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Social Selling


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Buyer behavior has changed with the Internet and social media--has your sales process. Learn some valuable new methods for shifting your sales process into the social Web.

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Social Selling

  1. 1. Social Selling Has your sales process changed? Right answer: Yes.
  2. 2. Some things just don't work as well anymore. Why?
  3. 3. Old buying behavior It used to go something like this: Engaged vendors and analysts for expertise Use information to develop RFI Conduct internal needs analysis Discovered potential solutions Issue RFP and compare solutions Negotiated terms and service levels If all went well they purchased (from you).
  4. 4. Old sales process This process matched up pretty well: Qualify the prospect Build relationship Do need analysis Show a demonstration Sell a "solution" Negotiate terms and service levels If all went well they purchased (from you).
  5. 5. The Internet has changed things Buyers are less reliant on vendors, analyst, and trade publications. Decision makers are turning to their trusted networks and agents for recommendations. Not a bad thing, assuming you're there.
  6. 6. Social media makes prospecting a much more open game.
  7. 7. Open up your qualification
  8. 8. Open up your relationship building
  9. 9. Open up your needs analysis
  10. 10. Open up your demonstration
  11. 11. Open up your solution selling
  12. 12. Social media is still an inexact science. Most things you try will get lackluster results or even fail. However, the totality of your efforts will build a foundation and a community. Then, success will come with greater frequency.
  13. 13. Important: Remember social media and networking is a team selling approach. Your job is to build that team and attract that community. You are stocking the pond for better fishing.
  14. 14. Bill Rice Twitter: @billrice LinkedIn: BillRice Cell: 734.775.4487 More resources & inspiration: http: //