Certified three phase induction motors


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EMERGE IE1 Motors are TEFC squirrel cage motors are known for their compact structured, low noise, high efficiency, high torque, excellent starting performance and easy servicing design.Efficient Electric Motors

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Certified three phase induction motors

  1. 1. IE2/IE3 Certified Three Phase Induction Motors EMERGE IE2 certified Energy Efficient High Efficiency Motors are TEFC squirrel cage motors manufactured exactly in the same IEC frame sizes as IE1 motors for easy interchange ability and replacement with the existing running IE1 / EFF2 or older motors. They have all the features and specifications as offered in the IE1 range, but offer higher full load efficiencies and also higher flat uniform horizontal efficiency curve from part loads as low as 40% to 100% than the standard IE1 / EFF2 or older motors with no efficiency category or marking. EMERGE IE2 Energy Efficient High Efficiency Motors, like all high efficiency motors will offer and deliver better savings and results for motors with S1 duty cycles, operating continuously for long durations than motors which operate for short times or with frequent starts and stops. Hence, they are recommended for use in applications where motors run continuously. Since the IE2 motors cost more than the standard and IE1 motors due to use higher content of low loss magnetic materials, more winding to reduce thermal losses and manufactured to closer tolerances to reduce air gap etc., the benefit analysis or value for money is done based on pay back of the extra cost incurred. The long continuously running applications lead to more savings and reduction in the payback period to offset the additional cost incurred. These are especially so for the lower frames from 80 to 160 where the difference in efficiency & hence savings is substantial than the standard motors in same frames. In many of the higher frames in our IE1 series, we offer the IE2 efficiency levels as our standard and hence there may not be a need to go in for separate IE2 series. This applies to all our motors in 280 frames and above. For frames 160 – 250, the application can be studied or an energy audit conducted to estimate the difference in efficiencies and the resultant savings and then a decision can be made. EMERGE Motors are manufactured in high efficiency production lines with high quality machining centers, high speed stamping system and automatic winding machines with a strict quality control process in selection of materials, in manufacturing, assembly and testing with an automated microcomputer test centre and a well-coordinated measurement system. Other Features Energy efficient IE3 certified Motors can also be offered Protection class : IP55 Rated Voltage 415V. Can offer 380V, 400V and 440V also. Rated frequency 50HZ, can offer 60HZ also. Various cooling arrangements Ambient temperature 400 C. Standard motors performance for altitudes 1000M above sea level.
  2. 2. Dynamically balanced rotor & shaft Vacuum Pressure Impregnated Motor Low noise level CE / SA certified Motors If you Want to More Information Please visit our website: http://www.emerge-india.com