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Precot meridian limited


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Precot meridian limited

  2. 2. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED GLOBAL TEXTILE INDUSTRY Making textiles has been a cultural activity since time immemorial. 1 Trade in textiles rose along with tastes for luxury. The silk route, like that for spices, formed links between Asia and Europe, well in advance of other consumer goods such as sugar, tea and coffee. Great medieval architecture owes much to the textile trade, from Flemish cloth halls (such as Ypres) to English monasteries (Fountains Abbey WHS) and parish churches. Conversely the textile products of some nomadic communities are the principal cultural artefacts by which they can be represented, whether now in museum collections or still in living communities. The textile business was and is a world-wide industry drawing on raw materials produced all over the world. It was to produce textiles that development occurred in otherwise non-productive places, such as the vast sheep farms in Australia and New Zealand. Production of sisal (in Mexico and St Helena), and of coir( Zanzibar), manila (Philippines), hemp and jute (Bangladesh) enabled parts of South and South East Asia to develop, or to be exploited. Most famously, the growing of cotton moved from India to the Southern United States, to be worked in large slave plantations, the conservation of evidence for which is a thorny issue. Since then cotton growing has moved on to Egypt and the former Soviet republics of central Asia, followed by manufacturing plants in those places, at the expense of the older spinning and weaving districts. The textile industry was the lead sector in many countries’ experience of the industrial revolution. New forms of technology, power generation, finance, labour, and industrial organization were combined in a textile mill on a scale that foreshadowed today's industrialized and urbanized society. A high proportion of the workforce would be female, or child, so the need for factory legislation, and for education arose at textile sites at a time when such PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 2
  3. 3. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED consideration did not exist for adult males. Sometimes the gender imbalance would be temporary, and met by specially built lodging house barracks for young unmarried women (the “Yankee girls” of Lowell, USA). Social consequences of there being higher wage earners amongst women than men could be deep-seated, as in Bradford and Dundee, UK, driving men to seek work abroad or in engineering. The engineering industry would evolve as the textile industry matured and would seek out new markets, either to export the latest machinery so as to create competition with home markets or to diversify into new products. Where men retained a role in production (as did mule spinners in the UK) they might accumulate sufficient funds to develop new economic models: the Co-operative movement and the first limited liability companies both came from the Lancashire cotton districts of Rockdale and Oldham, and were copied world-wide. The significance of textile history can then be very wide-ranging and aspects may claim universal value. TEXTILE TARIFF RATES AROUND COUNTRIES PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 3
  6. 6. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED INDIAN TEXTILE INDUSTRY: The textile industry occupies a unique position in the Indian economy. Its predominant presence in the Indian economy is manifested in terms of its significant contribution to the industrial production, employment generation and foreign exchange earnings. It has immense potential for employment generation, particularly in the rural and remote areas of the country on account of its close linkage with agriculture. Indian textile industry has a significant presence in the world textile economy by virtue of its production of textile fibres/yarns. It accounts for about 21 per cent (35 million spindles) of the world spindleage of 166.36 million spindles, the second largest after China and three per cent of the world rotorage of 7.81 million. With almost 5.7 million looms (including handlooms), the industry has the highest loomage about 64 per cent of the world loomage of 8.9 million. It is the largest producer of jute and the second largest producer of silk and the third largest producer of cotton, cotton yarn and cellulosic fibre/yarn in the world. It is also the fifth largest global producer of synthetic fibre/yarn. The Indian textile industry is predominantly cotton based which accounts for 65 percent of fibre consumption. Taking a cue from global consumption pattern, it is obvious that India needs to produce more synthetic fibre based products to meet the international demand. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 6
  7. 7. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED TEXTILE INDUSTRY IN ANDHRA PRADESH The state of Andhra Pradesh is blessed with highly fertile land, which led to enormous growth of cotton and silk fibers. The abundance of cotton and silk production has provided individuals as well as institutions to venture out into textile processing, yarn and spinning industries. It fully meets the growing needs of the increasing population for one of the basic necessities of life – clothing. Being agro-based, the textile industry enjoys strong links with a vast army of farmers, rural artisans, craftsmen and numerous allied trades and industry personnel. The Textile industry, in the process of manufacturing of 2,600 Crore sq. m per annum of textile material, consumes 29 Lakh Tones of Fibres of Cotton / Silk / Nylon / Polyester and other miscellaneous Fibres. About 6,000 to 8,000 Tons of dye 50,000 Tons of chemicals and auxiliaries and significant quantities of Oils and Lubricants are used in the industry. Besides this, about 500,000 tons of coal, gas and lignite are utilized as sources of energy. The water consumption figure stands at 45 Billion Liter, generally consisting of bore well water with high total dissolved solids (TDS) and hardness concentrations. There is a great potential for implementing Cleaner Production and Energy Efficiency (CP-EE) in Textile Industries from the Environmental Protection point of view which can yield both Economic and Environmental benefits to the units. This bulletin highlights the concept of CP-EE by analyzing the need, finalizing the requirements and selecting the right technology / equipment and planning for implementing and monitoring. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 7
