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Mileycyrus 1

  1. 1. In this shot, Miley sits on a wrecking ball nude while caressing the chain. She sits in the midst of solid grey walls, the ball represents her and connotes how she has tried to break the walls of her ex partner. Her eyes are closed which signifies her deep pain and anguish over her past love, so at this point the viewer feels sorry for her. Furthermore, her nudity positions her in vulnerable state as it connotes how loving someone has stripped her of everything she is and has. Using cultural theorist Stuart Halls model the audience may read this text in two particular ways. So her dedicated fans within the audience understand the videos message and therefore feel sad for Miley - dominant reading. This would appeal to them as they can connect with the artist on a personal level due to the seriousness of the song and her creative way of portraying her emotions visually. However, other viewers will strongly disagree with the idea of explicitly exposing your body as the disjuncture has no relation to the theme of heartbreak that the song expresses oppositional reading. Therefore, this would not appeal to the viewer as the visual content holds no meaning and instead is just a publicity stunt to gain attention for her new star persona. In this shot the artist holds up a sledge hammer above her head and looks off into the distance. This prop is stereotypically used by men as it represents hard work, so when the artist holds it above her, it connotes her strength and determination to come out this situation with her head held up high. This empowers the female audience especially, as she is represented as being powerful and in control. This appeals to them as she takes on the position of being a role model and so inspires females to also be confident. This is further connoted through the use of the low angle, which puts her above the viewer and causes them to fear her because she is in a dominant position.
  2. 2. The institution wanted to change Miley's star persona of being the innocent Disney girl who appealed to a young audience of 7-13 year olds. This video clearly indicates Miley's new persona – a promiscuous objectified woman. This was done because the artist wanted to show her now older target audience that she has grown up now and wants to be taken seriously. The video helps to visually signify the artists new persona to her target audience. For instance, in this shot Miley is nude, she leans back using the wreaking balls chain as support. The camera language used sexually objectifies women, as the shot type emphasises her figure and she is stripped of her clothes in front of the publics eyes. Miley would appeal to her now older target audience ( particularly females) because she has clearly gone through some tough life experiences, which the target audience may be able to personally relate to as the artist highlights issues such as love and heartbreak which the audience may have experienced as well, therefore they see her as a mature women that they can connect with. Furthermore, Miley changing her star persona means she appeals a lot more to males due to her new sexual appeal which is connoted through her body language. Additionally, her confidence is further connoted as she does not feel shy about being represented explicitly and this therefore attracts the male audience. Theorist Steve Archer states that a good music video will 'amplify the songs original meaning' and so through using the style of a narrative Miley Cyrus's video has achieved this. For instance, in this shot the artist slowly walks forward with a sledge hammer in hand, while the concrete walls collapse behind her. The location (walls) metaphorically connote her ex partners 'walls' and the visual aid helps put into perspective how difficult it was to break down his solid exterior. The fact that she walks away signifies defeat and how she is done fighting. This is further connoted through the lyrics 'All I wanted was to break your walls'. This dramatic shot causes the audience to feel sympathetic towards the artists tragic situation. This appeals to the target audience because they may have gone through similar love issues or may know someone who has, therefore they can personally relate to the artist (U&G) and the emotionally deep lyrics.
  3. 3. Theorist Roland Barthes proposed the grain of voice theory. This is when the singers voice is the most important instrument and the video focuses solely on the singer - this theory is evident within Mileys music video because the song is a story and she is the storyteller. The theory is specifically evident in this shot because the artist breaks the forth wall as she is looking straight into the camera at the viewers. Also, she is crying and a single tear drop falls down her face. Even though she seems to be in an emotional state, by directly addressing the audience it connotes how she is fearless and tough enough to freely express her emotions to the public. In addition, a close up is used in this shot. The song itself is very emotional and so by using this shot type the audience gain intimacy with the artist as the viewer can concentrate on her facial expression. This is very effective as it causes the audience to feel sympathetic towards Miley. The artist is wearing bright red lipstick that instantly grabs the audiences attention and forces them to focus on her. Since red is an outspoken colour, it could signify danger and mystery as it emphasizes that there is an edgy side to her character which is evident through her hairstyle - a short blonde do that is influenced by the 70s where glam rock was the fashion. Lastly, red can be associated with love therefore the use of the lipstick could signify her passion for this mystery man whom she sings about.
