LED Flashlight Spectronics Corporation Grundfos Chilled Water Pump Sonoco Protective Solutions Mini-Split HVAC Cable BOOTH 7823 Southwire introduces its EZ-In™ cable, which is designed and approved for both inside and outside use. It eliminates the use of conduit or cable trays and the need to run two cables through a junction box when installing mini-split units. Xcelon Make-Up Air Unit Sterling HVAC Products - A Mestek Co. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial The Xcelon Make-Up Air Unit is a traditional rooftop unit that is combined with a condensing hydronic boiler. Units are controlled by an integrated control platform, which reduces the gas operating costs of a building, and the low internal static pressures reduce the electrical operating costs. Rooftop Make-Up Air Unit Sterling HVAC Products A Mestek Co. BOOTH 1503 MARKETS: Commercial EZ-In™ Cable Southwire Company Spacepak - A Mestek Co. BOOTH 1503 AirCell works in conjunction with any hydronic supply system, including boilers, reverse cycle chillers, heat pumps, and geothermal. AirCell is designed for multiple applications, both residential and light commercial jobs. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional AirCell Air Distribution Module Spacepak - A Mestek Co. 2014 AHR EXPO Water Treatment System LegionHeat Heat Exchanger Spirax Sarco, Inc. Superior Manufacturing Div., Magnatech Corp. BOOTH 1942 Heat Exchanger Superior Manufacturing Corporation introduces a chemical-free water treatment system for lime/scale and corrosion. The Environmentalist/ Zero-Bleed system eliminates all daily bleed requirements typical in chemically treated cooling towers and evaporative condensers. Spirax Sarco, Inc. BOOTH 1328 The Spirax Sarco LegionHeat is a compact and energy-efficient heat transfer solution that delivers a constant supply of hot water on demand for domestic use at a stable temperature no less than 140° F, as mandated by ASHRAE 188P. MARKETS: Institutional, Industrial MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Air Handling Unit Systemair Inc. BOOTH 8351 Systemair offers the Topvex TR, a range of air handling units with airflows from 300 to 8100 cfm. Units are capable of providing tempered supply air to various buildings, including offices, schools, shops, banks, daycares, and similar facilities. The units are supplied preprogrammed, tested, and ready to install. Topvex TR Air Handling Unit Systemair Inc. Spectronics Corporation is introducing its new OPTIMAX 400 leak detection flashlight. The lamp features a unique violet light LED that causes dyes to fluoresce far more brilliantly compared to conventional blue light lamps. It has an inspection range of 25 feet, and works with all popular universal/POE dyes. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Air Distribution Module BOOTH 7837 MARKETS: Commercial OPTIMAX 400 Leak Detection Flashlight Spectronics Corporation Institutional, Industrial 14 Marley NC Cooling Tower SPX Cooling Technologies BOOTH 1472 MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Southwire Company SURNYX MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Environmentalist/Zero-Bleed Water Treatment System Superior Manufacturing Div., Magnatech Corp. Refrigerant Gases T.T. International Co., Ltd. BOOTH 2708 T.T. International is a supplier of HCFCS, HFCS, HARYCARBONS, and other products. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Digital Vacuum Gauge Testo, Inc. BOOTH 1979 The testo 552 is a digital vacuum measuring instrument with an absolute pressure sensor that requires no maintenance, yet can still provide accurate measurement results. The water and dust resistant gauge is built to withstand a six-foot drop, and has a battery life of 2,400 hours. Testo 552 Digital Vacuum Gauge Testo, Inc. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial
  15. 15. A I R - C O N D I TI O N I N G & R E F R I G E R ATI O N E Q U I P M E NT, SYSTE M S & C O M P O N E NT S Vapor Absorption Chiller Fresh Air Requirement Control Marine Condensers Thermax Inc. Unico, Inc. BOOTH 8368 The newest feature of this absorption chiller by Thermax is the COP of 1.75. Waste heat recovery will increase by nearly 28% through an absorption cooling system in a CHP application, especially when exhaust gases from a prime mover will be used directly as a heat source. BOOTH 927 Unico has developed a new programmable ASHRAE 62.2 fresh air requirement feature, which is now incorporated into the control board of its air handler. This provides the homebuilder, contractor, or the homeowner assurance that the structure is meeting the ASHRAE 62.2 fresh air requirements for a residential building. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial MARKETS: Residential PTC Immersion Heater for Steam Humidifier UCAN Co., Ltd. UCAN Co., Ltd. BOOTH 5945 The steam humidifier with a PTC immersion heater by UCAN gives high-powered output in the water but minimal current flow in the air by a self-temperature controlled system. It is suitable for use in the duct and inside of the ceiling. BOOTH 7805 New high-capacity and cleanable marine condensers have enhanced cupronickel tubing that provides extra heat transfer surface, which reduces the overall size of the condenser. The condensers are comprised of cupronickel components to provide effective resistance to saltwater abrasion, and sacrificial zinc anodes are also available upon request. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Inertia Base Water Heater Westermeyer Industries Inc. (VIMCO) Vibration Management Corporation BOOTH 8105 VIMCO launches its BIB Series Bolted Inertia Bases, whose design allows several perimeter dimensions and thicknesses. The BIB Series reduces lead-time with next day shipment, available from the factory and several domestic and international distributors. Cushioned Clamp ZSI BOOTH 7241 Motor Mounts The Cush-A-Nator® cushion is manufactured in the United States and made from a new durable thermoplastic rubber that resists high heat and provides longer life against vibration fatigue. The Cush-A-Nator is made from a proprietary thermoplastic vulcanized material cross-linked with high-performance rubber and thermoplastic elastomers, which produces a high operating temperature range. Triangle Manufacturing Co. