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Kaleidico Case Study- Sam Bernstein Law firm


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Published in: Marketing
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Kaleidico Case Study- Sam Bernstein Law firm

  1. 1. NO. 01 Kaleidico Digital Marketing KALEIDICASE STUDY Cars Helping People-Michigan (Volunteers of America)
  2. 2. The Challenges | 1 THE CHALLENGES • Enhance the ‘Cars Helping People’Campaign’s social media presence • Create new branding to support a competitive position within the market
  3. 3. The Background | 2 This client—Volunteers of America-Michigan—presented Kaleidico with two primary challenges: to grow the social media presence of their ‘Cars Helping People’ campaign from virtual nonexistence to a much more robust and engaged audience, and in addition, develop a more effective branding system for the campaign. The Background
  4. 4. The Solution | 3 THE SOLUTION Facebook Campaign, Branding, Custom Content
  5. 5. The Solution | 4 The Solution Due to the nature of the client (a charitable vehicle donation program), the most logical place to begin to build and foster an audience was on a primarily visual and particularly emotive social channel, conducive to cross-channel sharing and receptive to our messaging. Logically, we started with Facebook, and an assertive drive to increase its basic unit of measurement, ‘Likes’. Backing up this major re-emergence to the Facebook social network was a slew of new branding designs and custom content, both tailored, very specifically, both to the brand and its ambitious growth goals. This reimagining of the branding was able to surround and support our social media efforts and set the campaign apart from the rest in the highly competitive vehicle donation market in Southeast Michigan. To accomplish our goals, we used a balance of organic traffic growth strategies and selective low-cost paid techniques to boost our reach on a quick turnaround. Leveraging our creative department and our design team, we took the Cars Helping People campaign’s Facebook page from a hodgepodge of incongruous, sporadic posts, and lacklustre numbers and instantly brought it into fighting shape with automatic credibility as well as availability within the digital space.
  6. 6. The Results | 5 THE RESULTS
  7. 7. Demographics / ‘Likes’ & Sources | 6 Demographics / ‘Likes’ & Sources 50 25 60K 120K Dec 14 Feb 22 Likes Unlikes Audience Growth Per Day Audience Overview (1,470,816 people visited this site) 9/3/10-10/3/13 11-17 18-24 25-34 45-54 55-64 65+ Females Demographics / January - March 2013 (Gender & Age) Males 30.7 27.7 9.8 7.2 3.3 2.6 3.4 1.8 3.9 1.1 1.8 0.8