  9. 9. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED COMPANY PROFILE Original name of the company : Premier Cotton Spinning Mills Promoted by : N. Damotharan Incorporated in : 1962, Palakkad, Kerala Produce : Cotton yarn Change of name in : 1984 (Precot Mills Limited) Present name : Precot Meridian Limited KEY FIGURES AT A GLANCE  Four decades of spinning experience  Symbolizes: Quality, Trust and Commitment  Turnover : 90 million US dollars  Installed capacity: 2,00,000 Spindles  Rotors: 1536  Looms: 124 Precot is one of the leading textile mills in India. It produces world class yarns that Consistently deliver value for money to customers. It proposes to venture into Garment manufacture also in sdue course. Precot Mills limited has been renamed as “PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED” with effect from 28th Sept, 2006. The company has also adopted a new logo. The new logo with the theme “Riding the wave of confidence” contains a wave formation with the Letters P & M embedded therein in Bright Red and Navy PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 9
  10. 10. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED Blue symbolizing the dynamism and sense of confidence that goes with those colors. From its inception in 1962, Precot Meridian has symbolized quality and trust in the textile industry has four decades of spinning experience and defined set of values and principles. Precot Meridian is committed to its customers for Satisfaction and fulfilling their needs, with diverse range of textile products. Turn over around 90 million USD and a consistent history of growth, the group is well poised to meet the textile needs. Change in name of the Company and adoption of new LOGO Precot Mills limited has been renamed as PRECOT MERIDIANLIMITED with effect from 28th September 2006.The Company has also adopted a new logo. The name change is in tune with the transformation of the company from a pure spinning mill into an integrated textile player. The company apart from manufacturing cotton yarn and polyester sewing thread has also commenced manufacture of yarn dyed shirting fabrics. It proposes to venture into garment manufacture also in due course. The original Logo with the cotton flower embedded in letter P in green colour, was created in 1962, when the company commenced operations in cotton spinning. The new logo with the theme ‘Riding the wave of confidence” contains a wave formation with the Letters P & M embedded therein in Bright Red and Navy Blue symbolizing the dynamism and sense of confidence that goes with those colors PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 10
  11. 11. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED Units of the Precot Meridian Ltd  Corporate Office, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.  ‘A’ Unit, Kanjikode, Palakkad, Kerala.  ‘B’ Unit, Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh.  ‘C’ Unit & O.E. Unit, Walayar, Kerala.  ‘M’ Unit, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu.  Weaving Unit, Sethumadai, Tamil Nadu.  Yarn Dyeing Unit, Perundurai, Tamil Nadu.  ‘K’ Unit, Gowribidanur, Karnataka. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 11
  12. 12. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED Three dimensional approach towards customer delight Quality  Established Quality assurance methodologies and processes  Fine - tuned work culture with focus on Quality Value  Cost reduction through in - House Research, Development and Value Engineering Delivery  Keeping up committed schedules work force through and a high productivity  Customer Service through a well connected marketing and after- sales network PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 12
  13. 13. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED CORPORATE PROFILE: Corporate office is situated at “Suprem” P.B No: 7161737, Pulikulam Road, Coimbatore-641 045.Corporate office deals with raw material purchase, testing, a p p r o v a l a n d a l l ot me n t t o g r o u p mi l l s . I n a d d i t i o n t o t h a t f i n a l i z a t i o n o f s a l e s contract, approval of production-planning, policy decisions etc. are also taken at corporate office. A-Unit Unit A is located at Kanjikode west, Palghat, Kerala and was established in the year 1964.the area used is 2 Hectors surrounded by 15 Hectors of its own land. Present Spend age of the Factory is 57600,working 24 hours in a day and 7d a ys i n a we e k a n d S p i n n i n g Ho s i e r y ya r n s , w a r p a n d we f t ya r n s a n d d o u b l ed yarns counts ranging from 30s to 100s combed and cradle varieties. All are ring spun yarns only. B-Unit B unit is at Kodigerahalli, H.S.Mandir, Hindupur(post),Andhra Pradesh and won established in the year 1983.Mill is located in an area of around 5 Hectars.Present installed capacity of the mill is 72000 spindles engaged i n man ufacturing of ring spun yarn and working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week continuously. C-Unit is at Chandrapuram, Walayar Dam (post), Palghat (Dist.), Kerala. Unit was established in the year 1992.Factory is build up in an area of 9600squaremeter.P r e s e n t s p i n d l a g e o f t h e u n i t i s 2 4 7 2 0 c o mp a n y p r o d u c e s ya r n r a ng i n g between 20s Ne to 40s Ne in both 100% Cotton Combed varieties to suit different e n d u s e s . At p r e s e n t t h e ya r n p r o d u c e d f r o m t h e mi l i s b e i n g wi d e l y u s e d f o r knitting (Banians and Knitwear). D-Unit D-Unit is situated at Chandrapuram, Walayar Dam (post), Palghat (Dist), Kerala and was established in the year 1995. This is located in an area of around5.3 Hectors. Present capacity of the factory is 1344 rollers, manufacturing yarn PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 13
