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  1. 1. We chose to use my (Lorelle) bedroom as it is a good size for filming, this allows us to easily obtain good shots, movements and angles. Another reason we decided to use my room is because it is local, only 5 minutes away from school and is always available for use. This set can also be manipulated to maintain our colour scheme of white, black and red. We wanted to use this setting as the bedroom is a private place and is very symbolic of romance, therefore by having the artist performing there it emphasizes the romantic tone of the song. The bedroom corner is made to look like another location in our music video but it is just a corner in my bedroom. To achieve what seems to be a separate location we will move the bed and film against the cornered white wall behind it. Additionally, everything we be dark except a single spotlight focused on the artist. By the artist being corned and exposed under the spot light it connotes it shows the audience how she has nothing to hide. We have also decided to use my kitchen because it is spacious which gives us the ability to produce more creative shots as we will be less restricted with camera positioning. This will also allow us to enhance the composition of the shots, as there will be more space to place the artist and her boyfriend. This particular location in the home emphasizes the couples relationship and how much they are in love, especially because they will be cooking together, play fighting and taking pictures with/of one another in this location. Also, the setting helps to further connote the themes of love and romance which is what our chosen song is based on.
  2. 2. We are using the black screen in the media department at school. This location is very easily accessible because it is in the school and if we pre-book it for the necessary dates it will be made available. This location is only going to be used for various close-ups of the artists eyes and lips. We chose the black screen in particular because the colour fits our planned colour scheme of black, white and red. We have decided to use Kalkidan's bathroom as her bath is bigger and because it is her house it's available and only takes 15 minutes to get to her house by the bus from school. In this location the artist will be enjoying a candle-lit bubble bath, scattered with red rose petals. We chose this location because we felt that if we had the artist in the bath and created a romantic atmosphere it would produce an element of sex appeal through fragmented body shots of her legs in the water yet still signify the theme of love/romance. This will appeal to our audience, in particular the males as its visually pleasing. However, we still want to make the action in this location very appropriate, therefore we will ensure that there are lots of bubbles in the water to protect our artists modesty and represent women as individuals who have dignity rather then representing them as useless sex objects. We are also using the white screen in the media department at school. Again this location is easily accessible because it is on the school premises and by pre-booking time to use it, it can be made available. This location is going to be used to have the artist performing, looking glamorous and surrounded by spotlights. We chose to use the white screen because it also fits our colour scheme of black, white and red. The colour white is plain but is effective enough as we do not want to use glamorous scenery that will distract the audience from the meaningful and emotional lyrics/tone that the music posses.