  4. 4. This is a mid shot ( 3.22) from Katy Perry’s video, California girls. Katy Perry looks directly into the camera with her mouth slightly open. This facial expression is a strong flirting signal which draws in the audience (mostly male) and connotes how sensual she is. The artist is wearing a red glittery outfit which has silver details on it. Her tight costume reveals her body and emphasises her sexual appeal. The artists outrageous sense of style connotes that she is confident in her on skin and this is empowering for her audience, specifically females as they see her as a role model and aspire to posses her self confidence. The colour red connotes danger and how as an artist she is not scared to push boundaries, this is further connoted by her stance which signifies she is dominant and in control of this situation, as well as the dark orange sky which connotes that she is a fierce woman. Furthermore, her red costume appeals to her audience, mostly men because it’s a colour that men find highly seductive as it carries a sexual meaning that grabs a mans attention. Lastly, the ‘Alice in wonderland’ candy background, yet again establishes her child like fantasies and emphasises her music as being extravagant and energetic. This is a close up ( 0.19 ) from Katy Perry’s video, California girls. The artist looks to her side with wide intrigued eyes and raised eyebrows. This close up highlights her facial expression and connotes how playful and child like she is, as there is a look of surprise on her face. Also, her mouth is open with her tongue is out. This could may be, be the first time she has tasted ice cream and so her reaction connotes how she enjoys exploring her environment. She sports a lilac hair do with a dark purple heart on the side. Her classic retro hairstyle signifies her innocence, this is emphasised as she avoids looking directly into the camera which connotes she has a cheeky side. She wears jewellery made out of real sweets - a light pink gummy ring and a colourful necklace. This connotes how she is playful as the accessories are something you would expect a child to wear however it highlights how she is not scared to express herself . The setting references ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ and so the audience get an insight of her wild imagination. Furthermore, it emphasises how her music is far from reality, very imaginative and exaggerated.
  5. 5. This is a mid shot from (0.41) California Gurls Video. The setting creates a sense of surrealism as the idea of a world made out of candy is something you would dream about and this is evident through her body language as she stands amongst the trees of candyfloss and looks up at the sky in amazement, as if in trance by her surroundings. This appeals to the target audience as they get to escape reality into this visually intriguing video. Specifically it would appeal to the younger audience, as candy is popular amongst them, due to its taste and vibrant bright colours. So the idea of living in a illusory world grabs their attention as it’s a chance to get lost within the video due to their interest in sweets. This is further reinforced by the lyrics ‘Greeting, loved ones, lets take a journey‘, the words are a direct invitation to the audience and this makes the viewing experience much more realistic for the viewer as they feel like the artist is talking to them. The location connotes Katy Perry as being this girly girl and this further connoted by her costume which is creatively made of sweet wrappers. This is conventional of a Pop music video as artists always take the opportunity to break boundaries and make a wild fashion statement in order to make their video memorable. Her appearance is very unique and this appeals to her target audience – specifically females as they may see her as a fashion icon and so install the artists confidence within themselves by being more daring with their own style. This is a long shot of a yellow and white stripped snake slides down a tree to Katy Perry. This image references the bible - in particular the story of Adam and Eve. In this shot the snake persuades Katy to climb up it and says she will be in paradise if she does, Katy listens and climbs the snake only to lose her clothes in the end once up in the candyfloss clouds. This signifies how women are submissive and powerless. This connotation is anchored by the lyrics - ‘we freak in my jeep‘. The sexual undertone that is felt throughout the video contributes to the misconception that women are willing and eager to have sex at any given time. This representation disempowers the female audience as it signifies them as being a weak gender.
  6. 6. This is a straight on mid shot which moves into a high angle and then cuts to a close up - 0:00 to 0:07. The rappers arms are stretched out and in front of him lies a miniature version of the main location used in the music video - Candy land. Moreover, the miniature model is a board game, he is the player and Katy Perry is a game piece. His confident body language signifies how he is in control of his empire but most importantly how he is in control of Katy Perry - he only features in this song and yet he plays a more dominant role then her. Theorist Laura Mulvey introduced the term male gaze, which suggests that 'audiences view the female character through the eyes of a heterosexual male'. This suggestion is most patent through the lyrics, he raps 'Toned tan, fit and ready and also 'All that a** hangin out', the lyrics comment on a females appearance which sexually objectifies them. Furthermore, Mulvey's theory is visually evident in the video as Snoop Dog picks Katy Perry up and moves her around like a chess piece throughout the course of the whole video, this forces the audience to view this fantasy world in a males perspective which connotes that women are simply toys for males to manipulate and play around with. Also it highlights how women are submissive and weak. Looking at this music video in a feminist perspective reveals many stereotypes that contribute to how society sees women, for instance this text represents women as being trophies - only good for their looks. Additionally, it emphasises the gender roles and how women can not think for themselves and need men to dictate their actions. This representation disheartens the female audience as they are shown off to be worth nothing. In contrary, this would appeal to the male audience as the representation encourages men to play the authoritative role.