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Triple Effect Absorption Chiller Thermax Inc. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial BOOTH 7941 These TS motor mounts have a heavy-duty design that is compatible with motors ranging from 4 to 6. These mounts help to reduce vibrations in fans and HVAC applications with a high success rate. A knocked-down assembly leads to efficient shipping. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Fan Motor Mounts Triangle Manufacturing Co. H E ATI N G BIB Bolted Inertia Base (VIMCO) Vibration Management Corporation Cush-A-Nator® Cushioned Clamp ZSI E Q U I P M E NT Steam Superheater Boilers Heat Exchanger Hydronic Filter Acme Engineering Products Ltd. BOOTH 245 Advanced Thermal Hydronics A Mestek Company BOOTH 1503 Alfa Laval Inc. Axiom Industries Ltd. Acme’s Superheaters are suitable in laboratories for testing applications, for solving condensate problems in steam lines, and providing application-specific superheat. They are available in 150 PSI to 500° F and 300 PSI to 700° F, and constructed in carbon steel or stainless steel SS304. The heating elements include highly de-rated Incoloy blades, and can be skidded with an electric boiler for packaged supply. Advanced Thermal Hydronics now offers the KN-16 and KN-26 high-efficiency boilers. With eight sizes from 200MBH to 3000MBH, KNSeries boilers combine the durability of cast-iron with condensing efficiencies of up to 99%. All KN-Series boilers come equipped with HeatNet, Hydrotherm’s proprietary integrated boiler management system control system, which monitors system parameters and modulates boiler-firing rates to maximize turndown ratios and maintain peak efficiency regardless of the load. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial BOOTH 1757 The new, patented distribution area in the T35/ TS35 heat exchanger provides uniform flow distribution for central cooling. This means there are no stagnant zones, significantly less fouling, and improved thermal efficiency. BOOTH 6127 Axiom’s Hydronic Side-stream Filter Package delivers effective ongoing protection against the damaging effects of debris in all types of heating and cooling systems. MARKETS: MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Side Stream Filter Package Axiom Industries Ltd. MARKETS: Residential, ES Series Electric Steam Superheaters Acme Engineering Products Ltd. Commercial, Institutional, Industrial KN Series Boilers Advanced Thermal Hydronics T35/TS35 Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Alfa Laval Inc. AHREXPO.COM/VISIT2 15
  16. 16. H E ATI N G Aluminum Heat Exchangers Brugman Oil Boiler Panel Radiator Bekaert Combustion Technology BOOTH 2433 Bekaert has developed a compact aluminum heat cell for domestic applications with a monobloc casting and special combustion chamber that facilitates positioning of the burner hood without requiring additional space. The full serial water flow minimizes effects of scale and debris. Equipped with Bekaert burners, it is available in 30 and 40 kW. Alutop Aluminum Heat Exchanger Bekaert Combustion Technology Electronic Integrated Ignition Control Benni Technologies Corporation BOOTH 8504 Benni Technologies Corporation introduces the new Direct Spark Integrated Furnace Control, which is available in 12 VDC, 24 VAC, or 120 VAC versions. The new circuit design, highlighted by an on-board LED system diagnostics provides safe, efficient burner operation and easy troubleshooting. It maintains precise operation of purge times, along with multiple tries for ignition, one-hour optional automatic reset, and local or remote flame sensing. It can be used with either Natural or LP gas appliances. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial BOOTH 8639 Installation Kit The Freeport 2 is a 3-pass, cast iron, oil boiler that is available in both steam and water applications. It is Energy Star rated, and features a swing door with a burner disconnect plug for easy access to all heating surfaces through the front of the boiler. Centrotherm Eco Systems MARKETS: Residential Brugman’s radiators are manufactured using automatic production lines combined with electrophoretic priming and electrostatic powder-coating operations. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Centrotherm Eco Systems offer installation kits for a wide variety of venting configurations. The kits, which are shipped in one box, require no glues, primers, or couplers, and installation time can be reduced by up to 75% when compared to PVC and CPVC. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial Condensing Boiler Cleaver-Brooks, Inc. BOOTH 1459 Cleaver-Brooks’ ClearFire®-LC (CFLC) offers large facilities a condensing boiler option up to 12,000 MBTU. The CFLC uses patented AluFer heat-transfer technology and a high-turndown burner with advanced controls to deliver efficiency and low emissions. The CFLC is a cost-effective alternative to installing multiple smaller boilers or less-efficient, noncondensing boilers of similar capacity. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Ultra-Liter IFC Series Integrated Furnace Control Benni Technologies Corporation CFLC Condensing Boiler Cleaver-Brooks Inc. Igniter Buffer Tank CoorsTek Igniter Products BOOTH 2471 The Boiler Buddy buffer tank is for heating systems with low-mass boilers, geothermal, chilled water applications, or low-mass radiation. The Boiler Buddy is factory insulated with a built-in air eliminator and aquastat control well, adding mass to the system and providing the necessary buffer to prevent short cycling. BOOTH 1737 CoorsTek Igniter Products offers a 120 V Igniter made with a proprietary ceramic composite that can reach 1800° F in five seconds. The holder materials are available in standard and custom designs, using steatite, cordierite, or alumina. