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  1. 1. RAJESH KALLUTLA #B2,2nd floor,Empire lotus, MRG nagar, Extension of VOC street, Thoraipakkam, E-mail: Chennai – 600097 Cellular: +91-9176375414 CAREER OBJECTIVE: To be associated with an organization that gives scope to apply my knowledge and skills and dynamically works towards the goals of the organization. ACADAMIC QUALIFICATION:  B. Tech (E.C.E) from Gates institute of Technology in the year 2012 with 68.5%. PROFESSIONAL QUALIFCATON:  Completed EMEDDED SYSTEMS course, from Vector India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore.  Course on “Routers Security” from R.T.T.C (bsnl)-Hyderabad. TECHNICAL SKILLS: • C, C++, Linux system programming, TCP/IP socket programming. • Embedded-C, 8051 Assembly programming, ARM7 programming. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE  C, C++,C#, Linux kernel programming.  Multi-threaded system programming, Linux net filters hooks subsystem,  Linux Network Namespaces, Shell scripting, L3 and L7 applications development.  Security protocols (IPSEC tunneling, PPTP tunneling, SSL/TLS connections). Current Employer: Fatpipe Networks Limited, Chennai. [3.5-years] Role: L2,L3 and L7 Product Software Developer. • Responsible for developing and enhancements of the Product requested by the clients. • Responsible for the bug fixes and debugging customer issues in production. PROJECTS WORKED • Current Working project: IDS/IPS to fatpipe kernel. • Implementation of Network Namespaces in fatpipe. (L2 , L3 & L7) o Isolate network resources and create protobuf configuration per namespace. o Convert entire fatpipe kernel configuration to multi-instances.
  2. 2. o Isolating Network stack in fatpipe kernel module. o Route traffic based on VLAN interfaces per instance. • Added DDOS blocker to the Fatpipe kernel (L3) o Add DDOS blocker rule for TCP/UDP/ICMP GUI and send to the kernel. o Add rules in kernel in global dll variable. o Match DDOS rules when session table creation, if it matched session add DDOS tab to track the attacks based on the hit counts and block them. • Content Filtering (L7) o Add phrase words and phrase weights from user space to kernel. o Add phrase info with a hash of word and its length in 4D dll array. o Get phrase info hash and match with HTTP web page content. o Calculate phrase weights matched with the session and take decision to allow or deny that particular site. • Webfilter Scheduler (L3) o Configure scheduler with week day’s time interval along with profile. o Map schedulers in any of the groups.(we can select multiple schedulers) o Check scheduler info and apply selected profile in scheduler for session. • Integrate LDAP/ADS groups to outbound PRR. (C# windows) (L3 & L7) o Get current logged in user list from windows session cache for every 6 seconds and send user name and ip relevant mapped groups to the fatpipe. o This is completely handled in multi-threaded environment. Get user list from one thread and send list from another thread (dependent threads). • Windows API for LDAP/ADS authentication. (C# windows) (L3 & L7) o Run on windows ADS server host which configured in Fatpipe device. o Continues listen on port that user given in config file. o Receive user credentials query and authenticate credentials. o Send group details if user authenticated successfully and if it fails send status • Allow nested referral url’s ( L3 & L7) o Get referrer and referred URL from HTTP-GET request and update in kernel.
  3. 3. o If a refer site allowed and then if referred site is blocked, if the user enabled the allow referrals feature in matched profile, we will allow that referred site. • Shell(bash/sh)scripting to convert 5.2.3 version config to 6.1.2 version config. • Ipsec NAT-T with mpsec. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: STRENGTHS: o Kind of self motivated person and every time accessing and grow myself to succeed. o Workaholic. o Good leadership Qualities. o Good rapportness with the colleagues. PERSONAL DOSSIER: Father’s Name Mr. K. Sreeramulu Date of Birth 25th March, 1990 Languages known English, Telugu Hobbies playing cricket, Listening melody songs. Nationality Indian Hindu Permanent Address : dadtithota(v),Tadimarri(M), Anantapur(D),A.P-515631. DECLARATION: I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars. Place: Chennai Signature Date: Rajesh.K