  7. 7. A little girl takes a look out her classroom window and watches the other children playing. A high angle is normally associated with making a character seem more power but in this case the high angle is used to connote how lonely and alienated the girl is from her peers. This is further connoted through the use of a long shot which signifies how distant she is from everybody else. She looks down with sad and an almost jealous expression at the children enjoying themselves, this again connotes how she is the odd one out and also how she is unwanted. This shot holds a lot of meaning and emotion that the audience can relate to personally because the issues highlighted happen in the real world, therefore they may have experienced being left out. So, they can sympathise with the little girl as they understand the theme that is being highlighted though out the text - bullying. In this long shot we see the now grown girl weighing herself in a bathroom. She is wearing very little clothing but it is not done intentionally that the viewer see her as a sex object. Instead it is a hard hitting scene that establishes her health condition which is evident as she weighs herself, this is a stereotypical event that people with eating disorders go through. So along with the location, the shot type connotes how frail and weak her body is, causing the audience to feel sad. Additionally, the shot is framed in such a way that it makes the audience feel like they are intruding in the girls private affairs because the camera is positioned at a distant and her back is turned to the viewer. People who have gone through or are currently battling an eating disorder can relate to this video personally as they know what it feels like, therefore they can connect with the videos content. Having said this, this is could also appeal to other member of the audiences as its an educational video that gives a very detailed and graphic insight into eating disorders.
  8. 8. The mother drags her daughter out of the house into a car to drive her to school. The long shot sets the location as this peaceful home environment but this is then contradicted as the shot type also establishes the relationship between mother and daughter which is bad, this is evident through their body language - the mother angrily walks in front while the daughter trails helplessly behind. This signifies how behind every household lies many problems and this message appeals to the audience because they go through many situations and for them its nice to see that they are not alone, this is further evident in the lyrics which directly address the audience and makes tem feel understood 'Pretty please, don't you ever, every feel, like your less then perfect'. These lyrics motivate and give confidence to the audience as well as reassuring them. The teenage girl is locked in a bathroom cubical, bent over and sniffing drugs. The high angle establishes how she is not in the right state of mind and gives the audience and insight into the world of drug use. Yet again the high angle does not put her in a powerful position, but instead the angle connotes how weak she is and also how gritty the situation is. The tint of blue connotes sadness and so is designed to make the audience feel sad for her as she has hit rock bottom. Furthermore, the graffiti on the wall adds to the unpleasantness of the situation. The audience could relate to this, particularly the young viewers because the video highlights issues like drugs which is most commonly used by teenagers, therefore they understand what the character is going through. Also, the video is very educational as it promotes the bad effects of drugs and puts off people (teens) from using it.
  9. 9. The character leans by her child and hands her a teddy bear which she once found comfort in when she was younger. The two shot indicates that they have a close relationship as the women cowers over the child in a protective manner. There are further connotations through her expression, she smiles slightly obviously proud and hypnotized by the child innocence as she sleeps. The natural lighting creates a calm atmosphere of warm tones of browns, which are humble and peaceful colours that go against the blue colours in pervious scenes which connoted sadness but instead the browns connote stability and comfort as well as happiness.The teddy is a symbol of all events the character has gone through and so by giving it away connotes how she has overcome the many difficult situations she faced such as bulling and self harm. This scene is a satisfying ending to the sad and emotional narrative as the character comes out healthy and gets everything the audience wish for her. This appeals to the audience as it motivates them to keep fighting their problems because it shows how there is a light at the end of every tunnel.
  10. 10. Overview Miley Cyrus: I love how raw the music video is and how close ups are used to portray deep emotions which emphasize the meaningful lyrics. In my music video I will definitely use close ups in order to connote how much the artist loves her man since they lyrics are about how amazing it is to find love. I will use various camera movements to signify sex appeal but not in such an explicit way of course, but just elements such as fragmented body shots and slow movements across the body so that is appeals to the male audience as well as the female audience. Katy Perry: The video is very creative and it's amazing how it fires up the imagination! This video has inspired me to be creative with my music video and not make the conventional sappy love video. I can do this through choosing creative locations like maybe the beach! And have the artist wearing glamorous costumes that connote she is a fierce diva. Pink: I liked how the artist was not involved as much in the narrative aspect, she just took a step back and let the lyrics be emphasized by such an emotional narrative. Maybe I might do the same and have a narrative about a couple that grow old together like in Justin Timberlake's music video for his song 'Mirrors'! I also like how the artist had an edge to her brand. When building my artists brand me and my partner must defiantly focus on creating something unique so that when the audience see a logo they instantly think 'ahh yes, that's Kim King' - for example Rihanna's globally iconic red hair that ran through all her media texts!