Agile leadership seminar for senior managers


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Training for managers in an agile environment.

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Agile leadership seminar for senior managers

  1. 1. Agile Leadership Training A concept by Thomas Spielhofer & Sigi Kaltenecker
  2. 2.  Questions that haunt the line manager in an agile context  What makes the problem awkward: why these questions are not trivial  What agile leadership training can do for you  Your trainers  Our vision  Contact2
  3. 3. Questions that haunt the line manager in an agile context  How do I keep control of my projects? I am not supposed to intervene with agile teams, am I?  How do I ensure the teams follow the company strategy?  How do I best support agile teams and their individual members?  What to do with my first-line managers? Will they all be ScrumMasters? Or are they now superfluous?  How do I ensure the unforeseen day-to-day problems are solved, whether they are on any backlog or not?3
  4. 4. Why these questions are not trivial … because hierarchical line organisations and self-organising teams are very different and bound to conflict with each other. … because the interests of different hierarchical levels are not always the same (“sandwich position”) – and leadership is always about politics as well. … because many leadership instruments that are classically taught don’t work well in an agile environment (neither with teams nor with superiors and peers). … because leadership only works well if the entire chain of command works according to the same principles and values. If two levels work fine with agile and the level above tends to micromanage, it still won’t work. … because leaders, same as all people, are not Vulcans but rely a lot on mechanisms they trust from experience and gut-feeling; mechanisms that are sometimes detrimental to agile principles.4
  5. 5. What agile leadership training can do for you Start with yourself and your specific questions. Enhance your perception. Get a broader understanding of organisational dynamics and leadership challenges in an agile world. Try. Discover different answers by trying real-life leadership situations in a guided lab environment. Reflect. Get feedback and reflect. Use your trainers as agile experts, role models and sparring partners. Learn. Enhance your agile leadership toolbox with powerful techniques for questions & feedback. Learn to manage the unexpected. Transfer your learning experience to your daily business.5
  6. 6. Your trainers Sigi Kaltenecker is an organisational consultant with 17 years of experience in leadership training and management coaching. He co-owns and co-manages Loop Organisationsberatung GmbH, an open consulting network, specialised in IT business, financial services, and industry Sigi has already been involved in many international companies such as Alcatel, bwin, Aperture Software, Hewlett Packard, OMV-Petrom, Raiffeisen or T-Systems. He is also a Certified ScrumMaster, co-editor of PAM - Platform for Agile Management and currently busy with completing a survey on “Successful leadership in an6 agile world”.
  7. 7. Your trainers Thomas Spielhofer has been using agile methods since 2001. He has facilitated the introduction of Scrum as responsible manager in different organisations and is now supporting others in doing so as consultant. Thomas studied computer science and economics and started work as developer and then project manager. He has 15 years of IT experience leading heavy-weight international projects based on IPMA and CMMI as well as lean product development initiatives based on XP and Scrum. Thomas is co-editor of PAM - Platform for Agile Management, dedicating some of his time to research and learning more about agile methods.7
  8. 8. Training facilitator Peter Hundermark studied engineering and commerce. He has worked in IT for over 30 years in a wide variety of roles. Seeking better ways to run projects, he discovered Agile and blindly led 100 colleagues through a pioneering Scrum adoption in South Africa. Mad passion led him to became a Certified Scrum Coach® and Certified Scrum Trainer® and establish Scrum Sense as an Agile consultancy. Together with his two partners, he enjoys helping people and teams to become more effective and have more fun. Increasingly they are dealing with the challenge of helping whole organisations change. They strive to be a learning organisation and to model this behaviour to their clients.8
  9. 9. Our vision  As agile leader you…  …help in creating a flexible and effective organisation  …supporthigh-performing teams by effectively managing contexts & stakeholders  …areable to focus on leadership and use yourself as the most powerful tool9
  10. 10. Contact This course is presented in South Africa by Scrum Sense ‣ ‣ ‣ Peter Hundermark: 084 261 386010