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial Energy Kinetics, Inc. BOOTH 7390 Energy Kinetics offers a combination heat and hot water system with thermal purge control and a domestic hot water storage tank with a plate heat exchanger that condenses during the full hot water cycle. The flat efficiency curve delivers nearly the same efficiency from small load through full load operation, virtually eliminating boiler oversizing effects. Gas Furnace Dettson Industries BOOTH 2501 Dettson Industries offers a gas furnace that is designed for tighter homes as well as for the replacement market. It has a small footprint both in height and width, and efficient combustion and stability at high and low firing rates. The product line provides quiet, warm air in capacities from 15,000 to 120,000 BTU on four different platforms. The blower meets Energy Star requirements, and is natural gas and propane-ready. Accel CS™ Heat and Hot Water System Energy Kinetics, Inc Heat Recovery Unit ENERVEX Inc. BOOTH 666 The EcoFlex 90+ System is an energy and cost effective heat recovery unit that works with virtually any boiler system. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial MARKETS: Residential Chinook Gas Furnace Dettson Industries Condensing Boiler ECR International, Inc. BOOTH 2359 The Helix VLT 299 Wall Hung, Gas-Fired Modulating Condensing Boiler features a 5:1 turndown ratio with an input range from 60,000 to 299,000 BTUs. It has built-in primary and secondary piping, LWCO, and a polypropylene flue collector. The boiler comes with a dual diameter heat exchanger with a stainless steel coil. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial VLT Condensing Boiler ECR International, Inc. EcoFlex 90+ Heat Recovery System ENERVEX Inc. Variable Vacuum Condensate System Federal Pump Corp. BOOTH 8729 Federal Pump introduces a condensate system with varying vacuum conditions based upon actual system load requirements. Pre-packaged and pre-engineered, the system senses the presence of corrosive acids and signals system alarm conditions for water treatment requirements. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Eemax Inc. BOOTH 8744 Eemax introduces an electric tankless water heater with a parabolic heat design that delivers efficiency, reliability, precision, speed to temperature, safety, and applications flexibility. Institutional, Industrial Boiler Buddy Buffer Tank Boiler Buddy 601 Trident Igniter CoorsTek Igniter Products 2014 AHR EXPO Freeport 2 Oil Boiler Crown Boiler Co. Heat and Hot Water Equipment Electric Tankless Water Heater MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, 16 Crown Boiler Co. BOOTH 7991 BOOTH 7543 MARKETS: Residential Boiler Buddy E Q U I P M E NT MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial SpecAdvantage with PhD Electric Tankless Water Heater Eemax Inc.
  17. 17. H E ATI N G E Q U I P M E NT Parallel Positioning Combustion Control Modulating Burner Fireye Inc. Ideal Flame offers a modulating blue flame oil burner that meets California emission standards. A clean burning flame allows use of lower cost components in condensing boilers. Ideal Flame LLC BOOTH 328 Fireye’s NEXUS combustion efficiency systems can reduce boiler fuel demand by up to 7%. Its new NXF4000 Parallel Positioning System with integrated flame safeguard comes with low cost of ownership and can improve the environment through lower emissions. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Nexus NXF4000 Parallel Positioning System Fireye Inc. Ultrasonic Flowmeter Great Plains Industries, Inc. BOOTH 8462 QStar Ultrasonic Flowmeters provide flow measurement utilizing transit time technology. Available in both fixed and portable models, these clamp-on flowmeters include a large, backlit LCD screen and integrated heat quantity measurement capabilities. Customers can choose from three sets of transducers, and the flowmeters include a transmitter, transducer, mounting accessories, operating instructions, and technical support. MARKETS: Industrial Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley BOOTH 2531 The P-K SONIC is a gas-fired, commercial condensing boiler featuring Duet Technology, an innovative two-stage heat engine. Its design delivers high efficiency with a small footprint. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial P-K SONIC Condensing Boiler Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley Model H2 Heat Exchanger Heatex America Heat Exchangers Burner Polypropylene Venting Industrial Combustion BOOTH 346 Heatex Model H is a high-performance, low-weight, air-to-air cross flow plate heat exchanger with typical sensible efficiency up to 85%. The efficiency is improved by a plate design that creates turbulence at lower velocities. The exchanger also generates a lower pressure drop and higher differential pressure resistance. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial M & G DuraVent BOOTH 1659 MARKETS: Commercial, Heatex America BOOTH 7715 Designer Radiators The Heating Company bvba BOOTH 7991 Vasco radiators integrate smoothly into each interior and are suitable for use in the bathroom, kitchen, hall, and living room. Integrated Boiler Control System Hurst Boiler & Welding Co., Inc. BOOTH 7829 Offering integration and scalability, the new Integrated Control Systems from Hurst Boiler for remote boiler room monitoring and communications provides advanced supervisory boiler controls for all new and legacy Hurst products. Processor-based smart controls are fully compatible with all Hurst designs, including alternative fuel models. BOOTH 2420 The new intelligent burner control unit BCU 570 has been developed for individual modulating burners suitable for continuous and intermittent operation. The BCU 570 operating parameters are programmable and adaptable to each process with additional features and options available. The compact BCU 570 is designed for installation in control cabinets. