Book Teaser: On The Edge


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On The Edge series by Kallysten

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Book Teaser: On The Edge

  1. 1. By KALLYSTEN
  2. 2. “I’m not used to having polite conversations withvampires,” he said, and that, at least, was true. I’m notused to having any kind of conversations withvampires, to be honest. I’m sorry but I just don’t knowhow to act.” She observed him for a long moment before settingher glass down. “Act like you just met a reasonably attractive woman,”she said. “What would you do if you didn’t know what Iam?” Brett wanted to protest; he did know, and it wasn’tthe kind of information he could choose to forget. Butshe was waiting for his answer—and she was a lot morethan ‘reasonably attractive.’ Holding his hand out to her, he tried to offer agenuine smile. “Hi. I’m Brett. What’s your name?” She laughed quietly as she took his hand and shookit. “I’m Lisa. And if that’s the best you can come up withto pick up a girl, you’re either gay or totally hopeless.” Behind the bar, Wallace snorted as he refilled thevampire’s—Lisa’s—glass. “Definitely hopeless,” hecommented. “Poor guy hasn’t had a date in months.”
  3. 3. “There’s something I don’t understand,” he finallysaid. “If you have it all planned out, why are youasking me what I think?” She struggled not to roll her eyes at him. Hadn’tshe made herself clear enough? “I’m a dance club customer,” she said, each wordslow and measured. “I know what I like, what makesa good club great. But I wouldn’t have the first ideaabout how to make it run from day to day.” Brett’s eyebrows knitted together. “So you want meto run it for you?” “No. I want you to run it with me. Didn’t you catchthat whole ‘we’ theme I had going on?” Rather than responding, Brett looked aroundagain. “It’d take a lot of money.” “It would,” Lisa conceded. “I’ve got enough to buythe place straight out, with a little leftover to startfixing things. But I need a partner.”
  4. 4. “I know you,” she breathed, leaning in closer to himuntil an inch only separated their lips. “You can’t foolme. I know you like men as well as women. And Iknow you find Leo attractive. As well you should.” He shook his head minutely, blinking fast twice. “Lisa, I…” She stopped him by pressing two fingers to his lips.“Look at him,” she requested, and watched his eyesfocus on Leo behind her. “Now tell me that part ofyou isn’t wondering what it would be like to be in thesame bed as Leo.” She dropped her hand, and Brett’s mouth openedimmediately. It closed again after an instant withouthaving uttered a sound. “Trust me,” she whispered before pressing a kiss tohis lips. Taking hold of his hand, then reaching outfor Leo’s behind her, she led them both to thebedroom.
  5. 5. After a moment, she turned so that she wasfacing him. The only source of light in the roomwas the glow of the alarm clock on the nightstand,but it was sufficient for Leo to see the gleam in hereyes. He had rarely seen her so determined. “I won’t let you ruin what I have here. I won’t letyou, either of you, destroy my life.” Had he been in her place, Leo would have beenas protective of what she had—the club, as muchprey and blood as she could want, Brett. It was easyto see why she was so upset. He only wished hecould reassure her. “Hurting you is the last thing I want,” hemurmured, and tried to put as much strength intohis words as he could summon. “If I have to playnice to be here, I can play nice. I want to play nice.”
  6. 6. “And you… You really care about him, don’t you? Youwouldn’t be jealous when he flirts with other people ifyou didn’t.” He kissed her, his lips barely brushing against hersbefore trailing down her jaw and to the crook of herneck. “I do. And you know I don’t only care about him.” If his voice had been just a little louder, or if he hadlooked her in the eyes as he said those words, trying toconvince her of their truth, she might have managed toignore them. Whispered as they were against thesensitive scars on her neck, however, they sunk beneathher skin, warming her from the inside out until thegentle hold of his arms became too much to bear—until she wanted him to hold her tighter. She had tobring things back to safer grounds. She rubbed herhands against his arms before gently pushing him back. “Stop pretending you don’t mind his flirting. Tell himyou want him to stop. Trust me, he’ll like that evenmore than the bike.”
  7. 7. All that was left was friction and movement and thefeeling of being complete with each passing second. Itdidn’t take very long before I came, bucking betweenthem and accentuating their movements. They didn’t stop. If anything, they started moving alittle faster, the need for pleasure urging them onward.The sensations were too much, too raw; for a minute oran hour, I’m not sure which, I wanted them to stop andlet me catch my breath. I didn’t manage to say a word,though, and they didn’t slow down. Sparks startedexploding beneath my tightly closed eyelids. Each breathcoming out of me was a cry. My body shook continuously,and I thought I would pass out from too much pleasure.Anando’s mouth found the crook of my neck and thescars he had left there. He scraped his teeth againstthem, and every sensation sharpened a little more. “Do it,” I cried out, breathless. He bit me. I cried again when his fangs pierced myskin, and yet again when he took a deep pull of my blood.His thrusting became erratic as he started coming, andhis mouth left my neck.
  8. 8. My eyes widened, and I strained not to blink so Iwouldn’t miss even a second of it. Brett’s cock, thick andslick, was disappearing inside Anando inch after slowinch. The sight was entrancing, and so were the quietsounds rising from both of them. We all sighed whenAnando finally sat snugly against Brett’s crotch. For amoment or two, the two of them remained still. Brettmoved first, his hands rising from where they were fistedin the sheets on either side of him to grip Anando’s thighsinstead. As though that were a signal, Anando finallymoved, slow slides up and down Brett’s cock at first, butthat didn’t last long. They were both too close to pleasureto take things slowly anymore. Resting both hands in the center of Brett’s chest,Anando started moving faster and faster, until he was allbut bouncing on Brett’s cock. Brett gasped, and so did I,both from the sight they made and from Leo’s fingerssliding in and out of me at the same fast pace.
  9. 9. “Don’t you want to suck on her tits?” Leo whisperedinto Brett’s ear, his lips brushing the lobe in a sensualcaress. “She always makes such pretty noises when wedo.” Brett’s mouth was already watering. “Yeah,” hebreathed, turning to briefly kiss Leo. “Let’s do that.” His hands sliding to her back, Brett drew Lisa closer tohim, closer to Leo, too, and they each laid their mouthson one of her nipples. Lisa’s rhythm faltered, althoughshe never stopped, and moans started rising from herthroat as they kissed, licked, and sucked on her breasts.Sometimes, Brett could tell that it was his mouth, histongue that made her writhe tighter against him, thatcaused those quiet, mewling sounds to escape her lipsand curl around his balls like a gentle hand. But at othertimes, he was sure that it was Leo’s touch that made herbuck against him, and the thought that Leo was touchingher, too, made Brett’s hips jerk up uncontrollably to meethers each and every time.
  10. 10. Coming Winter2012-2013
  11. 11. All ebooks are available from various websites, includingAmazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, etc. Before The Edge On The Edge Over The Edge Walking The Edge Fifth Vision of Destiny Out of the Box 6 Living Out of the Box