Analysis of mag ads2


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Analysis of mag ads2

  1. 1. This advert lacks the typical conventions of a magazine advert as most of the typical conventions are not evident. The creators of this advert have not included a slogan, brand name, caption or an action line. The actual image in itself creates many connotations for the intended target audience of females aged 18-35. The song title „Run The World (Girls), connotes that the song is about the empowerment of females, this connotation is then supported by the presence of the artist and the fire. The artist is standing in the front of the image alone with her arm raised in the air connoting how bold, strong and independent women are as they are at the fore front of life and they dictate their own path. Beyoncé is wearing a white dress signifying the elegance, innocence and purity of women. The fire in the background connotes that women can be fierce when they need to be to prevent them from being taken advantage of. The creators of this magazine advert used less typical conventions to keep the focus of the advert on the artist and female empowerment. The single „Run The World (Girls)‟ is being advertised through this advert. Beyoncé is being represented as a role model to many females as she is subverting the typical representation of females as sex objects and instead is being presented as a strong independent female. This advert gives the audience a message that the album is going to be focussed on the empowerment of women and creating a new more positive stereotype for females that strays from the typical stereotype of sex objects which younger audience members can aspire to.
  2. 2. This magazine advert conforms to the conventions of a typical magazine advert as it includes a pack shot, review, release title, etc. In the mise-en-scene of this album cover the location seems to be a rural area connoting that the songs included on the album and the one specifically being advertised „I kissed a girl‟ is going to have a reasonably mellow tempo to create a relaxing feel to the song. The album seems to be targeting a young girly female audience through the use of colourful flowers, the lollipop and her bright costume. The colourful flowers in the mise-en-scene attract a girly audience as they‟ll be drawn to the front cover because they‟ll think „aw that‟s pretty‟ as they are interested in things that are aesthetic. The artist is holding a red heart shaped lollipop which will also appeal to a young female audience because young people stereotypically eat more sweets than older people. This lollipop in particular will attract a girly female audience, as it is shaped like a heart connoting the themes of love/romance. This will make them interested in the album because stereotypically girly girl‟s are very interested in the topic of love, therefore this will create some identification from the audience to the artists as they may be able to personally identify/relate to the songs on the album. The artist – Katy Perry is wearing bright coloured clothing to signify that the songs on the album aren‟t about heartbreak but the joys of love/romance. These bright colours are favourable among a young female audience as they connote happiness. The actual clothing in itself – the crop top and high waisted shorts connotes a sexual element within the artist‟s music, as she is showing a lot of skin connoting that some of her songs may be slightly crude. Therefore her album would probably appeal to a young female audience aged around 16-25 as they are still young but they will be able to understand what the artist is actually singing about better as they are starting to mature. The artist is objectifying herself on her album cover because she is revealing a lot of skin and is wearing tight clothes to emphasize her curvaceous body shape, this may also the attract the attention of some males according to Laura Mulvey‟s theory – „The Male Gaze‟.
  3. 3. This magazine advert is advertising Jessie J‟s album „Who You Are‟. To entice the target audience to purchase it a review has been used stating that the album „includes the #1 international smash “Price Tag” feat. B.O.B‟. Therefore this advert is aiming to get the people who enjoyed the single „Price Tag‟ to buy the whole album. This advert appeals to a target audience that are aged from 13-25 due to the sheer simplicity of it. This advert is very basic and doesn‟t include complex information about the album so that a younger target audience of both genders. The colour scheme consists of predominantly black, white and gold. This prevents creating a gender bias as these colours appeal to both males and females widening the target audience. The colours black and white signify that this album contains song that are real and meaningful to the artist, they are not songs to show off her riches but to reveal what she has been through. The audience will be able to personally identify/relate to these songs as they may have explored similar situations or may even be currently facing the same struggles. Therefore this album may inspire them to do better for themselves because the artist has managed to escape her past so they can too. The artists name is in gold, connoting her fame and new found wealth, connoting that from the darkness she has found a new light in the music industry and is really thriving in it, hence why she now has an album and an international smash hit. Both of these elements work together and have signified her achievements.