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial PolyPro Polypropylene Vent Pipe M & G DuraVent The Q Series Burner from Industrial Combustion is suitable for cast iron sectional boilers, as well as firebox, commercial watertube, firetube, furnace, and oven applications. The quiet, compact design features linkageless operation with DC pulse width modulation and a fuel air ratio control. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Burner Control Unit Hauck Manufacturing/ Kromschroder Controls MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Condensing Boiler BOOTH 5903 BIOMASSter Integrated Control System Hurst Boiler & Welding Co., Inc. Institutional, Industrial PolyPro is a polypropylene vent pipe for use with ANSI Category II and IV gas-burning appliances, including high-efficiency water heaters, condensing boilers, and warm air furnaces. PolyPro is listed by Intertek to the ULC S636 standard in Canada as a Class IIA, IIB and IIC vent system suitable for exhaust temperatures up to 230° F, and a maximum positive pressure of 15 in-w.c. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional Condensing Gas Boiler Q Series Burner Industrial Combustion Marley Engineered Products/ Weil-McLain BOOTH 2107 Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Kaori Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. Kaori Thermal Products BOOTH 2612 Designed for fast, easy installation in commercial and institutional settings, this boiler is durable and reliable, and works with limitedspace retrofits. Kaori offers a brazed plate heat exchanger that is designed for small flow rate water-to-water systems. MARKETS: Commercial MARKETS: Industrial MEPCO - Marshall Engineered Products Co. BOOTH 1433 Z015 Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Kaori Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. SC Sentinel® Condensate Pumps are complete compact assemblies that return condensate to boiler feed receivers or directly to boilers. They provide condensate recovery from comfort heating systems or low-pressure steam process heating systems where water recovery is economical. Condensing Tankless Water Heater Kiturami Homsys BOOTH 1707 Kiturami Homsys’ condensing tankless water heaters and combi boilers feature efficient and durable all stainless steel heat exchangers along with a unique metal fiber pre-mixed burner, air ratio gas control, and a 10:1 turn down ratio, ecofriendly, low NOx system. Combi boilers also come with ASME certification, and all condensing tankless water heaters and combi boilers are Energy Star and AQMD/ SCAQMD compliant. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial Condensate Pump MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Sentinel® Condensate Pump MEPCO K-1 Combi and Condensing Tankless Water Heater Kiturami Homsys AHREXPO.COM/VISIT2 17
  18. 18. H E ATI N G E Q U I P M E NT Condensing Gas Boiler PB Heat, LLC/Peerless® Boilers BOOTH 859 Gas Burners Midco International, Inc. Gas Burners Midco International, Inc. BOOTH 1544 Midco manufacturers indirect-fired gas and low NOx burners ranging 2.5 MBH to 30 MBH. Its direct-fired heat make-up air burners can be configured to meet OEM requirements. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Steam Boiler Miura North America, Inc. BOOTH 7629 Miura’s steam boiler has a low water content, water tube boiler design, which creates oncethrough, forced circulation that produces steam in five minutes, while maintaining an 85% fuelto-steam efficiency. The LX 300’s small footprint design offers high-efficiency, on-demand steamsaving money, space, and start-up time. MARKETS: Institutional, Industrial Copper-fin Boiler Ultra Low NOx Burner RBI Water Heaters A Mestek Company Peerless® PUREFIRE® condensing boilers are available in four commercial sizes: PF-399, PF850, PF-1000, and PF-1500, with Btu’s ranging from 399 to 1,000,000. Boilers have ASME and ETL certifications for U.S. and Canada and are available for either natural or LP gas. With a thermal efficiency of near 97%, this condensate system features a built-in neutralizer component, as well as float switch protection. RBI Water Heaters introduces the Futera Fusion XLF, a high-efficiency, near-condensing, copper-fin boiler offering 4,000,000 BTU with full modulation, a 5:1 turndown, and high efficiencies of up to 99%. The gas-fired Futera Fusion XLF has been engineered for the commercial heating and domestic water markets to provide increased output and efficiency within compact dimensions. S.T. Johnson Company BOOTH 1503 Duct Heater Futera Fusion Boiler RBI Water Heaters A Mestek Company Stelpro Design High Modulation Mixer Heating and Hot Water System Polidoro USA, Inc. Sime North America BOOTH 7910 Polidoro, through its consolidated structure and its automatic production lines, manufactures all kinds of premix, including tubular, flat, steel, or fiber. To further increase efficiency of the boiler, Polidoro manufactures an air-gas mixer able to reach the power modulation 10:1, by fully mechanical work. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial SWRLmatic™ Burner S.T. Johnson Company Institutional, Industrial Peerless® PureFire® Condensing Gas Commercial Boilers PB Heat, LLC/ Peerless® Boilers ST Johnson introduces a NOx burner with a safe, full premix design that does not require a mesh firing head or an FGR to deliver low NOx emissions. