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Body Language


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Body Language

  2. 2. BODY LANGUAGE Shoulder shrug
  3. 3. BODY LANGUAGE ‘ Every thing’s OK!’
  4. 4. BODY LANGUAGE No worries
  5. 5. BODY LANGUAGE ‘ Up yours!’
  6. 6. BODY LANGUAGE Fig-1 Salesman Fig-2 Husband Fig-3 Lover
  8. 8. FACIAL EXPRESSIONS <ul><li>A look that could kill </li></ul><ul><li>A fish eye </li></ul><ul><li>Come hither look </li></ul><ul><li>I am available </li></ul>
  9. 9. ‘ FACIAL EXPRESSIONS’ Simple smile Upper smile Broad smile
  10. 10. Hand Shakes
  11. 11. Shaking Hands ‘ Shake like a man’
  12. 12. Hand Shakes The Dead Fish
  13. 13. Hand Shakes The knuckle grinder
  14. 14. Hand Shakes The politician’s handshake
  15. 15. Courtship Gestures
  16. 16. Courtship Gestures Man and woman approaching on a beach They see each other They pass each other
  17. 17. Courtship Gestures The cowboy stance
  18. 18. Courtship Gestures Female preening gestures
  19. 19. Courtship Gestures The knee point
  20. 20. Courtship Gestures The shoe sandal
  21. 21. Courtship Gestures The leg twine
  22. 22. Smoking Gestures
  23. 23. Smoking Gestures Smoke up : Confident, Superior & Positive
  24. 24. Smoking Gestures Smoke down : Negative, Secretive & Suspicious
  25. 25. Dominance and superiority are evident here. Both hands – on – head exhibit a superior’ know - it - all’ attitude and feet – on – desk shows a territorial claim to it. To further highlight his status he has a high status, leaning back chair with wheels and a telephone with a lock on it. He is sitting in a competitive position.
  26. 26. This gesture can be summed up in one word – negative. The folder has been used as a barrier and the arms and legs are folded due to nervousness or defensiveness. His coat is buttoned and his sunglasses hide his eye signals. Much of his face is hidden by his beard. 90% of people will opine that this man will never get to the first base with another person.
  27. 27. The man on the left has kept his thumbs – in – belt attitude, foot forward position and has turned his body slightly towards the woman, making it a complete courtship display. His body has become even more erect. The woman is responding to this courtship with a display showing interest. She has uncrossed her arms, turned her body towards him and is pointing one foot at him. Her courtship gestures include hair touching, exposed wrist, exposed cleavage and positive facial expressions. The man on the right is using an aggressive posture to show his displeasure. In short the man on the left has won the woman’s attentions while the man on the right should look else where for a partner.