  14. 14. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED ranging between 60s Ne in both 100% Cotton and Processed wastes in carded and combed varieties to suit different end uses. At present the yarn produced from the mill is being widely used for Industrial fabrics and bed sheets. MIL-Unit (A & B) M I L i s a n a n o t h er g r o u p o f c o mp a n i e s u n d e r P R EC O T M I LL S g r o u p o f companies. Factory is situated at Nanjegoundenpudur, Achipatti (Post), Pollachi.Unit was established in the year 1994.Present spindlage of the factory is 21504 and spinning yarn ranging from18s to 60s of both carded and combed. About Precot C 1. Founder of the Group: Sri.V.N Ramachandran (Late) Sri.N.Damodaran2. Chairman &Managing Director: Sri.D.Sarath Chandran3. Starting of the Mill: January 924. Total Spindles Installed: 24288 Spindles (23*1056)5. Rawmaterial: Cotton and Polyester staple fiber 6. Count of yarn processed: 20s to 40s cotton combed knitting yarn7. End use of products: Sportswear, Casual wears8. Raw-material used: Raw cotton, Polyesters staples9. Exporting countries: U.K, Germany, Israel, Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia andPortugal10. Number of workers in the mill: 126 permanent workers PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 14
  15. 15. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED Precot “B” at Glance Precot Meridian Limited ‘B’ unit was established near Kodigenahalli, Hindupur, as ‘Precot Mills Limited’ on 26 th March 1983, with an instalation capacity of 28,800 spindles which was expanded to 51,840 spindles in 1991. It is nearly 5 kms from Hindupur. The founder of Precot Meridian was late Sri. N.Damotharan Garu. Meridian Industries Limited has been merged with Precot Mills Limited with effect from 01st April, 2006. Today the company covered in 50 acres area. Around the company a lush green was developed so as to make the environment free from pollution. The total number of employees working in the precot meridian are 1400 out of which 60 are staff, 641 are permanent, 525 casual workers and 174 are scheme workers. The precot has symbolized Quality and Trust in the textile industry with four decades of spinning experience and a diverse range of products that includes cotton yarns, sewing threads, fabrics and garments; precot is the one of the few totally integrated textile players with a total turnover of 90 million US dollars Company is recently awarded with “PARIVATHAN SUSTAINABILITY AWARDS 2011” for “Water conservation through leadership” from textile and apparel sector. Installed Capacity Ring Spindles : 44160 TFO : 4464 Compact Spindles : 7680 Autoconer Drums : 1222 Doubling Spindles : Nil Rotors : Nil Manufacturers of PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 15
  16. 16. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED Hanks C: 2/80s Hosiery Cone C: 40s, 50s, Others C: W-40s, 50s, 60s, 30s, 2/30s, 2/40s (W-Weaving) Non Cotton Cones Polyester 42s, 55s, 60s Blended Yarn PV-45s Yarn export to: Taiwan, Malaysia, Italy, Korea, Turkey, Hong Kong, Philippines, Spain Export Percentage Additional Facilities 20 Auto Leveler in Chute Feed, Carding, Draw Frame; Contamination Sensor at Blow Room, Winding; EYC, Splicer, Wet Splicer, Siro Auto Coner, Ring Data, Pallot Packing, Knitted Fabri INFRASTRUCTURE Precot Meridian have state-of-the-art infrastructure with advanced technology to meet customer demands. At Precot Meridian, innovative techniques are introduced to manufacture efficient products that meet specific customer requirements in the fields of Spinning, Weaving and dyeing. Spinning Blendomat and Unifloc - latest generation, high productivity, automatic tuft opening and feeding machine Contamination cleaners with a charge-coupled camera reduces polypropylene, jute, hair and colour threads Fourth generation cards from Trutzchler GmbH, Germany individualizes the fibres gently and separates the fine trash Sophisticated E62 combers from Rieter for coarse and medium counts and Lakshmi LK64 combers for fine counts PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 16
  17. 17. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED Single delivery high production Drawframes from Rieter fitted with Autolevellers and Quality Monitors Speed frames from LMW and RIETER incorporated with latest 3-over-3 drafting systems ensure defect free roving packages for spinning LR60 Ring Frames with Auto doffer and the link system is monitored by PROWIN monitoring systems for consistent performance Slub yarn system from CAIPO, Italy Savio Orion, Murata 21C and Schlaforst AC X5 Autoconers integrated with Siro clearers ensure non-contaminated yarn. Wet splicer provides defect-free Elitwist yarn Yarn Conditioning Equipment maintains precise moisture levels in the yarn and ensures superior working performance Yarn singeing machines from RITE, Italy are used to produce quality yarn Weaving High speed sectional warping machines from Gamatex Sizing machine from Sucker Muller for uniform sizes and excellent performance in loom-shed 100 Promatech Rapier looms and 24 Toyota Airjet looms produce 6,00,000 metres of yarn-dyed woven fabrics per month Looms that have the capacity of producing fabric with the width of 190 cm (76”) Deskloom with automatic controls and monitors accelerate sample development Single-end Sizing machine expedites sample development and retains size in small lots Osthoff Singeing machine with six chambers Stenter for uniform fabric width control Ben-dimensa Mercerizing machine from Benninger PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 17
  18. 18. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED Sample Warper for quick yardage sample fabrics SDL-ATLAS complete testing instrument Dyeing Modern Fong’s vertical dyeing machines for gentle treatment of yarn during dyeing and also to achieve the required shades without variation Precision soft winders from SSM, Switzerland ‘Zero’ discharge-ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) as part of the social responsibility commitment of Precot Meridian Data color matching system Automatic dispensing system from SALCE, Italy PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 18