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial MARKETS: Commercial, BOOTH 1528 BOOTH 950 Sime’s Substation provides heating and hot water to individual units in a multi-unit setting. It draws energy from the main heating circuit, delivered from a centralized boiler plant room, thus eliminating the need for individual flue systems and gas lines. These units also utilize an inbuilt energy meter, which monitors the amount of energy being used in each individual dwelling. Meters are available as readonly or complete remote surveillance solutions. BOOTH 7842 Why consume up to 60,000 BTU when you only need 3,000? Stelpro’s new heating boot™, which is part of the ECOBOOT™ line, is a duct heater that is installed at the outlet of air ducts to heat the air coming from the central system. This allows the temperature of the rooms in a home to be adjusted independently of one another, so as to be able to maintain a lower temperature in unused rooms, thereby saving on heating costs. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional MARKETS: Residential, Commercial Steam Boiler Miura North America, Inc. Vacuum Formed Products Nutec BOOTH 7373 Nutec is a manufacturer of vacuum-formed organic and inorganic insulation products and custom shapes for the water heating industry. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial Substation Heating and Hot Water System Sime North America High Modulation Mixers Polidoro USA, Inc. Infrared Heaters Oil Condensing Boiler Space-Ray Infrared Heaters QHT, Inc. Space-Ray introduces the Force RED highefficiency infrared tube heater series with an IR Factor of 14. The design incorporates isometric reflectors, calorized, aluminized emitters, special turbulators, and is available as either a U tube or straight tube. The force RED Series is designed for increased radiant output, and is only available for horizontal installation. BOOTH 7471 The 91.5% AFUE Condensing Oil Fired Boiler features a down flue heat exchanger constructed of mild and stainless steel. This flue passage design slows the exhaust gases, increasing heat transfer and efficiency while yielding low stack temperatures and quiet operation. The boiler features options such as a stainless steel concentric sidewall or a polypropylene chimney vent. BOOTH 1566 Heating boot™ Duct Heater Stelpro Design Economizer Super Radiator Coils Super Radiator Coils now offers a standalone stack economizer for package boilers. This economizer is constructed with stainless steel interiors and a fully removable heat exchanger. By using an online program, customers can model their firing rate. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial MARKETS: Residential Vacuum Formed Products Nutec 18 2014 AHR EXPO Firebird Popular Boiler QHT, Inc. Force RED Series Infrared Heater Space-Ray Infrared Heaters BOOTH 1317 Super Economizer Super Radiator Coils
  19. 19. H E ATI N G Condensing Hydronic Boiler The Fulton Companies BOOTH 2167 The Endura™ is a condensing hydronic boiler featuring low emissions burner performance, simple installation, and a durable pressure vessel. Standard features include a UV scanner for flame proving, a zero governing fuel delivery system, a lock-up style gas pressure regulator, and a pre-mix combustion system. The Endura is equipped with latched cabinet panels, handwired electrical panels with terminal blocks, and key components located strategically to facilitate a one-inch side clearance between multiple boilers. E Q U I P M E NT Split System Heat Pump Wireless Steam Trap Monitoring Trane Thermaxx Insulation Jackets BOOTH 7146 Partnered with ThermaXX’s wireless monitoring system, the insulation on a customer’s steam traps becomes a Smart Jacket. Smart Jackets allow for viewing trap temperatures online, alerts to be set, and alarms to be sent via a text message and email if a component exceeds a predetermined temperature. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Endura™ Condensing Hydronic Boiler The Fulton Companies BOOTH 1302 With output capacities of 25 to 100%, Trane’s XV20i Heat Pump provides comfort for homeowners by having a wide operating range and a low sound level of 54 dBA. MARKETS: Residential Water Heater Triangle Tube BOOTH 7229 Triangle Tube’s Keystone Series Water Heaters, with a maximum input of 500 MBH, are designed for large residential and light commercial applications. The stainless steel heat exchanger and burner create low emissions and high turndown to minimize short cycling. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial Seismic Expansion Joint The Metraflex Company BOOTH 1831 Seismic Gator in-line expansion joint absorbs movement in all directions and protects piping from building movement. Capable of ±4 inches of movement in all directions, this durable, streamlined joint’s small profile makes it suitable for applications requiring a minimal footprint. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional Series 180 & Series 2000 Boiler Gaskets Topog-E Gasket Company Keystone Series Water Heater Triangle Tube Boiler Gaskets Topog-E Gasket Co. Inline Circulator Wilo USA LLC BOOTH 8276 Wilo introduces its Stratos GIGA Inline Circulator, which comes with an EC motor and single stage, low-pressure inline centrifugal pump. It is available in glanded construction, mechanical shaft seal, and flanged connections, with an integrated electronic power adjustment. With a high control range, the circulator has optional interfaces for bus communication using plug-in IF-Modules. Protected by a cataphoretic coating, it has a temperature range of -4°F to 284°F. MARKETS: Residential BOOTH 7753 Topog-E gaskets are used to seal up handhole and manhole inspection openings in steam boilers and other types of pressure vessels. Gaskets are custom-formulated and fabricated for effective service in pressurized steam and hot water applications. