Solar pumping system


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Solar pumping system

  1. 1. Solar Pumping System EMERGE solar pumping system consists of solar pumping inverter, pump and PV array. Consider that storing water is more efficient than storing electricity. the system is designed to directly drive the pump without battery which can reduce the construction and operating cost and routine maintenance effectively. The PV array consists of multiple solar panels connected in series/parallel, which can supply the whole system as power source by converting the absorbed solar radiation energy to the electrical energy. Solar pumping inverter can implement the control of the whole system operation, which drives the pump by converting DC power produced by the PV array to AC power. This inverter can adjust the output frequency according to the solar irradiation intensity in real time to implement the MPPT (maximum power point tracking). The pump driven by a 3-phase AC motor draws water from deep-well, river, lake, etc. and pumped into water tank/pool, or directly connected to the irrigation system or fountain system. All of centrifugal pump, axial-flow pump, mixed-flow pump, and deep-well pump can be utilized. Mn Grp Pic for Solar Our solar pump Inverter LCD display, easy to operate: Solar pump system= solar panels + solar pump inverter + AC pump. No need battery. (Water storage replaces power storage) it can reduce system cost and maintenance costs.
  2. 2. As we all known, the start current of motor is great, our solar pump inverter have Soft start function (Slow start, Slow to stop,) no surge current / (no impact current). Solar pump inverter can protect the pump. It has the complete electric protective functions. And it can choose detection of water level and Control Circuit to prevent overflow and no water. The most important is solar pump inverter having MPPT function (maximum power point tracking); according to the sunlight intensity, solar pump inverter adjusts the output frequency automatically to achieve maximum power point tracking etc. It can work 24 hours, because our inverter can connect AC city power. Solar pump inverter controls and adjusts the working of solar pump system. Solar pump inverter converts DC power produced by solar panels to AC power.AC water pump is driven by three phase solar pump inverter. Patented MPPT algorithm Up to 98% conversion rate Intelligent power module, fully automatic, complete protection, 8 years data storage No energy storage or batteries required Driving the pump directly, high reliability, greatly reduce construction and maintenance expenses Fully compatible with pumps Full coverage (0.37-55kW) Detailed Product Description: High efficiency>98% Variable frequency Soft start function Protections: Over voltage, under voltage, over heat, reverse polarity, Dry pumping, over flow, shortcircuit Economical: matching with AC pump (AC pumps are less cost than DC pumps of same size and quality) No need battery and charger controller (store water instead of store energy into battery)