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Portfolio 2010

  1. 1. Portfolio Portfolio Sirun Serena Barsegyan Sirun Serena Barsegyan Interior Designer Interior Designer 509 Beryl St. Apt #7 Redondo Beach, CA 90277 509 Beryl St. Apt #7 Redondo Beach, CA 90277 PHONE (818)808-6690 ••E-MAIL: Kalos39@gmail.com PHONE (818)808-6690 E-MAIL: Kalos39@gmail.com
  2. 2. Om Spa Concept statement •Relax your mind, body and spirit at OM SPA. Retreat to our Indian inspired spa complete with Private consultation, yoga room, pool, and massage rooms. Whether you are just looking for a relaxing experience or a therapeutic rejuvenation OM SPA will be the perfect escape for you. •Om SPA is also home to the on site MS Doctors/owners. The residential space is designed to be comfortable, functional, and inspired by nature. •OUR SPA and our resident are both designed sustainably, so we are not only thinking of our guests but also our environment.
  3. 3. Rest area materials Spa material-flooring/lobby …  Residential/ commercial Designs are best presented by a well put together board with materials, floor plans, labeling, and organization.
  4. 4. Residential materials Ceiling plan
  5. 5. Hand Sketches and Perspectives
  6. 6. Interior Perspective- Exterior Perspective- CSUN Oviatte Library CSUN science buildings Perspectives offer a good understanding of complex areas. Perspectives help with understanding spatial heights and depths in comparisons with objects and buildings.
  7. 7. Charcoal Hand Sketch- 5 min Sketching and illustrating ideas helps quickly identify a space
  8. 8. Rendered Perspectives
  9. 9. Hand sketched perspective to scale (Rendered)  Rendered perspectives or sections conveys the idea, textures, mode, and perspective size of the space.
  10. 10. Prismacolor Markers Prismacolor Markers/Pencils Rendering shows skill in color theories, illustrating texture, and lighting
  11. 11. Computer Generated Applications
  12. 12. Museum Exhibit- Auto Cad Scale= ¼”=1”  Auto cad is a very efficient and a well organized way to create floor planes
  13. 13. Auto cad- 3D sample Sketch- up- 3D Sample Auto cad- Sections Computer generated sketching is Quick, precise and very technical. Furthermore these programs provide a glimpse of the scale in a completely designed space.
  14. 14. Models & Custom Designs
  15. 15. Commercial Model- Restaurant Residential Model A simple floor plan can be transformed into a 3D sample including wall/ floor and furniture material with the help of a few foam core boards, and balsa wood
  16. 16. Residential- Dinning/Living Room Contrasting Light neutral upholstery with dark rich espresso wood pieces, and adding color through sea foam blue accent walls, pillows, and artwork brings this cozy beach house up to date yet very Serene
  17. 17. Sirun Serena Barsegyan Interior Designer