  19. 19. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED General Information Shift Timings Precot B Morning - 8.00 AM to 4.30 PM - I shift Evening - 4.30 PM to 1.00 AM - II shift Morning 1.00 AM to 8.00 AM - III Shift Shift Timings Precot D Morning - 8.00 AM to 4.30 PM - I ShiftEvening - 4.30 PM to 1.00 AM - II Shift Morning - 1.00 AM to 8.00 AM - III shift Lunch timing I shift - 11.30 AM to1.30 PMII shift - 7.30 PM to 9.30 PMIII shift - 4.30 AM to 6.00 AM Weekly Holiday Sales Domestic : Tripura, Kolkata, Mumbai, Varanasi, Delhi. Exports : Belgium, China, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, South Korea, Turkey etc. (40% domestic and 60% will be exports) PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 19
  20. 20. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED Welfare Facilities: The Human resource department in Precot Meridian limited ‘B’ unit comprises of Labor Welfare Officer. All the welfare facilities in the organization are looked after and supervised by the Labor Welfare Officer. EMPLOYEES WELFARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY HRD department has to take necessary steps to comply with statutory requirements under Factge education. Details of Benefit No: Description Fees Transport Hostel 1 School up to 10th standard RS 2000 Rs 700 Rs 800 2 HSC, UG, PD, Diploma RS 3000 Rs 700 Rs 3000 3 Professional courses RS 5000 Rs 700 Rs 4000 PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 20
  21. 21. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED A.EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS 1) All permanent employees and probationers on scale are eligible for this benefit. 2) The benefit will be extended for two children only. 3) Children of staff and EFI / I grade employees are eligible for the benefit from school to the completion of college education. B. EDUCATIONAL LOAN a . C o mp a n y s h a l l e x t e n t l o a n f o r t h e e d u c a t i o n o f t h e s t a f f a n d t h e p a yme n t o f capital fee if any for the children of the staff. b . Th e l o a n a mo u n t s h a l l b e 7 5 % o f t h e t u i t i o n f e e s/ c a p i t a t i o n f e e s u b je c t t o a maximum of 6 time monthly basic salary as on January .c. Eligible: Those who have prior experience and fitted into scale are eligible after one year service in the company 3 year are also eligible. d. The loan application should be prepared and recommended by HRDO, HOD approved and forwarded by GM to central office. e. The repayment shall be made from salary and bonus over a period of 3 to 5 years in equal monthly installments f . S e c u r i t y: Th e r e wi l l b e n o s e c u r i t y f o r t h e a b o ve l o a n . Ho we v e r , b e f o r e t h e disbursement of the loan a consent letter from the employee confirming that at the time of his/her leaving the company, the outstanding loan amount c o u l d b e recovered from the dues that may be payable to him/her. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 21
  22. 22. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED Grievance procedure All possible efforts to be taken to redress the grievances of the employeestimely and at the lowest level possible. 1 ) If any employee has any grievance he should inform the same to t h e concerned staff member and the staff member must give him replay within24 hrs. 2 ) I f t h e e mp l o ye e i s n o t s a t i s f i e d w i t h r e p l y h e c a n a p p r o a c h t h e HO D a n d HOD must replay him within 24 hrs. 3) If the employee is not satisfied with replay he can approach HRDM/O and HRDM/O must replay him in consultation with him within 3 days and that’s hall be final. Suggestion Scheme All employees must be encouraged to come out with suggestion to improvet h e different functional areas. The suggestion box has to be maintained in aconveni ent place and it must be opened fortnightly. All suggestion must b e acknowledged and whenever a suggestion is implemented the concerned employee must be given a suitable reward. Mentor System As per this system each safety member shall be entrusted with a group of workers and the staff member shall be responsible for the attendance efficiency of those workers. The staff member should help the employee in settling the personal and work related problem if any. It is suggested that the staff members have a personal discussion with the workers at least once in a month and visit his family once in a year. HRD Audit The HRD audit to be conducted periodically (once in 6 month) using the p r e s c r i b e d f o r ma t i n o r d e r t o a c c e s s t h e f u n c t io n i n g s t r e n g t h s , l i mi t a t i o n s a n d developmental requirements of the human resources of the unit. The findings of the audit shall be used to improve the effectiveness of functioning of the department and to plan future. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 22
  23. 23. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED Exit interview When an employee leaves the service of the mill on its own or retires an exit interview shall be conducted using the prescribed format. The employee should be r e q u i r e d t o c o mp l e t e t h e f o r ma t a n d c l a r i f i c a t i o n s i f a n y s h a l l b e ma d e b y t h e HRDO. General 1) For every employee should one personal file should be maintained by HRD dept and it should contain all documents and records related to that employee 2) Every year awards or prizes shall be given to employees for best attendance performance of work, suggestion etc. 3) If any accident or fire occurs in the mill proper investigation of accident or fire – causes, time intensity has to be carried out by HRD department and necessary steps to be taken to avoid the reoccurrence of such incidents. Some of the welfare facilities in the organization are as follows:  Medical facilities  Canteen facilities  Scooter and Cycle sheds  Lunch rooms  Supply of drinking water  Toilets/Washing facilities  Company stores  Library and T.V room PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 23