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Radiant Panel Installation System Watts Water Technologies, Inc. BOOTH 2631 The TPI Corporation offers electric heaters for plenum areas used for freeze protection and space heating in restricted areas or the space above offices and warehouses. Watts Radiant’s new SmartTrac™ Radiant Panel Solution is designed to simplify and speed up radiant heating and cooling installations in subfloor, wall, and ceiling applications. The SmartTrac single-panel modular system eliminates the need for silicone and curing, making it approximately 20% faster to install than competing products. SmartTrac is 80% lighter than thin slabs, eliminating the need for increased joist sizes and double-plating. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial End Suction Centrifugal Pump Xylem Applied Water Systems BOOTH 1131 Xylem introduces the Bell & Gossett Series e-1510 base-mounted end suction centrifugal pump, which is suitable for low-life cycle costs. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial Electric Heater TPI Corporation Markel/Redd-i/ Raywall BOOTH 631 Seismic Gator Expansion Joint The Metraflex Company Stratos GIGA Inline Circulator Wilo USA LLC MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial FIND HEATING EQUIPMENT AND PRODUCTS FOR EVERY APPLICATION THROUGHOUT THE EXHIBIT FLOOR BOILERS & BOILER ACCESSORIES • BURNERS • COMBUSTION CHAMBERS • ELECTRIC HEATING • FURNACES • GAS DETECTORS • GEOTHERMAL PRODUCTS • HEAT EXCHANGERS • HEAT PUMPS • HEAT RECOVERY UNIT • HEAT TRANSFER FLUIDS • HEATING CONTROLS • HEATING ELEMENTS & ACCESSORIES • HOT WATER HEATERS • HYDRONIC HEATING EQUIPMENT • PORTABLE HEATERS • PRE-HEATERS • PUMPS & VALVES • RADIANT HEATING • RADIATOR PANELS SOLAR HEATING • SPACE HEATERS • STEAM GENERATORS & HEATERS • THERMAL STORAGE AHREXPO.COM/VISIT2 19
  20. 20. V E NTI L ATI O N E Q U I P M E NT Blower Radial Impeller Atmosphere Inc. The S-line is a series of fans that has an energy-efficient AC brushless motor that powers the patented mixed-flow dual impellers, and a double insulated wall for noise reduction. All S-Line models are assembled with high-impact resistant polycarbonate casings, an integrated back draft damper, and a mounting bracket designed for quick and easy installation. Green Series Flexible Air Duct AFS Boru Sanayi A.S. Flexible Air Duct AFS Boru Sanayi A.S. BOOTH 967 MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional MBI Centrifugal In-Line Fans feature a low profile design that fits in tight spaces. Multiple source ducting options are suitable for whole house ventilation in multi-unit housing complexes. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Commercial Air Diffuser Airvector® Fabric Ductwork S-Line Series Fan Atmosphere Inc. DuctSox Corporation BOOTH 7476 The Air Pear by Airius can aid in the destratification process, which can reduce 20-40% HVAC operating loads, consumption, and maintenance. BOOTH 7510 PLAY is a diffuser that provides horizontal adjustability without affecting the vertical flow. The new PLAY-R is 48 x 12 inches and is suitable for lay-in and drywall applications. Each diffusion sector can be freely and precisely adjusted in order to supply airflow. In-Line Duct Blower Canarm Ltd. BOOTH 1167 Delhi’s IDB Series in-line duct blowers from Canarm feature galvanized steel housings and quiet operation with airflows from 300-7600 CFM. IDB units accept the same filters and heating and cooling coils as DELHI 200 Series blowers. BOOTH 2659 Fabric Ductwork by DuctSox is custom made and has a variety of options, including adjustable nozzles that control airflow, SkeleCore In-Duct Framework that controls form, and a wide range of diameters. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial American Louver Company BOOTH 7644 Made from engineered polymers, the Stratus Diffuser will not rust, corrode, or fade, and is indistinguishable from metal when installed. It is suitable for hospitals, restaurants, theaters, and other environments. Stratus is 50% lighter than steel, damage and drop resistant, and flame tested. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Stratus Diffuser American Louver Company 2014 AHR EXPO Commercial, Institutional, Industrial K3G630 Series RadiPac Radial Impeller ebm-papst Inc. Threaded Rod Hangers BOOTH 8263 The CADDY® ROD LOCK family of products allows contractors to prefabricate complex assemblies at ground level or offsite, and then lift and lock them into place by pushing the threaded rod supports into the structural attachment, bracket, or support. This technology works with threaded rod with burrs or imperfections, helping to reduce cleanup time or the need to replace damaged threaded rod. Institutional, Industrial Traditional Fabric Ductwork DuctSox Corporation IDB Series In-Line Duct Blower Canarm Ltd. Air Diffuser MARKETS: Residential, MARKETS: Commercial, Grilles, Registers, and Diffusers PLAY-R Air Diffuser Airvector® BOOTH 667 The new M3G200 motors with RadiPac air movers deliver high static pressures and airflow with integrated ModBus and closed loop speed, pressure, and temperature control to support building management systems or datacenter infrastructure management systems. ERICO MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial 20 Centrifugal In-Line Fan BOOTH 2486 MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial AIRIUS LLC MBI Centrifugal In-Line Fan Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc. Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc. AFS introduces its low emitting GREEN Series products that are certified by the UL Environment Greenguard Certification program. The Green movement of AFS aims to improve indoor air quality and also reduce people’s exposure to chemicals and other pollutants. Destratification Fan ebm-papst Inc. BOOTH 2442 Duro Dyne Corp. Centrifugal Fan Duro Dyne’s Dyn-O-Vent division has a full range of grilles, registers, and diffusers that are constructed of steel or aluminum. BOOTH 1145 Comefri USA Incorporated MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial BOOTH 344 Dyn-O-Vent Grilles Duro Dyne Corp. Comefri USA’s newest product offering is the expanded Direct Drive Plenum fan assortment. These energy-efficient fans can be fashioned with an aluminum or steel wheel, and are available in partial or full widths in modular arrangements. