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So, this might be considered somewhat pretentious. I pride myself with having a twisted mind. This presentation aims to share some of the twistedness with the help of my cats.

Please feel free to comment. Hope that this presentation might inspire a thought or two or at the very least give you an insight of how cool and philosophical devon rex cats really are =)

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  • Esta elevada filosofía gatuna parece ser muy apropiada para estos tiempos. Al menos merecería ser discutida. This high feline philosophy seems very appropriate for these times. At least deserve to be discussed.
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My philosophy

  1. My PHILOSOPHY ...explained by cats Starring Kurt & Elvis, the philosophical Devon Rexen @kallekavat
  2. ight... This is not going to be your averageR deadpan powerpoint presentatation. This presentation will attempt to challenge your ideas about reality, perception, faith and logic. Time does not have to be linear, neither do you. Please feel free to use the back button at any time.
  3. Befo re webegin...I consider myself as lucky tolive in a world where quantummechanics, hippies, science,information technology andoddball philosophers arereadily available.I also appreciate that subversivethoughts are not considered -Sorry, Alice. There will be no mentioning of Schrödingers dog.illegal (yet).
  4. Put yourswimsuit on......were going todive into the seaof strangeassumptions...
  5. 1. there is nospoonThe spoon might be there,but there is no way to be sure.If you like spoons, knock -Ok with me. As long as there is tuna.yourself out. If not, well there Have you been smoking catnip again?is none, right?!
  6. “My goal is to try to get people into a state of generalized agnosticism, not agnosticism about God alone, but agnosticism about everything.” -Robert Anton Wilson-Oh hai! Im Schroedingers invisibul, white ninjakitteh! Im so invisibul that I dont exist...maybe
  7. “I think, therefore I am?”..I think not! -I think, therefore Im hungry, dude
  8. The being that I seem torefer to as I seemsto be convincedof its ownexistence,therefore Ihavepredjudicesregarding myown existence. -Can you have some predjudice about bringing me some food too, plz?
  9. Who is the masterwho makes thegrass green?Observation is not a passive process.Every sensory input is interpretedand manipulated by your brain andsensory organ.Do you think that it is possible to -Im not sure. But Ill betseparate the external world your garden hose helps.from your interpretation of it?
  10., th ere isno s p oon! -Ah. I get it. There is no spoon, since there is no is,right?! Ok. Bring tuna naow,plz!
  11. 2. inform ationis lifeWhat is thedifference betweengenes andmemes...really? -Whoa dude! Thats deep
  12. What is lifeif not simplya matter ofpredjudice?All we know arepredjudices.Perhaps we should -Perhaps edible?choose them wisely.
  13. Consider this:The fundamental buildingblocks of our reality arenot particles or energy,but information.
  14. -Oh Hai! Check out my string theory; Its sneaky!Perhaps god is to be found in white noise, in the decimals ofpi, or in quantization errors? Entropy could be god aging?
  15. co mmun icationfa cilitatesev olutionBetter!Faster!Stronger! -Life wants to live! Information wants to be free! And all your cheese are belong to Kurt!
  16. 3. rea lity isno t binaryNull-A logicis true!Why notgive it a trytoday! -Its just a matter of perspective, silly. Send my regards to Schrödingers cat, he is/was a cool dude.
  17. Realitiesare likeespressomachines -Everbodysgot one! -Ill burst your reality bubblez!
  18. Summary: re is no s p oon1. The n is life2. Informatio3. Th e world is notbinary -And there is no is, dude. *doublefacepalm*
  19. Everybody has their ownThree predjudice regarding reality –simple Seek to understand, not to control!rules Just because you have chosen a path does not mean that it is for everyone – Show respect! You cannot fly with both feet firmly on the ground - Dare to let go every now and then!
  20. Sources of inspiration:Claude Shannon, Robert Anton Wilson,Erwin Schrödinger, Friedrich Nietzsche,Nick Bostrom, Ray Kurzweil, Jean-PaulSartre, Jean Baudrillard, Alvin Toffler,Timothy Leary, Tor Norretranders, MaxStirner, Alfred Korzybski, Niels Bohr,Bertrand Russel, Eugene Wigner,Werner Heisenberg, Richard Dawkins,René Descartes, Hans Moravec, FrankJ. Tipler, Roger Penrose, Zen koans,Taoism and the other well knownreligions....and of course Kurt, Elvis and Alice!
  21. Th ank y ou foryo u r a ttention! Rants or Raves? Twitter: @kallekavat Karl-Magnus Möller