  24. 24. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED Departments:  Production Department  Maintenance Department  Electrical Department  Quality Assurance Department  Human Resource Department  Accounts Department  Yarn Department  Cotton Department Facilities, Regulations: •Cycle shed provided for keeping vehicles •ERC functions all 24 hrs. And provides food. •W h e n a n e m p l o y e e e n t e r s t h e m i l l w e h a s t o c o l l e c t t h e c a r d f r o m t h e security main gate and handover the same at gate while leaving. •Dormitory is provided for ladies inside the mill promises with mess facility. A lady matron is appointed to core the needs of girls. •Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the mill premises. •Creche is provided to cater the needs of working women’s children. First aid boxes are provided with required medicines inside the department and HRD department to meet any accidents on work. •SIC’s / Supervisors are present in all shifts to manage workers. •In all shifts shift supervisor / SIC will be these to look after the shift. •Uniform is Supplied to all operatives and non – Operatives. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 24
  25. 25. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED Product Profile PRODUCTS Precot Meridian B-Unit manufactures and markets high quality yarns like Slub Yarn, Organic Yarn, Compact Yarn, Elitwist Yarn, etc. to domestic and international clients. Slub Yarn Slub yarn is manufactured with the technical support of CAIPO, Italy and LAKSHMI, India. Precot Meridian manufactures all types of slub yarn - short, medium long, extra-long and reverse slub yarn. Slub yarn comes under the fancy yarn domain as it creates certain visual effects in the resulting fabric. Slub yarn fabric is characterized by an uneven surface; simple colors seem appealing because of the regular change in texture right through the fabric. Organic Yarn Producing yarn that is certified as being organic involves a long procedure committed to ecofriendly practices at various levels. The cotton used to produce organic yarn is grown on farms that adhere to farming practices wherein chemical herbicides, growth-stimulants and pesticides are not used. Sustainable agricultural practices are put into use to ensure that the cotton used is 100% organic. Precot Meridian sources this organic cotton at premium prices in order to ensure that the yarn manufactured is also organic. This is certified by Control Union, Netherlands. This certificate is renewed each year under the guidance of Control Union Netherlands after a strict audit process. Apart from the measures taken to ensure the organic quality of the yarn, due care is taken to comply with safety, labor and other mandatory issues, while producing organic yarn. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 25
  26. 26. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED Compact Yarn Precot Meridian has introduced a novel way of reducing the extra hairiness that characterizes conventional yarn. Conventional yarn spinning techniques result in low strength and irregular appearance. This is overcome by the world class SUESSAN COMPACT which uses the compact spinning technique. This ensures that the yarn produced has quality characteristics such as evenness, tensile strength and lowered hairiness. Elitwist / Compact Yarn Elitwist / Compact yarn is used in specialist applications. The technology used has the tendency to reduce the twisting triangle in the spinning machine. Elitwist yarn can withstand heavy loads because of its increased strength and elongation. It maintains a good luster as the hairiness is fairly low. The enhanced strength of Elitwist yarn makes it a favored product with customers. Warping breaks are reduced a great deal and sizes can be changed without too many cost implications. It also lends itself to extensive dyeing possibilities. Precot Meridian as one of the most well-known manufacturers of polyester sewing thread, produces a wide range that suit the varied needs of end users. Both two ply and three ply yarns that range from Ne 20 to Ne 60 are manufactured. Polyesters Cotton Blend Precot Meridian manufactures a wide range of polyester cotton blends ranging from Ne 30 to 40. Two different cotton blends manufactured include 40/60 and 50/50 poly cotton. These products are well known for their quality and the ultimate fabric appearance is an important factor for PC blends. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 26
  27. 27. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED COTTON is grown in more than 60 countries and utilizes nearly 5% of total cultivatable land. More than 25% of the worldwide pesticides production is used in cultivating cotton. As cotton is not a food product, the pesticides used are more toxic. Indiscriminate use of such pesticides cause  Depletion of nature insect population in cotton growing countries.  Pesticides going into river and affect drinking water seriously.  High level of pesticides in the soil affect food products if grown in that soil.  Cattle feed from these cotton leaves and seeds get affected/even poisoned some times. Promoters of the organic movement A) Food and agricultural organization of United Nation (1963) b) International Federation of organic Agricultural movement (1972) Global and Indian statistics: 18 counties produce organic cotton. India's organic cotton production is 11,500 tons in 2006. GOTS: (Global Organic Textile Standard) The standards are developed by international working group on the global textile standards as part of the International textile conference. GOTS is intended to allow organic textile manufacturer to export their product using this one certificate that will be well accepted in all countries. Inspection at site by certifying agency Control Union is an organisation with their base in Netherland's, carry out inspection at manufacturer's sites for compliance to GOTS. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 27
  28. 28. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED PRODUCT RANGE Combed Cotton Yarn  100% Organic combed cotton yarn for Knitting and Weaving Ne 30/1 to 40/1  100% Organic combed cotton slub yarn for Knitting and Weaving Ne 30/1 to 40/1  Elitwist yarn for knitting and Weaving  Knitting Yarn Ne 30/1 to Ne 60/1 includes both domestic and international cotton  Weaving Yarn Ne 40/1 to Ne 80/1  Doubled Yarn on TFO Ne. 50/2, 56/2, 66/2, 74/2 and 80/2  Gassed Yarn Ne.40/2 to 80/2  Compact spun yarn for Weaving Ne 40/1 t o Ne. 60/1  Fancy yarn, Normal Slub yarn, Reverse Slub yarn Ne 24/1 to Ne 60/1 for Knitting and Weaving  Open End Spun Yarn Ne 2 to Ne 10 Polyester Sewing Thread  Bulk cones in raw white and optic white as per shade card  Around 600 shades have been manufactured with the help of shade card leaf lot  Polyester sewing yarn ranges from Ne 20/2, 20/3, 48/2, 55/2, 55/3 and 60/3 PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 28