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial CADDY® ROD LOCK Threaded Rod Hanger ERICO Technical Resource Manual Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) BOOTH 745 This manual addresses the increasing need for ventilation systems that respond to the new generation of well-sealed, energy-efficient homes being built in the U.S. Mechanical systems ranging from simple, low cost versions to those that incorporate HRV or ERV are covered, and systems that comply with the new 2013 version of ASHRAE 62.2 are included. MARKETS: Residential Residential Mechanical Ventilation U.S. Manual Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI)
  21. 21. V E NTI L ATI O N E Q U I P M E NT Backward Curved EC Fan Rosenberg USA, Inc. Williams Comfort Products BOOTH 636 Three sizes of Rosenberg backward curved fans with electronically commutated motors are now available with 5.5 kW motors for increased power and efficiency. The new KH Series fans feature three-phase motors with nominal input voltages of 230 V and 460 V. They are completely speed controllable and are CE, UL, and RoHS approved. IdealSeal 777 Jacketing Tape Ideal Tape Co., Inc. Jacketing Tape Ideal Tape Co., Inc. Air Curtain MARKETS: BOOTH 1917 IdealSeal 777 Jacketing Tape is a flexible and watertight alternative to sheet metal or fabric and mastic insulation systems. Jacketing tape is clean and easy to install on new construction or retrofit jobs. The primary benefits of IdealSeal 777 include reduced labor, reduced material costs, and minimal waste. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Modular Framing Systems, Inc. BOOTH 2321 The Flexible Connection is used to join the air openings from fans to AHU unit walls or AHU units to air ducts. It is custom built to any size and features a thermally welded fabric seam to eliminate leakage. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Tri-Stack Fans and Controls Strobic Air Corporation, a subsidiary of Met-Pro Group Fume Hood Exhaust Systems and Controls S&P USA Ventilation Systems, LLC BOOTH 1079 S& P’s Premium Choice Series Fans are Energy Star® qualified, and are available in four sizes. The line ranges from 50-150 CFM with both AC and DC motors, and the controls, lighted grille, or motion-sensing grille are all Plug-and-Play, so one fan can be modified to be the exact fan needed. The Tri-Stack mixed flow fan and advanced laboratory fume hood exhaust system contributes to pollution abatement, re-entrainment prevention, odor control, and ambient heat recovery. The patent-pending Smart System delivers increased levels of efficiency and control to maintain safe ventilation levels while minimizing facility energy costs. Flexible Connection Modular Framing Systems, Inc. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Forward Curve Replacement Wheels Rapid Fan & Blower Inc. BOOTH 7552 Rapid Fan & Blower manufactures stainless steel, aluminum, and steel replacement forward curve wheels. It offers single and double width custom bore sizes. MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial Premium Choice Bathroom Fans S&P USA Ventilation Systems, LLC Ductwork The static efficiency of this new impeller is reached by altering its geometry. Even when using an external rotor motor, this new wheel design meets the ErP 2015 directive. Fan Selection Software WingFan BOOTH 8531 MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial MARKETS: Residential TVM Building Products BOOTH 5823 SELECT Fan Selection Software WingFan WingFan offers easy-to-use software that allows end users to select axial fans to meet specific working points. The software includes fan dimensions, sound calculations, and resonant frequency operating points. MARKETS: Institutional, Industrial Fan Systems Ziehl-Abegg, Inc. Return Air Panning Punker LLC MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial BOOTH 7264 KH Series Backward Curved Fan Rosenberg USA, Inc. T-RAP Return Air Panning TVM Building Products Backward Curved Wheel Williams’ air curtains create an effective environmental separation to minimize dirt, dust, fumes, and flying insect intrusion, as well as to help maintain interior building temperatures. They are suitable for heavily traveled business entrances, walk-in freezers, coolers, and cold storage rooms at schools, retail shops, and grocery stores. Strobic Air Corporation, a subsidiary of Met-Pro Group Bathroom Fan Flexible Connection BOOTH 659 Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. BOOTH 2319 SMC’s Complete Seal Damper Sleeve combines the Complete Seal® self-sealing duct system with a welded damper sleeve to make air-tight damper installation quick and easy. Suitable for new and existing construction, it will cut damper installation time by up to 60%. MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Complete Seal Damper Sleeve Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. BOOTH 5802 T-rap is a sheet metal alternative for constructing return air ducts between joists and stud cavities. This product consists of corrugated insulation faced with aluminum, and is available in various widths, packed 25 to the box. It reduces duct noises and labor, and requires no shop fabrication. BOOTH 1567 The new intelligent fan system, ZAplus, has an integrated efficiency guarantee for ECblue or AC fans, and uses up to 29% less electrical power consumption. It has protected cable routing and produces up to 9% higher volume flow. MARKETS: Residential, Institutional, Industrial MARKETS: Residential, Commercial Insulation Blanket Unifrax, LLC ZAplus Fan System Ziehl-Abegg, Inc BOOTH 2106 FyreWrap DPS is a high-temperature insulation blanket that is UL tested and certified to provide a single layer, zero clearance, one-hour fire-rated flexible enclosure around dryer exhaust ductwork. It also provides code compliant fire protection for combustible items located in the plenum area, such as plastic pipes. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional FyreWrap DPS Insulation Blanket Unifrax LLC AHREXPO.COM/VISIT2 21
