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  1. 1. Idioms An idiom is a saying that doesnot mean exactly what the Words themselves mean. For example, it's raining cats and dogs. Means that it's Raining heavily. 1 He backed up (supported) his friend's claim. 2 Corruption has eaten away (corroded) the foundation of our country's democracy. 3 He broke down (failed) in the middle of his speech. 4 He broke off (stopped suddenly) in the middle of his story. 5 His folly has brought about (caused) his ruin. 6 His master called for (demand) an explanation of his conduct. 7 My sister called on(paid me a brief visit) me yesterday. 8 His passion carried him away (deprived him of self- control). 9 His son carried on (managed) his business in his absence. 10 You cannot always go by (judge from) appearances. 11 He promised to go into the matter. 12 She kept on talking. 13 The rebels laid down their arms. 14 He laid out a large sum in railway shares. 15 His uncle looks after him. 16 He takes after his father. 17 Things are looking up. 18 I cannot make out the meaning of this verse. 19 I cannot make out his handwriting. 20 The piano takes up too much room. Idioms may be defined as expressions peculiar to a language.they also decorate the language. 1 Inspite of all hos brag he had to eat humble pie(to apologize humbly) 2 Take care what you say! You will have to eat your words(to take back what you have said) 3 He is not worth his salt (quite worthless) if he fails at this juncture. 4 The cost of living has increased so much that he finds it difficult to make both ends meet. 5 Lord Roberts first won his laurels in India. 6 He turned a deaf ear to (disregarded) my advice. 7 He is determined to achieve his object by hook or by crook. 8 From his attitude it is clear that he wants to pay off old scores ( to have his revenge). 9 He has been working on and off (at intervals) severalyears to compile a dictionary. 10 He visits me off and on (now and then). 11 I have it at my fingers' ends. 12 This puts me in mind of an amusing incident. 13 There's no love lost between them. 14 The police came to the scene in the nick of time. 15 His partner threw cold water on his scheme. 16 This text-bookof accounts is quite out of date. 17 This is the most up-to-date bookon the subject. 18 Today he is in high spirits. 19 What's the matter? You seem out of spirits. 20 He keeps in touch with the latest developments in the world. 21 That is where the shoe pinches (difficulty lies). 22 His blood ran cold when he heard that his friend was murdered. 23 I gave him a piece of my mind (scolded him). 24 He was as good as his word. 25 He went out of his way to oblige me (took trouble.) 26 The question is hard nut to crack. 27 He is under the thumb of (completely under the influence of) his wife. 28 There are black sheep in every community. 29 They eat but one square meal a day. 30 Beware of that wolf in sheep's clothing (hypocrite)!