  32. 32. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED IMPORTANT PEOPLE OF PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED: Directors Jairam Varadaraj A Ramkrishna C N Srivatsan M V Subaraman Sumanth Ramamurthi Suresh Jagannathan Vijay Mohan Vijay Venkataswamy K Muthukumaran (Nominee of EXIM Bank) Chairman & Managing Director D Sarath Chandran Joint Managing Director Ashwin Chandran Executive Director Prashanth Chandran Head - Finance & Accounts R Murali Company Secretary C Murugesh Auditors M/s Suri & Co M/s K S G Subramanyam & Co PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 32
  33. 33. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED IMPORTANT PEOPLE OF PRECOT MERIDIAN B-UNIT General Manager : A.MASTAN RAO Mill Manager : D.SHESHAGIRI Human Resources Department Manager: D.R.SHARMA HR-Officer : ASWATHAPPA Administration Manager : ABDUL GOUSE.K Electrical engineering Dept Manager : D.THAEYYNA (senior engineer) Labor Welfare Officer : D.R SHARMA Training officer : K.N.RAGESH PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 33
  34. 34. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED POLICIES OF PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED B-UNIT:  Any activity / employment that interferes with the performance or responsibility to the company or is otherwise in conflict with or prejudicial to the company.  Any possible violation of law, rules, regulations or the code of conduct has to be reported to the Company Secretary  Any information concerning the company’s business, its customers, suppliers and other stakeholders which is not in the public domain and which they possess or have access to, must be kept in strict confidence unless disclosure is authorized or becomes a legal requirement.  Company members shall not provide any information, either formally or informally, to the press or any publicity media, unless specifically authorized.  Company members must protect the company’s assets and should not use the company’s assets or manpower or company-related information for their personal purposes, unless approved by the Board (in the case of Directors) or the CMD (in the case of Senior Management personnel).  Board of directors or company members should not receive or offer, directly or indirectly, any payments, gifts, donations, hospitality or comparable benefits which are intended or perceived to influence any business favors PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 34
  35. 35. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED Quality systems The company is ISO 9001:2000 Certified and are in the process of implementing TQM & TPM activity Foundation laid in all the units by implementing '5S' methods of housekeeping and 3M methods to control wastage of resources. TPM is in progress in all units. 5s System: 5S Techniques are the foundation for any TQM system. 5S system improves workplace housekeeping and helps industries maintain a clean and organized work place. 5S Techniques have been implemented by several organizations as a part of their TQM initiatives. It has 5 dimensions stated in Japanese starting with letter ‘S’ and it helps companies maintain a better work place and eliminate ‘Wasted Efforts.’ SEIRI : Sorting out items and clearing the unwanted ones. SEITON : Identifying and earmarking a place for every item and keeping each item in its chosen place. SEIKETSU : Standardizing work practices SEISO : Keeping the Work place, Machinery and Material clean SHITSUKE : Establishing system for Training and Audit Benefits of 5S: Companies implementing 5S experience several benefits that lead to improved processes and ultimately: Reduced Set-up Times Reduced Cycle Times Increased Floor Space Lower Accident Rate Less Wasted Labour Better Equipment Reliability PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 35
  37. 37. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED DEPARTMENTS OF THE COMPANY HRD Department Preparatory Department Spinning Department  Finishing & Packing Department PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 37
  38. 38. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED HRD Department Human Resource and Production departments are in B Unit of PreacotMeridian. B Units are at Kodigerahalli, H.S.Mandir, Hindupur(post),Andra Pradesh.Marketing and sales departments of Preacot Meridian are in corporate office.Corpor ate office is situated at “Suprem” P.B No: 7161737, Pulikulam Road,Coimbatore-641 045.Corporate office deals with raw material purchase, testing, approval and allotment to group mills. In addition to that finalization of sales contract, approval of productionplanning, policy decisions etc. are also taken at corporate office .Finance department is in Unit A. Unit A is located at Kanjikode west, Palghat, Kerala HRD TRAINING DEPT LEBOUR DEPT HR DEPARTMENT Induction is a technique by which a new employee is adjusted to the changesurroundings and introduced to the practices, policies and purposes of theorganization .It is a welcoming process, the idea is to welcome a new comer make him feel at home and generate in him a feeling that this own job, however small is meaningful and has a significance as a part of the total organization. The newcomer is explained what is expected of him and for this he is explained the sales and regulations policies and procedures that directly affect him. He is also briefed about. 1) Mill history and organization structure 2) Company quality policy PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 38
