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Quizzle is just one of the several startups we have helped get that all important initial traction.

Startups live and die by their momentum--usually defined by exponential user growth in the first year. If you don’t get to scale quickly the market and investors will quickly lose interest, and your venture may run out of financial runway.

This was the challenge when Kaleidico first engaged with Quizzle--it was a young startup that needed to quickly accelerate its revenue.

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Quizzle Marketing - Kaleidico Case Study

  1. 1. KALEIDICASE STUDY Quizzle NO. 02 Kaleidico Digital Marketing
  2. 2. THE CHALLENGES • Grow audience for the brand • Enlarge the marketing funnel • Monetize a growing user community • Enhance profitability of ‘Day 1 Users’ The Challenges | 1
  3. 3. The Background Quizzle, a Quicken Loans subsidiary and third party credit report and score provider, came to us as a virtual unknown, despite being backed by a highly influential parent company. The challenges presented to us were to grow the online audience, provide more and more natural entrances to the marketing funnel, begin to monetize the growing Quizzle.com community and increase the profitability of signing up ‘Day 1 Users.’ The Background | 2
  4. 4. THE SOLUTION SEO, Blog and Custom Content, Email Marketing The Solution | 3
  5. 5. The Solution To accomplish our goal of robust, sustainable, and increasingly traffic. As is frequently the case, the best way to publish, index, profitable growth, we first needed to research and under- and syndicate this content was through the client’s branded stand the organic search environment and keyword market blog, Quizzle Wire. surrounding the primary products Quizzle offered: free credit reports and free credit scores. Upon reaching the blog for their intended content, arriving Web traffic was then offered a variety of avenues to interact After (and throughout) a rigorous and continuing process of with the Quizzle brand, ranging from obtaining free credit identifying specific keyword targets and high traffic search reports and scores to joining the email program and receiving terms via proprietary tools, the next step was to create the weekly newsletters. kind of custom content that would capture this potential Web The Solution | 4
  6. 6. THE RESULTS The Results | 5
  7. 7. Dec 14 Feb 22 Likes The Results Unlikes With Kaleidico’s help and expertise, Quizzle’s organic blog traffic Audience Overview (1,470,816 people visited this site) 9/3/10-10/3/13 quadrupled from around 20,000 unique visitors per month to 80,000 within just a two-year time frame. The publication of rich, SEO-friendly content led to a tripling of Google-ranked keywords and consistent upward mobility on search engine results pages (SERPs). Those improved search rankings--taken from obscurity to consistent appearances on page one--drove increased traffic to 120K 60K Jan 2011 July 2013 Visits (% of visits - 100%) the site which could, in turn, be captured and leveraged for an ongoing email campaign. Today, the Quizzle blog’s email list nears one million subscribers. Revenue from the email marketing channel alone produces $5 million annually for this client. The Results | 6