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Split casing pumps


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Split casing pumps

  1. 1. SPLIT CASING PUMPS SAER-Horizontal Split Case Pump SKD-Series provides a new generation pumps having broad range of hydraulic coverage and low total cost of ownership, with reliable performance in variety of services.CGS pumps are available as bare pumps and coupled sets. These are suitable for handling water with slight impurities in many Industries such as Fertilizer, Refinery, Paper, Sugar, Textile Mills, Fire-fighting and Air Conditioning. Also for Irrigation, Water Works &Storm Water. Operating Conditions:Max Head : 220 M (722 ft) Max Capacity : 5000 m3/hr Temp of Pumped Liquid : 0oC to 35oC Frequency : 50 Hz Rpm : 2900 Max pressure : 25 bar Pumps Construction:Casing : Cast Iron/Bronze Balanced impeller : Cast iron, Bronze, 316 Stainless Steel Shaft : 431 Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel Stuffing box : Gland packing Mechanical seal : Silica—Silica, Tungsten carbide Features:The pumps are guaranteed to perform and have tolerances to the latest UNI EN ISO 9906 standards (Appendix A, level 1 on request). The pump full range has six inlet and discharge sizes from DN125mm to DN500mm. All pumps are available with grease lubricated or oil lubricated bearings on request. The pumps are of the axial split casing variety, allowing for easy maintenance on the rotation elements and pump internals without the need to remove the pump pipe work, driving unit or main pump body. With flow rates to 5000 m³/hr and heads to 220m, these pumps can transfer clean liquids up to 1200C. The SKD series pumps are not self-priming however external priming solutions can be offered for these pumps if required.
  2. 2. APPLICATIONS These versatile heavy duty pumps are ideal for a range of commercial and industrial uses including: Water/liquid transfer: For the industrial and municipal transfer of clean liquids requiring high volumes at medium heads. Ideal for recirculating plants and air conditioning systems. Emergency services : Reliable pump for large volume fire fighting systems. Emergency services : Reliable pump for large volume fire fighting systems. Agriculture : Ideal for pumping large quantities of water for irrigation schemes.