  39. 39. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED 3) Mill process and job guidelines 4) Role and duties, responsibilities 5) ISO system 6)5s a) He is made aware of how his job hits into the overall operation of the organization, his own duties and responsibilities and to who he should look for when he has problems. He is then taken around the factory to show him the attendance procedures and other time office formalities, canteen, firstaid box, toilet, lockers, Quarters and other facilities. He will then beacquainted with the public transport facilities available from his place of residence to factory and oriel ACT, ESI, PF, Bonus, Workmencompensation maternity benefits and gratuity. b) Apart from the statutory benefits HRD department has to initiate welfare schemes like the following: An induction program for workmen and staff consists of: 1) General orientation by the staff of HRD department. 2) Specific orientation by the job supervisor or divisional Head. Employee role and Duties 1) He is responsible for the machine production for the shift. 2)He is responsible for keeping the machineries in good condition and cleans. 3) To stop the machine immediately when machine produces poor quality product and to take initiative for correction. 4) to hand over his machine in good condition and to eliminate usable waste producing in the shift. Induction training/Refresher training All the workers shall be given the above training. New trainees required shall be given induction training. According to the training needs identified by their superiors, refresher PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 39
  40. 40. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED training shall be given, job instruction to be followed indifferent departments to be explained. TRAINING HRD department shall make necessary arrangements to provide training to all employees based on the training needs identified by HOD’s and the training plan. Periodical review of the training plan and evaluation of training also are to be done by HRD department. Record of training provide also be maintained. PERFORMANCE/POTENTIAL APPRAISAL Performance/Potential shall be conducted periodically (once in 6 months).The appraisal interview is to be done by the HOD in the presence of HRDO and the employee shall be helped to-Set specific, measurable, achievable realistic and time bound (SMART) goals.-Review the goals set for the past appraisal period.-Identity training requirements and to evaluate the training provided. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 40
  41. 41. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT PRODUCTION DEPT MACHINE C DEPT MACHINE D DEPT Production department is in central part of the company which are divided into two sectors C M/c and D M/c units. C&D Units are processing machines which is process the raw materials. Here raw material is converted into finished goods through various process. The raw material ‘Bale’ is stored in two godowns, godown A and godown B. Blow room is a room which is used to separate the waste from bale. The main wastes are •Hair •Jute •Colour fiber •Oil stained fiber •Coir •Cloth bits various machines are used to separate the waste from the bale. First the employees clean bale as far as possible by them and then they put it into the machine for further cleaning. From one machine bale is going to a number of machines. Here machines are interconnected by each other. The machines are •Blend met •Metal detector •Max flow •Unimix •Vetal csan •Lottex PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 41
  43. 43. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED Preparatory department Carding dept Crosol dept PCB M/c dept Carding is the process in preparatory department. In this cotton will come through crosolpipe and turns to sliver. Sliver is a type of thread. There are ten crosol machines will work at a time. The machines used in Preparatory department •PCD Machine PCD means Pre Comber Drawing Machine. In PCD four slivers joint together and become one sliver. The time taken for this process is half an hour. •Lap former machine In this machine 24 slivers will be joining spool and make one lap and then lap is wrapped in spool. •Comber machine Here 8 laps will become one sliver. The process is called Procuring process. •Simplex machine Placing 150 cans in simplex machine which turns to rowing (thread) and bobbing (one role of thread). PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 43
  44. 44. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED Spinning department SPINNING DEPT AUTO CORNER DEPT YCP DEPT In spinning department 24 machines are using for spinning process. In 1 machine1056 cops are using. Cops are in different colours for different types of thread. The time taken for spinning one batch of cop is 3.40 minutes. Auto corner department Under Auto corner department U-V Chamber is using to find out the defects in thread in which is difficult to find out by the human eyes. In U-V Chamber Ultra Violet rays are using. YCP (Yarn Conditioning plant) Steam conditioning is doing under YCP. Before steam conditioning weight of one cone is 1.890 Kg. After steam conditioning the weight of one cone is increase to1.920 Kg. The time taking for Yarn conditioning is 20 minutes. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 44
  45. 45. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED PACKING DEPARTMENT PACKING DEPARTMENT Local packing DEPT Export packing DEPT Here the finished goods (threads) are packing. There are 3 types of packing is doing in packing department. They are 1. Local packing 2. Export packing 3. Palet packing Local packing is the packing of finished goods which is going to sell in local market (domestically).Export packing is the packing of finished goods which is going to sell in foreign market. In export packing one box contains 24 cones. The box weight is in between 45.36 to 45.50Kg.In palet packing one box contains 432 cons. Its Net Weight is 756Kg and its gross weight is 805 Kg. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 45
