Sewage waste water submersible pumps


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Sewage waste water submersible pumps

  1. 1. Sewage Waste Water Submersible Pumps For reliable and economical pumping of heavily polluted sewage in commercial, industrial and municipal applications, SAER offers high sustainability and excellent rag handling waste water submersible pumps in Indian market in various versions suitable for any application demand. Operating Condition:Max Head Max Capacity Temp of Pumped Liquid Frequency RPM : 75 M ( ft) : 600 m3/hr : 0oC to 50oC : 50 Hz : 2900/1440/950 Pumps Construction:Motor housing Impeller Shaft O-rings and lip seal Mechanical seal : Cast iron EN-GJL-250, : Cast iron GS400, Electric cable Neoprene H07RN/F, : Stainless Steel AISI 420B, : Nitrile : Silicon Carbide/ Silicon Carbide. APPLICATION Submersible electric pumps for drainage are used prevalently for to Pump WASTE or SEWAGE or lightly dirty water. In particular for the emptying of rain water and stratum water contents, mud and sand with abrasive particle (building site, tanks, ponds...). FEATURES D - DRAINAGE. Multi-blade impeller for light water. Applications: rain water, surface irrigation. V - VORTEX. Vortex impeller suitable for pumping liquids containing large solids and/or fibrous materials. Applications: urban sewerage systems, animal breeding plants. M - SINGLE CHANNEL. Single channel impeller, for liquids containing fibrous materials and/or suspended solids. Applications: purification plants, tanneries, animal breeding plants. S - Sand Vortex Water. Impeller in Polyurethane with a stainless steel core. Applications in plants with an high sand presence, in marble work companies, in the ceramic industry, crystals machining or industrial processes where there's presence of abrasives liquids. For a correct piping system with resulting reduction in energy consumption costs, it is best to select a system that best suits your requirements.
  2. 2. C - WITH MULTI CHANNELS. Closed multi-channel impeller, for clean liquids pumping or slightly laden liquids in handling absence of filamentous materials. Applications: large drainage systems, purification plants (e.g. airport). T - GRINDER. Multi-blade suction impeller with grinding group in stainless steel AISI 440, particularly suitable as a grinder for paper or textile materials. Applications: clearance of waste waters originating from service stations, residential communities, camping sites, etc. E - PROPELLER. Three-blade propeller for mixing and suspension of all types of sludge liquid. Applications: purification plants, painting plants, animal breeding plants. P - OPEN DOUBLE CHANNEL. Impellers are equipped of a special system that chops solids and long fibrous materials and are projected for waters and mud coming from agricultural drainages Special versions Submersible electric pumps vortex Submersible electric pumps Sand Vortex Water Submersible electric pumps single channel Submersible electric pumps with channels Submersible electric pumps with grinder Submersible electric pumps for zoo technical field Submersible electric pumps stainless steel AISI 316 Submersible electric pumps in Marine Bronze B10 Submersible mixers Submersible electric pump for circulating OSSI-MIX Ossi-jet Arial-jet