  22. 22. I N STR U M E NTS Wireless Temperature Monitoring Cooper-Atkins Corporation BOOTH 1685 Cooper-Atkins introduces the NotifEye™, a user-friendly, cloud-based wireless temperature monitoring and notification system that is designed to increase operating efficiencies and protect vital inventory by monitoring an unlimited amount of points with a simple, out-of-the-box solution. This self-installable system provides access to stored data 24/7 via the Internet, and offers immediate notification to multiple recipients through email and text message when set limits have been exceeded. Combustion Gas Analyzer Delta OHM Scientific Instruments E Instruments International LLC BOOTH 5733 BOOTH 7814 Delta Ohm’s wireless data logging system allows the monitoring of temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, differential pressure, illuminance, UV irradiance, carbon monoxide carbon dioxide, acceleration, dew point, wet bulb temperature, absolute humidity, mixing ratio, and partial vapor pressure. The new BTU1100 Portable Combustion Analyzer High Efficiency Kit is suitable for mechanical contractors, plumbers, and boiler technicians who monitor and install condensing and high-efficiency systems. The BTU1100 includes a built-in printer, field-replaceable sensors of O2, CO, and CO2, Bluetooth, and software. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial The LPT-A is an economical, single sensor, analog transmitter that comes standard with a water and dust tight, corrosion resistant ABS/ polycarbonate enclosure with a hinged, secured door. An optional splashguard is also available for water spray or wash down applications. Automated calibration and other maintenance procedures are simple and easily performed in the field, and the proprietary Calibration Extending Firmware takes into account the aging of the sensors so that less frequent calibrations are acceptable in noncritical applications. Institutional, Industrial BOOTH 225 The PowerScout 24 is a new multi-channel power meter from DENT Instruments. The PowerScout 24 offers low cost per meter point, and has a modular design that can be configured for monitoring multiple electrical circuits or for current-only monitoring of branch circuits. There are virtually no restrictions in mixing and matching current transformers on the PowerScout 24, and any combination of CTs can be used. IVAR US Inc. Commercial, Institutional, Industrial LPT-A Analog Transmitter Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial BOOTH 279 The Ceiling Mounted Occupancy Sensor is wireless and self-powered, making it a cost-effective way to control energy use in unoccupied rooms. The sensor harvests solar energy from indoor light and uses radio frequency technology to communicate wirelessly with other EnOcean-enabled devices, setting back temperature and turning off lights and electrical loads when it detects that a space has been unoccupied for a set period of time. Thermostat JUMO Process Control, Inc. BOOTH 7439 Frost protection thermostats are used to monitor temperature in ventilation and air-conditioning systems and to prevent frost damage on the heat exchangers. If conditions arise requiring immediate action, these thermostats can prevent damage and repair costs. MARKETS: Residential, Commercial MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial CEILING Mounted OCCUPANCY Sensor EnOcean Alliance Optical Level Switch Finetek Co., Ltd. BOOTH 7079 Finetek’s new optical level switch has a design that allows the electronic part to be removed from the sensing tip. It is suitable for vibration applications, has a self-test function, and detects failure of other devices in the circuit. MARKETS: Industrial SEE OVER 50 EXHIBITORS DISPLAYING INSTRUMENTS THROUGHOUT THE EXHIBIT FLOOR frostTHERM -AT/-DR Frost Protection Thermostats JUMO Process Control, Inc. Dewpoint Hygrometer Kahn Instruments, Inc. 2014 AHR EXPO BOOTH 7242 Kahn Instruments offers a high-precision, drift-free moisture-measuring instrument that is used for HVAC measurement or as a calibration laboratory reference standard. This instrument features a dew point measurement range from -40°F to 194°F, a high-resolution, backlit LCD display, and NIST calibration traceability. MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial Optical Level Switch Finetek Co., Ltd. Optisure Remote Hygrometer Kahn Instruments, Inc. 22 BOOTH 6015 EnOcean Alliance Industrial MARKETS: Residential, Indirect Metering and Temperature Control System The EQUICALOR Link enables an autonomous thermoregulation for single users, as well as cost allocation according to effective consumptions by giving administrators and heat managers the tools to collect and process data. The system combines the single domestic networks that regulate the heaters with a centralized single network for data collection concerning the entire building. MARKETS: Commercial, PowerScout 24 Power Meter DENT Instruments, Inc. EQUICALOR Link Temperature Control System IVAR US Inc. Wireless Ceiling Mounted Occupancy Sensor Wireless Data Logger Delta OHM Scientific Instruments DENT Instruments Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. BOOTH 210 MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, BTU1100 Portable Combustion Analyzer E Instruments International LLC Power Meter Gas Detector C O NTR O LS Wireless Data Logger MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial NotifEye™ Wireless Temperature Monitor Cooper-Atkins Corporation &