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12 stages of the hero s journey


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12 stages of the hero s journey

  1. 1. Twelve Stages of the Hero’s Journey “The Hero Quest” English 1-Honors Unit: The Odyssey
  2. 2. Stage 1: Life in the ordinary world • Normal everyday existence. • No conflict. • Life as usual. • Peaceful, calm, quiet, ordered.
  3. 3. Stage 2: A “call” to adventure • A serious situation emerges that threatens life in the ordinary world. • The hero is “summoned” or “called upon” to undertake a very important task or mission.
  4. 4. Stage 3: Refusal of the call • The hero sees the task as overwhelming and feels inadequate or unable to fulfill the quest. • Or the hero doesn’t want to undertake the task or quest. • Or the hero doesn’t believe the quest is essential. • Or someone refuses the call for him/her.
  5. 5. Stage 4: Discovering a Mentor • Mentor = Guide • The hero finds a mentor / “friend” who will guide, instruct, or lead him. • The mentor typically convinces the hero that the task or mission is necessary.
  6. 6. Stage 5: Passing the “threshold” • The hero leaves his world, his “home,” behind and embarks on a journey. • This marks the beginning of the quest.
  7. 7. Stage 6: Finding Allies and encountering enemies • Along the way, the hero discovers a band of allies who will help him along his quest. • The hero also learns who his enemies are.
  8. 8. Stage 7: Tests and challenges • Hero undergoes many tests and challenges. • Each challenge brings him closer to his goal • Each challenge makes him stronger, bolder, wiser, etc…
  9. 9. Stage 8: Approaching the “innermost cave” • The hero must enter a place of darkness. • Literally: a deep cave, underground, a very dark and scary place. • Figuratively: emotional depression, sadness, melancholy. • Hero learns something of extreme value during this stage.
  10. 10. Stage 9: Seizing the sword • The hero finds the courage and nerve to face his “enemy” head on. • The hero decides it’s “all or nothing.” • The hero decides it’s time to act.
  11. 11. Stage 10: The ultimate ordeal • The Hero undergoes his most challenging test. • Usually face-to-face with his mortal enemy.
  12. 12. Stage 11: Resurrection • Literal or figurative • The hero dies and is miraculously brought back to life. • The hero is thought to be dead, only to return again, surprising everyone. • The hero is reborn into a higher state of being or consciousness.
  13. 13. Stage 12: Returning with the elixir • An “elixir” is a potent potion that restores one to health. • The hero brings back an “elixir” that restores his ordinary world. • The “elixir” can be peace, calm, hope, order, a cure, an actual healing potion, etc…
  14. 14. Your Creative Project • Pick a film or story that chronicles all 12 stages of the hero’s journey. Limit one person per story. No repeats. • Create a Power Point presentation (or poster) that documents how the film/story fulfills the requirements of the Hero Quest. Be specific. Use images from the film/story. • Power Point is due Friday, May 25th . • Some of you may be asked to present it.