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Viswanathan Anand - India's real "World Champion"


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Here is my attempt at creating a photographic tribute to Anand.

This is a collection of pictures in a PDF presentation that unfortunately has to be advanced manually (since it is a PDF). Request you to do that in full screen mode - Hit <ctrl-l>.

Here you go presenting - V. Anand, 5 time World Champion, chess.

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Viswanathan Anand - India's real "World Champion"

  1. 1. Born 11 December 1969 in Madras FIDE World Champion 2000, World Champion since 2007 Rating on 1 January 2012 – 2799 (peak rating: 2817) Early years. Anand was born on 11 December 1969 to a well-to-do family in Madras. His parents belonged to the highest caste in Hinduism: his father, Viswanathan, was an engineer, and later Photo from General Manager of the SouthernChampion Railway; his mother, Susheela, was aViswanathan ANAND (India) housewife. The future champion was given the name Anand at birth.
  2. 2. Born 24 June 1968 in Minsk Grandmaster, winner of the 2009 World Cup and of the 2011 Candidates’ Matches Rating on 1 January 2012: 2739 (peak rating = 2762) Early years. Boris entered the world on 24 June 1968 in Minsk, born into a family of engineers. His parents – Abram and Nella – had difficult backgrounds: they were both Photo from born not long before the Great Patriotic War,Challenger were both evacuated, and after the war they returned home to Minsk. The family wasBoris GELFAND constantly moving from one construction site to another in Belorussia, Lithuania and Russia… The parents were accustomed to a nomadic lifestyle, and their sun picked this up from them.
  3. 3. The winner gets both these!
  4. 4. They are under way …
  5. 5. In the glass box
  6. 6. It is tough going …
  7. 7. Boris Gelfand takes a break …
  8. 8. The Champion working on a master move
  9. 9. The challenger under pressure?
  10. 10. That’s it, Anand is the World Champion!
  11. 11. Anand with the President of FIDE
  12. 12. The lady behind the Champion
  13. 13. The lady behind the Challenger
  14. 14. She asks, “can you lift it? It’s too heavy for me!
  15. 15. What a beauty!
  16. 16. This is some heavy stuff …
  17. 17. The Champion and the Challenger
  18. 18. Gold Medal being presented
  19. 19. To both finalists
  20. 20. Now for the grand crowning!
  21. 21. It says “Chess Champion 2012”
  22. 22. Now to crown the Chess King
  23. 23. With a crown of olive leaves
  24. 24. Rise for the Indian National Anthem
  25. 25. Salute the real World Champion from India!