  46. 46. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT HOD 2-Sr.ASSISTANTS 1- Jr.ASSISTANT headSof finance department. Finance manager or the accounts manager is the As per department chart he is followed by assistant manager, two senior office assistants and one junior office assistants follow him. Senior office assistants have different tasks to be performed as shown below in responsibilities of personnel section. They are supposed to meet assistant manager for any clarification and report to him. Junior office assistants also have many responsibilities on their shoulders as shown in the responsibilities of personnel section. They are also supposed to clarify their doubts and report to HOD. He will in turn report to partners about functioning of the whole department. The accounts funtion includes preparation and maintenance of financial record, fund management, and expenses processing and tresury operation. Compliance ensures that every action is within the regulatory framwork. The includes reviewing compliance requirments and supporting the ethical framework of precot meridian Limited. Internal audit provides assurance to the management over the organigation control framework and includes process risk management, information security assessment and businessment continuity assessment. Capital investment – 69500000 Appropriate annual income – 8100000 Tax amount – 206 lakhs Fixed asset – 5350.91 lakh Production overhead – 1913.85 lakh Administrative overhead – 1540.33 lakh Selling overhead – 1822.34 lakh PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 46
  49. 49. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED VISION: To be a Company recognized for its art of Textile and best business practices MISSION: “To systematically train, develop and monitor employees to be a global leader in the Manufacture of quality yarn and fabrics.”  Manufacturing of yarn and fabrics as per the customers' requirements and market demand.  Exploring the global market with special emphasis on Belgium, China, Italy, Turkey and Fareast.  Keeping pace with the rapidly changing technology by continuously balancing, modernization and replacement of plant and machinery.  Enhancing the profitability by improved efficiency and cost controls.  Recruiting, developing, motivating and retaining the personnel having exceptional ability and dedication by providing them good working conditions, performance based compensation, attractive benefit program and opportunity for growth.  Protecting the environment and contributing towards the economics strength of the country function as a good corporate citizen. OBJECTIVES:  To attain global best practices and become a world-class utility.  To provide uninterrupted, affordable, quality, reliable and clean power to the customers.  To achieve excellence in service, quality, reliability, safety and customer care.  To work with vigor, dedication and innovation.  To consistently achieve high growth with the highest levels of productivity. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 49
  50. 50. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED GOALS  Building and sustaining leadership position across its product categories in the domestic markets  Pursuing attractive export opportunities  Implementing backward vertical integration  Improving its technology  Focusing on prudent financial management PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 50
  52. 52. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED FINDINGS  The Precot Meridian B-Unit is encouraging the participation of women employees from its inception time itself.  Most of employees are giving less importance to self-health care.  The Precot Meridian B-Unit management has been well structured.  Precot Meridian B-Units HRD has been well organized the organization of mill  Mill workers are feel that company can take more suggestions from them  Work environment is very good for 26% of the total workers; it is satisfactory for 64% of workers and bad for only 10% the total workers.  The relationship of the workers with their superior is excellent for 48% of the workers; good for 52% of the workers and there is no bad relations in the company. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 52
  53. 53. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED SUGGESTIONS  The company should provide safety and health measures and leave facilities based on the needs of the employees and organizational requirements.  The company should provide hygienic working conditions for the workers in the organization  The management should concentrate on selection procedure while selecting the employees by testing them thoroughly regarding their aspirations, value system, responsibility and sensitiveness.  The management should provide transportation, high wage and allowances based on the organizational financial position.  The company should Offered the attendance bonus and inducements and provides the leave facilities based on the needs of the employees and organizational requirements.  The management should concentrate on the export  The management should concentrate on rising price of raw material  The management should concentrate on providing the cordial human relation and industrial relations PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 53
  54. 54. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED CONCLUSION Undertaking a project in an organization which is very new to us is quite a difficult task. Still thus during the project, it brought into light many unknown, unseen and ignored aspects of PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED “B Unit” It has been a good experience an indeed privilege in undertaking the project in the precot meridian limited. As the main unit of the all Department is good and all the needs of the workers are being taken care of and as they strictly follow rules and regulations, and Health & Safety. The people in the Organization gave all necessary information required for myOrganizationa l study. They also helped me to understand the various departmental activities in a very short span of time. I hope that this report will provide a clear picture of the Company and the various departmental functions. I strongly believe that the organization will surely achieve its mission, vision and objectives.I really wish from the core of my heart for the organizations bright future and I really wish to work for the organization in future. PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 54
  56. 56. PRECOT MERIDIAN LIMITED BIBLIOGRAPHY The information is collected from D.R. SHARMA, Human Resource Department Manager Aswathappa, Human Resources officer of “Precot Meridian limited B-Unit” PRESIDENCY COLLEGE 56